Barter for your Dental Supplies


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Ormita is the world's largest multilateral reciprocal barter exchange system, with subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide and offices in 23 countries.

Ormita can provide dental practices with goods and services on a 100% barter exchange basis.

The use of networks such as Ormita can help countries to build solid industrial bases, by balancing purchases of foreign goods and services against domestic exports in a simple, but creative manner; while addressing World Bank and IMF concerns of “bilateralism” and anti-competitive behaviour. This form of trade finance has a multiplier effect as it increases overall purchasing power which helps to reduce unemployment, recover potentially depreciating (or lost) value and helps a country’s development.

"International Trade Flows Facing The Global Credit Crunch: The Multilateral Barter Trade System". University of Turin, Italy. Faculty of Economics. March 2012

“Businesses often have excess capacity in their own goods, services or infrastructure, even more so when the financial cycle slows and credit tightens. Business people find that using capacity to source needed goods and services is an attractive alternative proposition to conventional sales and credit if it can increase sales, ease cash flow or reduce reliance on conventional credit.”

"Capacity Trade and Credit: Emerging Architectures for Commerce and Money". City of London Corporation, ESRC, UKTI, BIS joint Report. City of London Corporation. Dec 2011.

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Barter for your Dental Supplies

  1. 1. Barter for Dental Supplies Get your dental supplies without needing to pay cash
  2. 2. • Advertising • Hotels & Resorts • Sanitary Fittings & Fixtures • Dental Supplies • International Travel • Spa Products • Entertainment • Legal Services • Staff Uniforms • Furniture • Printing • Translation • Gift Items • Repairs & Maintenance • Website Design & Hosting • Graphic Design • Restaurants … and more OVERVIEW Ormita provides dental companies world-wide with a range of supplies on 100% barter (no cash). Some of these supplies include the following:
  3. 3. ADVERTISING ON BARTER Australia Israel Saudi Arabia Bulgaria Italy Singapore Canada Jordan South Korea China Lebanon Thailand Cyprus Malta United Arab Emirates Germany Mexico United Kingdom Hong Kong New Zealand USA India Philippines Zambia Ormita also offers advertising in the following countries on 100% barter: Types of media available on barter include major players in: • Airplane • Flyers • Radio • Airport Advertising • Indoor • Rail • Billboards • In-store • SMS / TXT Marketing • Bus • Magazines • Television • Digital Screens • Newspapers • Tradeshows / Expos • Elevator Advertising • Online • Venue Hire for Functions • Event Co-ordination • Petrol Pump … and more
  4. 4. • 70% of all fortune 500 companies 2 • Eight out of ten media companies 3 • 65% of all New York Stock Exchange listed firms 4 • More than 129 governments 5 • Nearly 400,000 businesses in the USA 6 • $6 billion USD value each year in Switzerland 7 • 18% of the Argentina economy in 1995 8 • Most start-ups boot-strap themselves with barter • Frequent-flyer points More than 30% of all global trade, is non-cash, including: 1 1. (2004)., Department of Commerce Fact Sheet. USA DOC. 2. Schmiddgall, R.S., Damitio, J.W. (1999)., Bartering activities of the Fortune 500 and hospitality lodging firms., International Journal of Hospitality Management 3. American Association of Advertising Agencies. (2003). 4. (2004)., Annual Report, National Association of Trade Exchanges. Fact Sheet, International Reciprocal Trade Association. 5. United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. Vol XIX. (Yearbook). A/CN.9/302 6. Stodder, J. (2007)., Residual Barter Networks and Macro-Economic Stability. Renselaer Polytechnic Institute at Hartford, Hartford CT. 7. Studer, T (1998)., WIR and the Swiss National Economy 8. Pearson, R. (2003)., Argentina's Barter Network: New Currency for New Times., Bulletin of Latin American Research
  5. 5. What the Media Says …
  6. 6. 1. You do not need to buy directly from the person you are selling to 2. You can buy from any member of our network (more than 220,000 businesses worldwide) 3. Goods and services are priced the same as cash This is not direct barter
  7. 7. Transactions are recorded in a central ledger (like a bank statement)
  8. 8. • Sources new customers for you • Records the value of each transaction when it takes place • Acts as a third-party to mediate between delivery of goods and services • Finds alternative (non-cash) suppliers for you to make purchases from Ormita :
  9. 9. 1. Ormita customers do not replace existing cash customers 2. Ormita brings new you only new customers 3. These customers generate new revenue 4. Your businesses uses this revenue to pay for: - advertising - existing fixed costs - brand development - business expansion - new acquisitions - business investments Generating New Revenue
  10. 10. Temp-Off™ Temporary Cement Dissolver 0.25mm
  11. 11.  At the time (few weeks) the dentist prepare a permanent crown, the patient is provided with a temporary one.  This temporary crown is removed and re-cemented approximately 4 times until the final cementation of the permanent one.  Every time the dentist re cement the temporary crown, first, he or his assistance has to remove the old cement to make room for the new one.  This cleaning is most annoying and time consuming action, which is done today only by mechanical means. i.e. sharp instruments ultrasonic toll or bath. THE NEED
  12. 12. This action has some disadvantages. 1-Time consuming- both the dentist or his assistant. 2-Injuries 3-Perforation 4-Breakage 5-Debride contamination of the clinic’s environment. Temp-Off™ was designed to eliminate all this disadvantages
  13. 13.  Temp-Off™ is a liquid designed to remove temporary cements Zinc Oxide (ZnO) based, with or without Eugenol , from temporary or permanent restorations, after they were removed from the patient's mouth.  Temp-Off™ removes a homogeneous layer of 250 microns (0.25 mm) from the old temporary cement, leaving enough space for the new layer of cement.  Temp-Off™ is protected by patent  Dr. Yossi Fish (the founder), and many dentists in clinics throughout Israel and Europe tested it on thousands of cases .  Regulation: CE class I- CA013401-cleaning material category THE PRODUCT
  14. 14.  Time saving.  Removal of a 0.25 mm homogeneous layer allows enough space for re cementation .  Prevents possible damage to the restoration such as perforation, fracture, damaging the margins and unintentional falls.  Temp-Off™ leaves the clinic’s environment clean. No debride contamination.  Low costs – one use per one patient is less than $1.0 USD.  Temp-Off™ was tested at authorized microbiology lab, and found to be sterile even under the most severe conditions of cross- contamination. Temp-Off™ BENEFITS
  15. 15.  Restoration sterilization – thanks to the material qualities, the restoration emerge sterile from the immersion.  Temp-Off™ was tested at the Tel Aviv Uni. And found that it does not harm the surface of the material, as most of the temporary restorations are made from acrylic or composite resins. Before After THE BENEFITS
  16. 16.  The material is designed for external use only.  After removing the crown or bridge from the mouth and rinsing, it should be submerged in the immersion dish (enclosed on kit), so that the restoration is completely covered with Temp-Off™  At this point, both the dentist and the dental assistant are free to perform other activities.  The time in which the preparation can be immersed in the Temp-Off™ is not limited.  The recommended time for removing 0.25 mm, of the old cement is 10 minutes. USAGE
  17. 17.  The restoration has to be removed from the immersion dish, rinsed with tap water, and sprayed with air-water stream of the triple syringe for a few seconds. Warning: when using the triple syringe, the restoration should face outward, to prevent spray from reaching the eyes.  After rinsing, some “islands” of cement might remain inside the restoration. There is no need to remove this “islands”, since it serves as relining of spaces larger than 0.25 mm between the tooth and the restoration.  The restoration is now ready for re cementing. USAGE
  18. 18.  There are near 600,000 customers of dental materials on the global dentistry market.  In most clinics, the cleaning of cement from temporary restoration is done by hand and/or mechanically, and takes up a lot of clinic staff’s time.  The results of manual cleaning are not perfect, and may damage the restoration.  All the above results is substantial time consuming. MARKET ANALYSIS
  19. 19.  Number of dentists and labs on Global basic are ~600,000 members.  Dentist perform an average of 150 crowns and bridges on annually.  The Global volume is ~100M crowns which are in line with the well documented figure of 100M root canal treatments.  In average Dentist treats each crown 3-4 times, which reflect App 350M cases of re-cementing.  The potential market for the Temp-Off™ is 10M bottles (275ml). Based on unit price of 28.0 US$, the potential market is 250-300M US$. BASIC MARKETING ASSUMPTIONS
  20. 20.  The official launch of Temp-Off™ was on March 2013 at the IDS (world largest dental exhibition) in Cologne Germany.  Current operation: France, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Israel, Spain.  The Launch in the North American market is planed to Nov. 2013 ,at the Greater NY Dental exhibition.  Few Far east Asia countries will start marketing Temp-Off™ within the coming months .  The company is looking for distribution infrastructure in Russia/CIS countries INITIAL MARKETING
  21. 21. • Temp-Off™ was developed by Dr. Yossi Fish DMD Private dental clinic since 1983 Advisory board • Prof. Nitzan Bichacho DMD - Professor and Head of the R.E. Goldstein Center for Esthetic Dentistry and Clinical Research Department of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University and Hadassah, Jerusalem, Israel DEVELOPER & ADVISORY BOARD
  22. 22. • Prof, Raphael Pilo DMD PhD - Dental Materials, Department of Oral Rehabilitation, School of Dental Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Israel • Prof. Michael Helft DMD - Professor Emeritus, former Head of the Department of Oral Rehabilitation - School of Dental Medicine TAU MANAGEMENT • The company is managed by Dr. Fish and Ofer Shalev that have vast experience in the medical equipment area.
  25. 25. LOCAL OFFICE CONTACTS Australia +61 2 8064 2487 Greece +30 211 790 2320 Singapore +65 3158 1477 Austria +43 1 311 7296 Hong Kong +852 5808 2722 Slovakia +421 2 3305 7871 Belgium +32 2 808 9128 India +91 22 522 141 South Africa +27 10 500 9060 Bulgaria +359 2 492 5044 Israel +97237630190 South Korea +82 70 7705 3525 Canada +1 647 931 6841 Italy +39 015 952 6193 Sweden +46 8 4083 9907 China +86 755 33 011 789 Malta +356 2778 1011 Switzerland +41 43 508 1008 Cyprus +357 25 025092 Mexico +52 55 4170 7577 Thailand +66 600035265 Czech Republic +420 22 888 1634 Netherlands +31 20 808 2007 Turkey +90 850 377 8101 Denmark +45 89 88 11 29 New Zealand +64 9 974 9159 U.A.E. +971 4 451 7070 Estonia +372 668 2549 Norway +47 21 98 89 79 Ukraine +380 94711 2556 Finland +358 9 3158 2401 Portugal +351 30 880 1735 United Kingdom +44 203 432 3828 France +33 1 8288 3929 Romania +40 3 1630 0662 USA +1 314 269 5876 Germany +49 931 3069 99280 Russia +7 498 619 5663 Zambia +260 97 789 5034 Head Office: 702, 27 Hillier Street. Central. Hong Kong. Tel: +852 5808 2722 EU-Zone Head Office: 152 City Road. London. United Kingdom. Tel: +44 203 355 1381 For local office contact addresses please visit Ormita has offices in 23 countries. Countries with no local presence may have an office number which will divert to the nearest service centre. Some countries may also have more than one office in operation.