The New World: Is Social Media Right For You?

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Resources list from Seltzer Design's Breakfast Forum #4 (10.09) on social media for businesses. Panelists were Claudine Bianchi, Barbara Bix, and Annie Smidt, moderated by Rochelle Seltzer.

Resources list from Seltzer Design's Breakfast Forum #4 (10.09) on social media for businesses. Panelists were Claudine Bianchi, Barbara Bix, and Annie Smidt, moderated by Rochelle Seltzer.

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  • 1. d i s c o v e r i n g t h e n e w w o r l d is social media right for you? Columbus Day edition of Seltzer’s Design Intelligence Breakfast Forums series
  • 2. resources Books Here are a few books that our panelists think are especially useful and pertinent to social media for business and/or for people just delving into the world of social media. Twitter Power | Joel Commb Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business | Larry Weber c Social Media Marketing in an Hour a Day | Dale Evans Sticks and Stones: How Digital Business Reputations The New Influencers | Paul Gillinb are Created over Time and Lost in a Click | Larry Weber c The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social for Business Success | Lon Safko and David Brake Web | Tamar Weinberg The New Rules of Marketing and PR | David The Open Brand: When Push Comes to Pull in a Merman Scott Web-Made World | Kelly Mooney and Nita Robbins websites and tools (all are free unless otherwise noted) social media sites mostly professional networking c mostly personal social networking around shared interests mostly professional networking online networking to facilitate real life chiefly personal, with some professional group meetings social networking online community for promoting and microblogging, a mix of professional discovering real life events and happenings and personal mostly personal, good for music video sharing promotion video sharing mostly personal networking (no longer popular in US) video sharing mostly personal networking video sharing publish content online and find out what streaming video/cam sharing others are reading photo sharing news/link sharing site (currently most popular site of its kind) a hybrid of microblogging and media sharing with a lot of cool options news/link sharing site mostly personal social networking (now social bookmarking part of facebook) SELTZER PO Box 470802 | Brookline MA 02447 | 617 353 0303 t | 617 262 0255f | Member, AIGA
  • 3. page 2 site sharing/ranking website and twitter-related toolbar accessory real-time tracking of what URLs are being news/link sharing site posted on twitter news and information sharing site graphs twitter trends alongside relevant tweets news and information sharing site alternative web interface with more techcentric news and information trend and search tools sharing site nice graphs of your usage, tweets, greencentric news and information retweets and interface choices sharing site graphs of usage, followers and news sharing site with emphasis on fashion, friends over time entertainment, design (largely female user base) check on reach, velocity and social consumer/retail shopping-related capital of a twitterer networking popularity rank on twitter, in all and social sharing site for interactive geographically marketers profile of your twitter content sugges- information sharing site for designers tions of similar tweeters information/article sharing twitter yellow pages site about small businesses find businesses on twitter article/info sharing site about marketing (especially online) email alerts when your chosen topics are mentioned on twitter information and tip sharing and networking about finance, investing and business realtime topical search with several advanced features information sharing and networking site for value investors for sharing photos related to tweets networking and blog-sharing for real web-based twitter client that allows estate professionals for more customized organization of feeds and fast tweeting publish or find slide presentations tracks the tweets of the top 100 bloggers rate (real world) speakers and get plus other twitter authority voices feedback on your speaking engagements shorten urls for twitter and also track them (after you shorten a link, insert the word “info” between the “.ly” and the string of random characters in your short URL to track it in your browser) SELTZER PO Box 470802 | Brookline MA 02447 | 617 353 0303 t | 617 262 0255f | Member, AIGA
  • 4. page 3 free, Air-based desktop client for Twitter listening campaigns, social media (and Facebook and MySpace) that consolidates your strategy (paid services) feeds and lets you track and see trends b listening campaigns (paid services, makers of TweetLater, a way to pre- limited free account available) schedule your tweets aggregates popular items from a number web stats, monitoring and listening of bookmarking, news and other sites the current best and most robust if you have feeds from your website, statistics package. Includes tools for multivariate test- you can track them here — and learn more about feeds ing and tracking conversion goals (now part of Google) set up alerts to let you know when podcast-related tools certain terms appear in Google results podcast directory see what’s hot today in Google searches podcast directory follow historical trends hub for finding out how of search terms and see the future forecast along with to make, find and listen to podcasts with apple seasonality, geographical distribution, etc. technology web metrics, trends and tracking (considered podcasts about social media an important indicator) (all available free in the iTunes Music Store) search the blogosphere, see what’s The Digital Marketer Quick and useful tips, delivered trending in blogs in short podcasts, once a week, very accessible. From Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips Network — an Nielson’s blog, video and link interesting social media success story in and of itself.a tracking site Today in Social Media Clayton Morris’s take on what’s quickly see the links to going on in SM each day a page, or retweets DishyMix with Susan Bratton 30–45 minute interviews suite of robust analytics and optimiza- with movers, shakers and thinkers in marketing and tion tools (paid services) social media — packed with big ideas and little tipsa media, social media and reputation Marketing Voices by Jennifer Jones and Partnersb monitoring (paid service) Six Pixels of Separationb robust listening campaign tool, integrates with salesforce and others (paid service) blogs and resources about social media makers of social radar listening campaign business and social media (and their tool with robust visualization capabilities (paid service) intersection) blog — tons of practical tips on blogging conversion optimization, SEO and on the business of blogging tracking tools (paid service) analysis of how different events played real time blog indexing services out in the social mediasphere (by the makers of (paid service) Social Radar) SELTZER PO Box 470802 | Brookline MA 02447 | 617 353 0303 t | 617 262 0255f | Member, AIGA
  • 5. page 4 concrete tactics and the Online Marketing Blog — it’s just information for business in social media what the name saysb news on blogging and the blogosphere Blogging for Business Blog by Ted Demopoulus c accessible “beginners’ guides” to many social media topics like news aggregators, social book- blog about corporate social media c marking, etc. (geared for individuals, but still useful for business) the ABC’s on social media This list was compiled by Annie. A few of Annie’s personal favorite resources are marked social media news, analysis and with an “a.” Contributions from Barbara are marked opinion with a “b,” contributions from Claudine are marked social media and business with a “c.” entrepreneurship blog — read the articles on using social media in business social media analysis — check out the “convotrack” tab Six Pixels of Separation blog on web 2.0 and marketing the seminal 95 theses of the new world of marketing, from 1999 and still burningly relevant to day (the whole book is also online for free) a blog about media measurement and text mining insightful and sometimes heretical insights on marketing — online and elsewhere one of the heavy hitters — blog about writing blogs news aggregator on all things social media (tech-focused)b aggregator of top stories from top blogs, many about social media the top site about blogging and making money with blogging (geared more towards personal and small biz) a SELTZER PO Box 470802 | Brookline MA 02447 | 617 353 0303 t | 617 262 0255f | Member, AIGA