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Progress not perfection
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Progress not perfection


Published on - Self confidence is about progress not perfection. It is about the small steps you take towards making your life change for the better. - Self confidence is about progress not perfection. It is about the small steps you take towards making your life change for the better.

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  • 1. Self confidence is all about believing in your progressIt can be really easy to miss all the progress you have made when it comes to building your selfconfidence because you are not where you want to be right now.One of the first things I wanted to experience when I started building self confidence was morehappiness. I used to experience dark moods for months because I was so unhappy with life. Evenas I began to build my self confidence I still experienced these dark miserable moments butinstead of months it ended within a month. Then very soon the dark cloud lifted within weeks.Before I knew it I could remove a dark mood period within the week and then within days, until Icould change my mood in the moment.I thought slipping back into my dark moods meant I wasn’t making progress because I wasn’twhere I wanted to be. Thanks to my journal I could read about these periods in my life and noticehow much shorter there were getting and that motivated me to keep going.Stop and take a look at your life. Where in your life do you believe you are not making progress?Take a long hard look and see if you can find the smallest detail that shows you things are movingalong. Congratulate yourself. Remember it is the steps you take as well as the outcome thatcounts towards helping you succeed.Click the link to read my blog post about progress & perfection
  • 2. Difference between progress & perfectionWith progress you celebrate the small steps. Perfection causes frustration. It signalsYou allow yourself to enjoy every success that that things must be a certain way beforehappens because you know it is leading you you can be happy. It becomes the sourcetowards your goal. of your disappointment if you allow it.Even things that don’t go to plan or even if With perfection you spend your lifeyou think you have stepped back into your waiting for things to be better before youold habits. You will find when you move allow yourself to be happy.forward you do so from a stronger positionthan before. That’s progress too.