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Smart notebook advanced   2 Smart notebook advanced 2 Presentation Transcript

  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 1 Welcome to the  Advanced Training Session
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 2 How to create an i­Tools ­like lesson on Smart Notebook Part 2 "Designing Interactive Activities" Smart Notebook Training Series EdTech Unit Prepared by S Elkilany
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 3 In this session we will learn how to .. • create drag­and­drop activities • insert more page templates • create hide­and­reveal activities using several techniques • use layering techniques • add animation to your activities • use the checker tool
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 4 Drag­and­Drop Activities
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 5 Complete the dialogue by dragging and dropping words from the box Nora  Hello. 1         name’s Nora. What’s 2           name? Lucy3              , Nora. I’m Lucy. Nora   4                  are you from? LucyI’m 5             London, in England. And 6               ? Nora 7             from Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia. from Hello I’m My Where you your Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 6 • How old are you? ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐            ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ • Are you married? ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐            ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ • What’s your job? ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐           ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Drag answers to the quesons from the box I’m a student. Yes, I am. I’m 18. No, I’m not. I’m a teacher. I’m 19 years old. Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 7 how? when? where? how much? Sort the adverbs into categories. happily very loudly out not softly inside carefully early often quietly here tightly completely later Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 8 Sort into categories. Column Column Column LabelLabel Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 9 Simon liked to play pranks on his younger sister. He would __________ jump __________ from behind a door to scare her.__________ she would scream at him and go __________ to be by herself. This time she turned __________ and chased him __________. "Mom," she cried __________, "Simon is scaring me __________." __________when Simon was back in the house, their mother spoke __________ to him. " Do __________ scare your sister __________." Fill in the blanks. not later off loudly out happily around anymore usually awaysternly off Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 10 Fill in the gaps in the sentences below with a verb from the box. Remember to put the verb in the correct tense 1. Most children school at the age of 5 to 7. 2. If your parents move to another city you have to school. 3. I'm so happy. I all my exams. 4. In KSA you school until you are 16 to 18. 5. I didn't pass my exam. I didn't hard enough. 6. What is she going to do after she school? 7. What is she going to do after she from university? start go to pass studychange leave fail graduate change Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 11 Charging by ______________ occurs when two substances are rubbed together. These two substances are initially ______________. However, after being rubbed, one object becomes _________________ while the other becomes _________________. Charging by friction occurs because ___________________ are free to move from one substance to another. The __________________________ determines which substance will ______________ electrons and which substance will ________________ electrons. loselose gaingain electrostatic serieselectrostatic series negativenegative positivepositive neutralneutral frictionfriction electronselectronsDrag this to the target to reveal the answers. Drag this to the target to reveal the answers. Drag to targetDrag to target Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 12 In the photo below, drag the labels to their correct place. canine molar incisor Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 13 Sort the keywords. Word Description Long tube which takes food to the  stomach Produces enzymes, insulin and  digestive juice Contains gastric acid Absorbs food into the bloodstream liversmall intestine stomach oesophagus Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 14 Re-arrange these sentences. Shower Get out of bed Go to school Get dressed Eat breakfast Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 15 head chin neck eyes eyelids mouth nose hair ears lips teeth eyelashes Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 16 Many of these examples are readymade templates that you find in the gallery ! You don't have to design all these pages yourself..
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 17 More page templates How
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 18 We did Title pages in a previous training session 1 2 3 4 Lesson Pages
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 19 Lesson Pages Different kids of
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 20 What is good about these templates
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 21 Content/writing space • They have clean and neat layout • The font is adjusted and ready formatted • They have useful icons that are linked or can be linked to: Homepage , instructions, answer key
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 22 Fill in the blanks. Content _________ Label They have useful icons that can be grouped with the answers to be pulled and revealed ( explanation later) They also have labels that are infinitely cloned to save your time creating new labels
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 23 Hide­and­Reveal Activities
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 24 Move and reveal A good way to learn English is… a) In class with an English teacher. b) In a café with an English speaking person (not a teacher) c) Living in a country where people speak English. d) Doing business in English. e) Watching films and TV in English. Drag to reveal 
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 25 How Just draw a shape with fill in color over the text, or insert a ready made shape from the gallery
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 26 Drag and reveal PullPull answer k change PullPull Examples
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 27 Drag and reveal Why PullPull • Use the 4 sid hide your ans instructions. • Clear space f page, so it wo cluttered
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 28 +the answers Ctrl + click to select multiple objects. Then right click and group them = Ctrl+G Then push them to one side of the page to hide them and leave only a small part of it to drag or pull them with Drag and reveal How Push to reveal
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 29 Erase and reveal 1. f) Oh dear. Why? 2. d) How many lessons have you had? 3. e) Oh come on, Ravi. Three isn't many 4. b) And of course it's difficult at first,  but don't give up.  Select the eraser and move your finger on the empty spaces to magically reveal the answers Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 30 Answers are hidden by using ink the same color as the page background over the text. Type text into the page and lock to the background. Select the pen tool, set the ink to the same color as the background using the properties tab and draw over the answers. Use the eraser tool to erase the ink and reveal the text. How erase to know how
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 31 hereThe answer Click and reveal
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 32 The Structure of the Heart left atrium left ventricle right atrium right ventricle Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 33 Find the matching animals Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 34 Find the pairs. Tree redread adjective  Example noun verb
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 35 How It's in the gallery
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 36 1 2 3
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 37 Another example of Click and Reveal is Balloon Pop
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 38 Which of these words are verbs? Press the balloons to pop them. Jump Run Juggle Spin Apple Car Color Meal
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 39 Balloon pop Type the answer first. Then insert a balloon from the gallery so it will be on the top of the answer How resize the balloon to cover the answeredit the question 1 2 3
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 40 Order and reveal Layering
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 41 • create drag­and­drop activities • hide and reveal activities using several techniques • add animation to the a • link to other activity parts Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 42 How Three layers : (using order) 1. First background 2. second background 3. text where the hidden answers are the same color of the first back ground
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 43 layer 1 1st background layer 2 2nd background • create drag­and­drop activities • hide and reveal activities using several techniques • add animation to the a • link to other activity parts layer 3 the text Notice the order of the 3 layers move the 3 layers around
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 44 text Color reveal Layering What is the order of these three layers: • pink shape • orange shape • text ?
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 45 Color reveal ­ method 1 Frog BisonCamel Bear What are the names of the following animals? Color reveal ­ method 1 What are the names of the following animals? PullPull Drag the anima display the answ are hidden by s text and the pag same color. The is in between th with a different  text is brought t with the approp produce this eff Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 46 Tokyo New York Sau Paulo Seoul Mexico City Use the magnifying glass to reveal the five most  populated cities in the world. Color reveal ­ method 2Color reveal ­ method 2 Use the magnifying glass to reveal the five most  populated cities in the world. PullPull The answers are h the text and the pa color. The magnify text and backgroun circle on the Magn color except the te that the text is brou this effect. Any obj can be used to rev front of the page.  Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 47 Color reveal ­ method 3Color reveal ­ method 3 Drag me to the  yellow box Drag me to the  blue box PullPull Move the other to s text answ making th the box th text is bro grouped t effect.  Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 48 p and type text here PullPull p and type text here PullPull p and type text here PullPull p and type text here PullPull p and type text here PullPull Layer revealLayer reveal Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 49 Animation • to reveal the answer • to emphasize the answer • to give feedback on the answer
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 50 1 2 3
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 51 WhaatW PullPull stone woman liftraise trashgarbage over above biglarge rock lady road street closeshut babyinfant What kind of animation is this? Think of synonyms for these words: Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 52 An end...........? Or... What is the animation type ? Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 53 Apple Name these objects: Lung soup To reveal fade out fly out
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 54 fade in fade out fly out fly in flip around an axis spin shrink and grow Tab the checkmark for animations
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 55 To check As in the following exercise, the animation is set to shrink if the answer is wrong and grow or spin (your choice) if the answer is correct
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 56 Biting off more than you can chew. A taste of your own medicine. All that glitters is not gold. Add fuel to the fire. Which idiom would you apply to this text? On his way to school, James found a yo-yo that looked like new. But before class, as he showed his best friend Tony how to use it, it fell apart. Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 57 Checker tool Automatically checks the answers
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 58 Who wrote Romeo and Juliet? Wordsworth Shakespeare Tolkien Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 59 Label the diagram of the ear. ear drum cochlea ear canal Example
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 60 How click her to type the accepted answer Uncheck this if you want to
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 61 1 Is the __________ for this medicine sublingual or P.O.? 2 Please get me a syringe so I can give this _______ . 3 How should we __________ Mr. Smith’s medicine? 4 For this patient, the correct _________is 200 milligrams per day. Fill in the blanks with the correct words and phrases from the word bank. administer intramuscular injection route of administration dosage What are different ways to do this activity on Smart Notebook?
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 62 1 Is the __________ for this medicine sublingual or P.O.? 2 Please get me a syringe so I can give this _______ . 3 How should we __________ Mr. Smith’s medicine? 4 For this patient, the correct _________is 200 milligrams per day. administer intramuscular injection route of administration dosage Practice
  • SN­your­iTools­ Part 2.notebook 63 Thank You