Initial music magazine case study yello


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Initial music magazine case study yello

  1. 1. Initial Music Magazine CaseStudyKerrang! MagazineAnalysing; Background information Front Cover Contents Page Magazine Article Target Audience Media Platforms
  2. 2. Initial Music Magazine Case Study Kerrang!- Background information•Kerrang! is a UK-based magazine devoted to rock music published by Bauer Media Group. •Kerrang took over from Sounds magazine but continued to be a metal and punk rock magazine. AC/DC was the first band to appear on Kerrang front cover.•The original owner was United Newspapers who then sold it to EMAP in 1991. However, in 2008 EMAP sold the magazine to the current owner Bauer Media Group. The current editor of Kerrang magazine is Nichola Browne. •Kerrang has a magazine, a radio station, weekly podcasts, merchandise, a website and a music channel.•During 1980s and 1990s the magazine included heavy metal and rock acts such as Bon Jovi, Metallica, Venom and Motley Crue. However, the magazine later discarded these bands and did not have them on the magazine anymore. Instead they chose grunge acts like Nirvana as they rose to fame. The magazine is often criticized that the magazine changes when a new or different music trend becomes popular or "In fashion"
  3. 3. Initial Music Magazine Case Study Kerrang!- Front Cover The magazine includes 7 The Kerrang title is covered by the main posters that the readers artists head. The magazine is confident can get for free. This of its brands name and the audience draws in an audience who are also familiar with the brand, this feel like they are getting means that even though the title is more than just a slightly covered, the audience will still magazine read. know what magazine they are picking up. The colour scheme of red, yellow and grey are contrasting colours that The magazine has lots of clash. However, like rock extra features to the music which is crazy and magazine so the readers canloud. This reflects the colour win things. choices chosen by the magazine. The artist “Young guns” is a famous, young, UK band that readers will recognise. The magazine gives the readers a chance to take part in competitions to win things. This will attract readers more not only for The magazine is messy and has a The mid shot of Gustav Wood, the the music that’s in the lot of things on one page. It is very lead singer of the band Young Guns, magazine, but so they can “In-your-face” which relates to the is appealing to the audience for both also take part in these genre of music the magazine genders of the readers. It can be competitions to win things portrays which is rock music itself. appealing for people who find him that relates to music which appealing but also for people who the readers will enjoy. will recognise him straight away from the music he does.
  4. 4. Initial Music Magazine Case Study The contents page is Kerrang!- Contents Page shown on the right hand side of the page. It hasThere is a letter from the subheadings of what is editor, which tells the included in the magazineaudience what is going to with the page numbersbe in the magazine. This located next to eachmakes the magazine feel subheading. more personal for the reader. The colour scheme on the The images are of page is bright yellow andartists, bands and events black, like the colours of that the magazine have warning signs which is articles about in the magazine. The images eye-catching and stands out at the reader. This are more appealing than makes it easier to read just lots of text. This not and more appealing. only makes the contents page look better but it gives the readers a chance to find what theywant to read about quickly by looking at an image, without having to read a lot of text.
  5. 5. Initial Music Magazine Case Study Kerrang!- Magazine Article The band "Architects" have one whole page which is just an image ofthem taken specifically for the article. This can appeal to the reader as it will attract the readers The masthead, "THIS who know the band and TIME IS NOW" is big and will want to see what the bold, especially the word article is about. "NOW" because of the bright yellow, which is shown also on the front cover of another Kerrang! The colour of the magazine. These colours magazine article is used against the black to keep the audience background stand out and interested in the article. catch the readers The yellow is used to attention. highlight important things that the magazine wouldwant the audience to most The article is put intoread, while the white used columns, which makes over the black it easy to ready and background is used to makes it look like amake the writing stand out There is a comment from one of the band members on the formal newspaperwhich means the reader is image, which is like a taster for what the article includes. article. more likely to stop and This gets the reader to want more and will carry on reading read the article as the the full article on the next page. brightness would attract the audience to it.
  6. 6. Initial Music Magazine Case Study Kerrang!- Target Audience Kerrang magazine is a UK based magazine devoted to Rock music published by Bauer Media Group The edgy, underground and individualistic style appeals to rock readers and draws them in, this is a crucial element ofany successful magazine. Key words on the front cover that also make the target audience evident is the words “free”“win” and “sex” which appeal to the younger audience of 16- 20. These get the target audience to catch the magazines attention and to buy the magazine. Kerrang uses these words on lots of their covers. Kerrang aims more at the male audience. The target audience would appeal to the hard rock content and metaliconic male bands on the front covers pulling faces. Female audiences are attracted however through the free posters and the male rock artists and also interviews. It is clear that Kerrang is aimed at a young audience through the use of fonts, layouts and presentation. It isaimed at the youth and the lifestyles they have. It has a up- to-date, modern and a down-to-earth feel. The magazine includes adverts that appeal to the young audience by using adverts that relate to their interests. These are advertisements of HMV,, Xbox, alternative clothing and concert tickets.
  7. 7. Initial Music Magazine Case Study Kerrang!- Magazine Across Other Media PlatformsCompanies that own magazines get their magazinesknown and purchased through media products suchas radio, internet and TV. For example, Kerrangmagazine has their paper back magazine which issold in shops but also has a Kerrang radio channeland Kerrang music channels on Sky and Virgin. Theyalso, like most of the magazines have a website withnews, subscriptions and articles from the magazineitself. Most of these are free to use, apart from themagazine itself.The internet websites of the magazines give their The Official Kerrang website is dark, grungy andaudience and daily readers to keep up to date with gothic. This reflect the type of music that they promotethe latest gigs and festivals and new album releases. and include in their magazine.They can check up on these things everywhere theygo as these can be accessed through phones,iPods, computers and laptops. The website has a banner which is at the top of the website that instantly draws attention to theMost households have at least a TV with Sky or competition and the things the readers can win.Virgin where they can watch music channels, in thisexample Kerrang. Or they will have a laptop whichthey can use the magazines website to keep up todate or also a phone. These are all completely free Kerrang has two main columns on the front of thewhich would appeal to their target audience very magazine which are called “News” and “Access Allmuch. Areas” this gives the readers an easy shortcut to what they want to look at and read.