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Presentation 1

  1. 1. In the years following World War II, the UnitedStates enjoyed an unprecedented period ofeconomic and political growth. Many middle classAmericans moved to the suburbs, spurred by theavailability of inexpensive, mass-produced homes.Elvis Presley led the emergence of rock and rolland television replaced radio as the dominantmedia outlet. Many artists and intellectuals hademigrated in the years during and after the warfrom Europe to the United States, bringing withthem their own traditions and ideas.
  2. 2. Historians used the word “boom” todescribe a lot of things about 1950’s•Booming economy•Booming suburbs•Baby Boom When WWII ended many Americans were eager to have children because the future felt promising
  3. 3. Jacqueline Bouvier married John F Kennedy on 12 September 1953 Cat-like type Eyewear was very popular in this era.In 1940 the average Americanwoman got married when she was22, but in 1956 the average Americanwoman got married when she wasonly 20. Grace Kelly in a Beautiful 1950’s wedding gown
  4. 4. Because the variety and availability of goods expanded with the economy and middle class people had more money to spend than ever, there were more things for people to spend their money on, causing the economy to flourish.Many Americans at this timefelt that they could give theirfamilies all the material thingsthey had done without.
  5. 5. Labor unions were more generous and promised benefits to theirworkers.
  6. 6. 1950:Jell-O Instant PuddingDunkin’ Donuts1952PezSugar Frosted FlakesKFC1953:Frozen T.V. Dinners
  7. 7. HairDucktail CutGreaseCrew cutHatsClothingBusiness-dark brown, black suitsCasual- Cardigan Sweaters
  8. 8. HairShort, soft, curlyUsed Curlers, Rollers and pinsNo Blow Dryers!“poodle Cut” was a favoriteClothingDressed- well groomed and tailored looks were prizedJeans were only worn in very casual circumstancesGloves were part of all proper attire
  9. 9. Test of first Hydrogen Bomb- 1956• Developed by Edward Teller• Mike ; weighed 82 tons• Over 800 times the power of the bomb that leveledHiroshima• Leveled the island of Elugelab in the Eniwetok Atoll, Pacific Ocean , and blew 80 million tons ofradioactiveWaste into the sky.
  10. 10. Presidents:Harry S. Truman (1945-1953)• Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945• Truman Doctrine• Fight against communism Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953- 1961) • Ended Korean War • Civil rights
  11. 11. McCarthtyism• Senator Joseph McCarthy accused the State Department• Of having been infiltrated by communists• Blacklisted celebrities• Joseph Welch: “ Have you no sense of decency?”• Died in 1957, age 48 States Alaska and Hawaii become 49th and 50th states in 1959
  12. 12. On June 25.1950, North Korea invadedUnited States occupied South Korea inHopes of thwarting America and democracy.President Truman sought to give help to SouthKorea through the United Nations.Victory by General Douglas McArthur when hePushed the North Koreans back across the38th parallel(dividing line between countries)Ended in 1953
  13. 13. ReactionKnown as “ The Forgotten War” or “UnknownWar” because it followed WWII and wasbefore the Vietnam War.Changed America’s view of 3rd World countries• Before: Criticized countries trying to help• After: Full support of trying to help those less fortunateHelped the civil rights movementFirst time America had fought with an integrated army
  14. 14. • Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952Removers racial and ethnic barriers to becoming a U.S. citizen• May 17,1954- Brown v. Board of EducationDeclares segregation in public schools unconstitutionalVictory for NAACP attorney Thurgood Marshall, who wouldLater become the first black Supreme Court Justice
  15. 15. 1957- Nine black students are blocked form enteringPreciously all-white Central High School in Little Rock,Arkansas by orders of Governor Orval Faubus.• Federal Troops and national guard are sent by Eisenhower to intervene.• Group Became known as the “Little Rock Nine”
  16. 16. March 1954- the KGB is established• Original name, CHEKA (Russian acronym meaning “All RussianExtraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage)Altered and changed until became the Committee of State Security), or the KGBFive main directorates• Intelligence in other nations• Counterintelligence and the secret police• The KGB military corps and the Border Guards• Suppression of internal resistance• Electronic espionage
  17. 17. Two Styles of Abstract Expressionism: “Action Painting & Color Field” Number 30Jackson Pollock; is the most celebrated artist of this form. Jackson Pollock,1950 Number 7 Jackson Pollock, 1951 The canvas was seen as an arena. Painting became; an irrational, instinctive and impulsive moment of existence. bSjY4e7NqTo&feature=related
  18. 18. The Color Field works consist of large colored areas; neither signs nor forms existed for the eye to latch up. The color was used without any perspective device, producing a sensation of impressive size. Orange and YellowMahoning, Untitled, Blue, Rothko,Franz Kline, Green 19561956 Brown, Rothko, 1952 Magic Carpet FrankenthalerWoman and BicycleWillem de Kooning The Bay Frankenthaler1952-53
  19. 19. Pop Art (mid 1950s-present)Was a brash, young and fun art movement of the 1950s and 1960sIncluded different styles of painting and sculpture but all had a common interestin mass-media, mass-production and mass-culture.Although Pop Art started in Britain, it is essentially an American movement.Pop Art was a reaction against Abstract Expressionism.The art of Jasper and Robert Rauschenberg is seen as a bridge betweenAbstract Expressionism and Pop Art. Jasper Richard, Hamilton Johns 1956 collage Just Numbers what is it that makes in today’s homes so Color, 195 different, so 8- 59 appealing?
  20. 20. Target with FourFaces JasperJohnsMixed Media, 1955 Three Flags Jasper Johns, 1958 Johns used generic objects such as an ordinary bulls-eye and the anonymous four faces to signify
  21. 21. UNIVAC(Universal Automatic Computer)- 1951Cost in almost $ 1 millionUsed in government and exclusive commercialApplications (first was at the GE Appliance Park inLouisville, KY) IBM 701 Computer-1953 • First commercially available scientific computer • Commissioned by government for military applications In Korean War. Microchip(Integrated circuit) is developed- 1958 • Robert Noyce (later founder of Intel Corp. and Jack Kilby
  22. 22. Sputnik I-October 4, 1957• U.S.S.S.R.• First satellite ever• Unmanned• Followed by Sputnik 2 (November 3, 1957)And Sputnik 3 (May 15, 1958) and later missions in the1960sExplorerI-1958• United States• Designed by California Institute of Technology
  23. 23. • Pollio Vaccine-1952Jonas Salk• DNA Structure-1953Francis Crick and James Watson• The Pill (Oral Contraceptive) invented-1954
  24. 24. Copy Machine 1950Videotape-1952Frisbee-1957Pantyhose_1959Barbie Dolls-1959Liquid Paper-19561st diet soft drink-1952Lego Toy Invented-1958
  25. 25. The First credit Card-1950Super Glue-1951The First barcode-1952(US Patent #2,612,994)Black Box invented(flight recorder)-1953Peace symbol created-1958"Flash matic," first wireless TV remote.-1955General Electric introduces colored kitchen appliances.Optic fiber inventedTransistor radio Created
  26. 26. 3-D MoviesChlorophyllHula HoopsPoodlesTelephone Booth“Cramming”Silly Putty
  27. 27. ?v=Tyqg2XcoeJw Cristóbal Balenciaga Though finding glamour and drama as important as Dior, Balenciaga went in the opposite direction in his silhouettes, making them sleeker and broadening the shoulders and removing emphasis on the waist. This shape gave way to the sack dresses and tunics that became popular in the next decade.Christian DiorResponsible fordramatically changing Pierre Balmainthe style of the 1950s, Balmain’s focused on femininityDior created the” new and elegance, creating thelook” quintessential French style of the 1950s. Jaques Fath Charles James Fath had a less severe take on the James was most well known for his spectacular “new look”, with softer hourglass gowns, which were often copied for prom and evening curves and plunging necklines. His wear, and featured intricate constructions and unique designs showed more skin than his color combinations. contemporaries making him a favorite of the younger and more daring.
  28. 28. • Born in 1937• Laffittle France• Plunging necklines• Hourglass shape• Tiny waist & full skirts• Big Three• Died in 1957 of cancer
  29. 29. 1914-1982Where it all began before he was born.
  30. 30. He studied Architecture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, inParis, however this avenue was not for him. He spent his spare time designing dresses. He took someof them to Robert Piquet, who bought three. Then, in 1934 – Balmain worked for the Fashion DesignerEdward Molyneux, staying there until 1939. During 1939 he was called up for compulsory militaryservice.After this he began with Lucien Lelong, staying during theGerman occupation of Paris. (where he worked with ChristianDior) Could this be the Citroen Car belonging to Pierre Balmain? 1947 – Brought the launch of a Perfume, which was named using his telephone number: Elysees 64-83. The Artist, Rene Gruau gave his talent to this Perfume Advertisement. Some of the other popular perfumes were, Jolie Madame, Ivoire, and Eau d’Amazone
  31. 31. Pierre Balmain opened his own Fashion House MaisonBalmain in 1945, 1952 – For Winter – Ultra Warm. Very original and practical. The material is a grey Tweed/Wool from The girl on the ruins of Paris in Scotland with a knitted 1945, dressed in Pierre crushed pink lining. A beautiful Classic Balmain, Vogue. design. “Ultra-Chaud Ultra-original”
  32. 32. In 1951 ~ He opened branches in the U.S.A. selling ready-to-wear clothesIn addition to couture work, 1951-1972, he designed costumes for 16 films for the famousstars, such as Vivien Leigh and Mae West. His grand elegance was also in demand for theoff-screen clothes of many Hollywood Stars.He also designed for French films, including the famous film “God Created Woman”, whichintroduced Brigitte Bardot to the world. Katharine Hepburn Bridget Bardot Carroll Baker Mink trimmed sequined evening gown, 1952
  33. 33. Balmain was noted as “aDesigner for the international set.“ His designs emphasized onimpeccable construction andsimple elegance. He is credited with popularizingthe stole as an accessory.
  34. 34. Another glamorous Balmain stylish dress for this entrance. “The Red Carpet is down for her and her dog”! fall/winter 1953-1954, silk embroidered with metallic threads, pearls, sequins (Lesage embroidery)1952 The ultimateWedding Daysensation by Balmain. This magnificent elegant Bouffant skirt remained a high fashion trend during the 1950s, mainly for evening dresses, combining a boned strapless cU top.
  35. 35. 1962 An exquisite example of the huge Photo 1962 – Roses diversity of Pierre are used to marvelous Balmain’s designs. effect in this dress A smart tailored design daywear design in a textured fine woolPhoto 1962 – Asimply breathtakinglong dress shown bya stunning model.
  36. 36. Pierre Balmain is here with a modelwearing his Midnight Bathing Suit withskirt. Pierre and his models Beaded evening gowns 1966 Backstage at one of Pierres fashion shows
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