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  • These restaurants all have their own traditional cuisines and are all ethnic inspired. They serve unique dishes which represent their culture, the furniture and decorations compliment the restaurant’s atmosphere.
  • Tory Burch carries many ethnic style clothing, as shown on this picture tunic tops and dresses with urban and exotic prints. This particular Tory Burch store is located on Robertson Blvd. Tory Burch carries clothes, shoes, outerwear, accessories and handbags. The merchandise typically ranges from $60 to a little over $1,000.00 depending on the item. It is considered a specialty store and carries an exclusive line of merchandise.
  • Final presentation

    1. 1. • Ethni- Trend is a trend that is inspired from many cultures all over theworld. Not only in fashion but media, entertainment, food and interiordesign as well.• It relates to a group that shares a racial, national, linguistic or religious heritage.• This ethnic trend has influenced many people to learn about their background and be more informative of their roots and customs.• Ethnicity is the traditional culture of a social group. People are catching on to this trend, due to the curiosity of other races and cultures.
    2. 2. FASHION & Fashion has always been inspired by cultures around the world. STYLE Kate Moss on the cover page of Vanity Fair, and wearing Russian fur faux hat which is called Ushanka. Clogs have been a popularSex and The City, the most footwear infashion-inspiring of Tv series thetook their girls from NYC to the Netherlands. A Byron &Middle Eastern city of Abu In 2007 Tracey SalonDhabi in their second movie, Viktor & Rolf party, Losand expressed it through came up Angelesfashion and design. with their own collection.
    3. 3. “Indian styled nose Movie chains and head Gladiator has jewelry over at inspired many Chanel and Jean young shoe Paul Gaultier Pre designers Fall 2012 across the collections.” world.Marc Jacobs isone of thedesigners who A version ofdebuted kilts on keffiyeh appearedthe runway. at Y-3′s Moroccan- themedHarem pants have collection, thisbeen seen recently time remade withon fashion runways a sportier patternfrom 2009-present. and colors thatThey are originated complimentedfrom Turkish their runwaywomen. clothes.
    4. 4. Hair accessories bracelets necklacesEthnic Fashion onthe Runway handbags
    5. 5. Furniture & Interior Design“This trend can provide very attractive and originality to our homes.” Moroccan decor: sitting in peace, harmony and tranquility. Colors : For the walls, the best colors are light colors like white, but also supports bold colors like gold, orange, blue, earth tones. Accessories : important decorating accessories are the cushions, carpets and tapestries all very colorful. Furniture : The furniture is usually made of natural wood and solid enough, and aged wood, avoid using modern design furniture. Asian decor : The Feng Shui and Zen have influence on the decoration. The first is characterized by using bright colors, many decorations and wooden furniture, carved and hand painted. The most common accessories are the animals of Chinese mythology as the monkey and dragons.Other decorative elements can be porcelain jars, vases, pots, goldfish, painted with intricate patterns, murals on the walls and plaques with representations of facts or historical figures. Mexican decor :is a rustic style, with lots of color. Materials are: wrought iron, wood, ceramics, cement and brick. Accessories : Chandeliers and other wrought iron accessories, cushions, fabrics with lots of color, woven rugs, pottery, painted pottery. Colors : are earth tones and beige for walls and furniture. Lively colors like red, yellow, orange, green and blue for accessories. Furniture : are large and sturdy wooden furniture in rustic style.
    6. 6. ETHNIC DECOR 4. Canopy beds and ceiling fans combine well in ethnic backgrounds. 5.Rustic woods in dark colors, wood wenge , rich green tapestry, gold tones, yellow, blue, flowers. The white walls, and sofas with color, or white sofas and walls full of color. 6. Decor inspired by China, Tibet, Japan.1.Africa is very wide there are many Colorful furniture, rattan, bamboo, acacia anddifferent styles that can be taken as cedar wood.reference for decoration. 7. Plants , flowers, Bonsai to create miniature2.The Moroccan style, vibrant colors of gardens somewhere in the room.turquoise, dark blue, yellow. The use ofhorseshoe arches, ribbed, two centers,scalloped3.Ethnic decor inspired by the Africancolonial style.
    7. 7. Ethnic food is one of the top culinary trends influencing American restaurants. Burger from The Counter- pretty Ten Healthiest safely not ethnic Ethnic Cuisines Polish Pierogi 1-Greek 2-California Fresh 3-Vietnamese 4-Japanese 5-Indian 6-Italian Steak or Fried Goat 7-Spanish Udders… 8-Mexican Which one seems 9-South American more ethnic?? 10-Thai
    8. 8. Turkey: BaklavaEmmy Award– Mexico: Red snapper Veracruzanawinning dishesAround theWorldJapan: Tempura shrimpand vegetables Italy: Arancini di Riso Greece: Lamb and eggplant MousakkaSouthAfrica:Bobotie India: Masala dosas
    9. 9. uniting your body and soul to ‘spiritually-directed life get inner peace. force energy’ a form of exercise , whichTraditional womens emphasizes the balanceddances of the Middle development of the bodyEast and North Africa. through core strength, Zumba is a Latin- flexibility, and awareness inspired workout in order to support program that efficient graceful incorporates a movement. number of different types of traditional dances into a fun, group exercise class format. Brazilian jiu jitsu
    10. 10. Christianity is a Islam is a religion that monotheistic religion began in Arabia and was based on the life and revealed to humanity by teachings of Jesus of the Prophet Muhammad. Nazareth as presented inShintoism is the term the New Testament. Christianity Islam Judaism Hinduismfor the Indigenousreligion of Japan, basedon the worship ofspirits known as kami. Taoism Hinduism Sikhism Shintoism Buddhism is a religion and philosophy encompassing a variety of traditions, beliefs The Baháí Faith Judaism Buddhism Jainism and practices, largely basedShintoism is the term on teachings attributed tofor the Indigenous Siddharthareligion of Japan, based Gautama, commonlyon the worship of known as the Buddha.spirits known as kami Judaism is a set of beliefs and practices originating in the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Tanakh, and explored and explained in later texts such as the Talmud.
    11. 11. When is the best time to go ? The best time to visit most of Thailand THAILAND is between November and February, because it rains the least and it is not too hot. Popular Islands to go Where to eat ? Food stalls on the Grand Place streets Traditional Grand Place Thai costumesphuket and dance Pattayaphiphi China Town& Night Market Floating Market Instead of riding in a traditional taxi, try catching a tuk- tuk it is a popular and fun form ofTuk Tuk transportation. Thai massage Elephant Ride
    12. 12. “Travel from Casablanca to Marrakech and discover the best of Morocco ” What to see? Where to go? When is the best time to go ?? Morocco is at its best in spring (mid-March to The Great Sahara May), when the country is lush and green, The Majorelle followed by autumn Hassan II mosque Gardens (September to November), when the heat of summer has eased. Where to stay?Marrakech Souks Chefchaouen Traditional Moroccan guest The Atlas house called “riad”. MountainsThe cuisine of HammamMorocco
    13. 13. Mariachi is a cultural,spiritual and traditionalmusic that is unique to Flamenco is a danceMexico. characterized by hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm and body movements. Taiko drumming has been part of Japanese culture for hundreds of years, with its roots originating during religious festivals and ceremonies at temples and shrines. Bollywood dance: Its a combination of classical Samba is the world recognised Indian dance (which is dance of Rio de Janeiro’s the base), folk dancing Carnival, and performed in such as Bhangra and spectacular colorful samba sometimes has a Latino costumes to Batucada drums. and Arabic influence.
    14. 14. The Korea Times is the oldest of three English-language newspapers published daily in South Korea. It has seen itself as a gateway to South Korea for English-speakingdelivers breaking news from visitors. Its coverage includes politics,across the globe and society, business, finance, cultureinformation on the latest top and sports.stories, business, sports andentertainment headlines. It has the largest Telemundo is an audience of Spanish-India’s two most credible American television language televisionmedia houses NDTV Ltd. & network that viewers.The Hindu came together to broadcasts in Spanish.launch Chennai’s first & only The network is thecity-specific English News & second-largestEntertainment channel Spanish-language‘NDTV HINDU’. content producer in the world.
    15. 15. • Paris bakery located on Westwood Blvd.• They sell macarons which are originated in France.• They have different types of pastries that are not common in US.• The bakery is themed with decorations from Paris, France.
    16. 16. • Delphi, Greek is located on Westwood Blvd. • It is a Mediterranean cuisine. • They have healthy and traditional foods such as; Greek salad, Mousakka, Dolmades and some traditional soup.• The restaurant has Greek inspired decoration and furniture.• The Greece traditional colors are blue and white which represent the colors on the country’s flag.
    17. 17. • Income: Upper-Mid• Income Producing assets : Moderate• Age Ranges: 55 and younger• Employment Levels: Professional Grad• Ethnic Diversity: White Black, Asian, Hispanic Mindset and Lifestyle• Urbanicity: Urban• Homeownership: Renters• Rent/ Buy Foreign Videos• Write blogs online• Read LA Times and New York Magazine
    18. 18. • In the 60’s hippies turned away from European value, and appealed to the ancienthistory of Africa, East and Central America• Designers stopped looking to the future for inspiration and began to plunder the world’s ethnic minorities• They embodied not only the outlook, but the behavior and traditional ethnic motifs in clothing, footwear and accessories• Hippies rediscovered the ethnic fashion with Indian moccasins, Mexican ponchos,Moroccan tunics. Colorful gypsy skirts, and beaded accessories.
    19. 19. • Fashion has gone global with designers drawing inspirations from every corner of the globe. Designers such as Yves St Laurent, Christopher Kane, and Paul Smith have all looked to Africa and the Orient for their muse.• Contributing to this trend is the fact that ethnic diversity has become more evident in the U.S• In today’s fashion tribal themes can be seen with the strong use of animal prints, such as leopard and cheetah print tops. Turbans also crop up again and again.
    20. 20. • One of the fashion trends that we predict is a huge influx of ethnic and traditional designs, patterns and materials.• There is a huge movement towards traditionalism in the world today and we believe that fashion trends will reflect that .• We also predict that there will be more Asian influences in the fashion world. Justas we see Asian economies get stronger and stronger, our interest in the Asian cultureand way of life grows bigger. This interest could well lead to a huge influence on ourfashion
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