Isolation by technology


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Isolation by technology

  1. 1. Isolation by TechnologyJacob Selinger 200172105
  2. 2. Intro• Technology has advanced rapidly in my life time. This repot will share both my personal experience and beliefs as well as research conducted to prove my ideas. Through rapid advancements in technology many changes have caused our population to become socially isolated. This social isolation will be presented through three major technological issues: portability, reliance and spectrum. These issues will be explored in detail allowing for a better understanding of technological isolation.
  3. 3. Portability• The portability of technology allows people to stay active on mobile tech devices. Three major issues brought up by portable electronics are:• Head phones (personal music devices)• Cell phones• Multimedia (internet, games, etc.)
  4. 4. Head phones• Headphones have been around for a long time allowing consumers to listen to their music on their own. Music is a very important part of many peoples lives and truly a part of humanity.• Through the popularity of portable music and downloading our early generations are enjoying music differently than in past. Simon Tatz, Director of Communications for the Mental Health Council of Australia states; “Downloading and listening to music on iPods and MP3 players (like the Kindle and watching programs on a mobile) are essentially individual pursuits.” (Tatz)• Headphones are a perfect example of how technology has changed the way that we carryout social tasks. Downloading and listening to music on your own and discovering albums with your best friends are two complete different social experiences.• We must understand how important our social enjoyment is and not allow headphones to take music over completely.
  5. 5. Cell phones• Cell phone technology has gotten to a point where everyone is connected at all times. Many advantages can be found in having constant communication.• However it is important that we do not allow our cellular socializing to become acceptable as enough. Meaning we can not allow ourselves to eliminate face time for cellular communication.• Cell phones in our current time don’t only allow us to talk to others, it also allows us to be connected to the internet . The internet on your phone allows issues that will be discussed later in the presentation to be portable.
  6. 6. Multi Media• Along with the cell phone many other multimedia devices are portable and carry the negative effects of technology with them as well.• The Tablet is a new device that is taking our society by storm essentially giving people all the advantages of a computer in the palm of their hand.• Having a fully functioning computer on the go brings up many issues such as distraction from school for children and work for others. These tablets are used for such things as games and net surfing which if used at improper times can be detrimental, the devices portability increases the chances of that greatly.
  7. 7. Reliance• Reliance on technology is a dangerous issue because as we continue to advance it becomes harder and harder for us to escape the grasp of technology. This reliance can be seen clearly in these areas of our lives:• Work• Social interaction
  8. 8. Work• There are many different styles of careers in our society, some reliant on computer technology and others that are not. More and more jobs are becoming involved in someway or another with computers.• As companies become reliant on computers and phones issues can arise. Employees are being put behind desks more and more, interactions in the workplace are being conducted over computers and phones. • The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy says: “health risks come from the poor posture which these environments tend to foster and ultimately this can lead to neck and back pain for the individuals who spend too much time working in front of their electronic devices.” (Health 2012) The time at work in combination to the average time spent on electronic devices at home can cause these serious problems.
  9. 9. Social Interaction• Social interactions we have between each other are a very important part of mental health.• In a 2012 News Track article it was written that: “Now we are more accustomed to depend on our hand held device to communicate to our friends, family, relatives and acquaintances rather than encountering them physically.” (NI Wire)• Our social lives are becoming reliant on our technological devices, meaning instead of having to be social in person we are able to do it through our devices. The want to be socially active is lost because of how easy it is to do it though technology.
  10. 10. Spectrum and Availability• Technology has become so vast and created so many paths for accessing its greatness. Being able to experience advances such as the internet creates a great way to learn and experience many things, however issues have evolved such as:• Ease of access• Large spectrum
  11. 11. Ease of access• Technology is everywhere! The constant availability of these tools make it both easy and seemingly necessary to use them.• Access to the internet at all times is a major concern. Using the internet at all times can create a reliance on it and enables people to stop living their lives in a social way. Whole societys are being constructed online and creates a false reality for those that are deeply involved. Along with constant availability comes the use by children. Technology is being developed in order to be used by younger and younger children. This is embedding bad habits and causing children to become dependant on technology, they no nothing else.
  12. 12. Large Spectrum• Virtually everything is available through technology. Knowledge can be gained on a vast number of topics, which can cause people to stop learning and discovering in natural way. The availability of almost all possible sights and sounds allows us to forget how amazing the real experiences can be.
  13. 13. Conclusion• Over all the three main issues that were discussed in this presentation: portability, reliance, as well as spectrum and availability of technology are having negative effects on social aspects of life.
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