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Photo gallery

  1. 1. ...a sense of wonder...the time to ponder.....the curiousity to explore...Selkirk Nursery School offers...
  2. 2. What did my child do atschool today?
  3. 3. Table sideOpportunitiesforsocializing,grouping andindividualexploration(challenged)(sorting,matching,measuring,cutting,tracing, etc.)
  4. 4. Craft timeOpportunitiesfor exploringdifferenttextures andmaterials tocreate anopen-endedor completedactivity(supported)
  5. 5. Teaching timeExploring andinviting theoutsidein, throughlooking atbugs, seasons,rhythms ofnature andweather(focused)
  6. 6. Social StudiesCanada flag’s birthday celebration
  7. 7. Math literacyDiscoveringdifferencesin heightanddiameter(self-correcting –independent)
  8. 8. art...and theexplorationof art...(accomplished)
  9. 9. Spontaneous ActivitiesSensory exploration
  10. 10. Gross motor developmentThroughsocializingandimaginaryplay we offeropportunitiesto developcore strength,balance, andclimbing skills(free)
  11. 11. Programming for individual needsInclusion
  12. 12. Taking risks, building core strength, socializationOutside play
  13. 13. ...creative dance...Music and movement
  14. 14. Carpet sideOffers eachchild theopportunityto explore avariety of ageappropriateactivities in achild-ledenvironment(listened to)
  15. 15. Carpet sideenhances achild’slanguage, socialization, finemotor andproblemsolving skills(understood)
  16. 16. Carpet sideIndividual orsmall groupor large groupopportunitiesfor peersocializationas well asimaginaryplay(interested)
  17. 17. ScienceThis is one ofthe activitiesthat enhanceslanguage, cognitive andsocialdevelopment(educated)
  18. 18. Circle TimePromoting literacy, language development andawareness of individual space
  19. 19. Bringing the outside, inside the child...Outside walks
  20. 20. Outside playOpportunitiesfor parentinvolvementby ensuringproper dressfor all kinds ofweather.Fun, fun, fun...(happy)
  21. 21. Field tripsPuttingtheory intopractice(optimistic)
  22. 22. Field trips“what wasyour favouritething aboutthemuseum?”(acknowledged)
  23. 23. Special eventsFamilieswelcomedto a springtea, studyingweather, how thingsgrow andnutrition(important)
  24. 24. Special eventsGettingready forhistoricalManitoba teapartystudyinggeographyand historywith musicand art(appreciative)
  25. 25. Special eventsHalloweenparties(Valentine’sDay, St.Patrick’sDay, Easter– imaginaryplay andsocialization(noticed)
  26. 26. CommunityinvolvementPlanting our flowers in the community garden
  27. 27. Come and take a peek…..
  28. 28. “Tell me, what did you do today?”
  29. 29. When children come home at the end of the day.The question they’re asked as they scurry to play is,“Tell me, what did you do today?”And the answer they give makes you sigh with dismay.“Nothing, I did nothing today!”Perhaps nothing means that I played with blocks,Or counted to ten, or sorted some rocks.Maybe I painted a picture of red and blueOr heard a story of a mouse that flew.Maybe I watched the gerbils eat today,Or went outside on the swings to play.Maybe today was the very first timeThat my scissors followed a very straight lineMaybe I led a song from beginning to end,Or played with a brand new friend.When you’re in pre-school and your heart has wings,“Nothing” can mean so many things!!
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