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Importance of writing  a personal journal
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Importance of writing a personal journal


Published on - A personal journal will provide you with amazing insights into who you are and writing a personal journal is a very theraputic thing. - A personal journal will provide you with amazing insights into who you are and writing a personal journal is a very theraputic thing.

Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Importance of writing aPersonal Journal The hidden key to personal growth and self-discovery Diane Corriette
  • 2. Introduction "Why do I keep this voluminous journal? Partly because life appears to me such a curious and wonderful thing that it almost seems a pity that even such a humble and uneventful life as mine should pass altogether away without some such record as this . . ." Curate, Francis Kilvert - 1871Writing has a way of healing. When you write something down that troubles you itmakes space for solutions to come your way. When you write something down thatexcites you it gives you an opportunity to always look back on that event withfondness.Call it a personal journal for self discovery, a financial journal, a spiritual journal, ahealth journal or a life journal – the name isn’t important, what is, is your ability toregularly write down your thoughts, events, plans, challenges, frustrations, loves andsuccesses in one because it will become your greatest teacher about who you are inthe world and why your life is the way that it is.A journal truly is the hidden key to personal growth and self-discovery and thesooner you start one the quicker you will find this out for yourself.What Is A Journal?A journal is your story told in your own words and written usually for your eyes only –I say usually because some people do like to read their entries out to friends.It is a series of written entries (traditionally written but using images can count too)that you put together in response to what happens in your life on a regular basis andyour thoughts/feelings about what happened. While a diary will include the fact thatat 10am you are going to attend a business network meeting, your journal willcontain more of a story about what happened, who you met, how you felt about theevent and the people you met. What happened on your way home etc.A journal is a space where you write out what is going on in your head and your heartand express it on paper. That space could be inside an exercise book or it could be 2 Feel and Build Confidence eCourse by Diane Corriette-
  • 3. leather bound with gold rimmed pages. It might even be pieces of paper that areplaced into a folder. What you write on is up to you as long as you have a way ofkeeping it all in order.One of the best journal movies I love is ‘The Bridges Of Madison County’ with MerylStreep and Clint Eastwood. This is a story written by a mother and read by herchildren after her passing. A powerful story of duty, commitment and love.Journals have the power to become epic stories and even movies!Starting Your JournalBefore you start your personal journal you may want to think about what you wantto learn about yourself or you may just use it as a way to capture your thoughts andfeelings about what is going on.I prefer to write a personal journal that will include things about my health, myfinances, my spiritual growth and anything that I place value on rather than have anindividual journal on these things because I find that life is one big entwinedadventure and trying to separate it and write about one particular part of it makes itharder for me to write not easier. But that’s just me.You need to spend time thinking about what you want your journal to do for you andhow you want it to make a difference to your life. That way you will find writing inyour journal is a pleasurable experience rather than a chore and picking it up to writein it will become as natural as brushing your teeth. Most days of course you will justwant to sit and start writing with no agenda and no plan. "Your story should be written now while it is fresh and while the true details are available. Your private journal should record the way you face up to challenges that beset you. Do not suppose life changes so much that your experiences will not be interesting to your posterity. Experiences of work, relations with people, and an awareness of the rightness and wrongness of actions will always be relevant. Your journal, like most others, will tell of problems as old as the world and how you dealt with them." - President Kimball On Keeping A Journal, New Era, 26 December 1980 3 Feel and Build Confidence eCourse by Diane Corriette-
  • 4. How A Journal Helps Personal GrowthYour journal is a place where you get to express not only what is in your head butalso what is in your heart. You get to unburden yourself of your troubles by writingthem down. Doing this opens up the space for solutions and healing to come along.You don’t want your journal to be a place of doom and gloom though – you also wantto focus on recording and writing down your feelings about your successes, even thetiny little ones that you think are “unimportant” because collectively when you lookback on your journal it will show you the path you took to achieve your goal.With a journal you get to examine your life in full detail when you write and as youcome to understand more about yourself and why you react to things the way youdo, or why you do/say the things that you do, you will be able to put yourself into aplace of power. Always be honest with yourself as you write. Integrity is everything.This is not about recording how great your day was if your day was actually lousy.Write as much about your weaknesses, what stops you in life, why you want revenge,why you criticize so much etc because these are the gems that will lead to change.7 Inspiring Reasons To Start A Personal Journal 1. Your journal will play a significant part in helping you learn more about yourself. Socrates said “know thyself.” Without self knowledge we live in denial. A journal can provide you with self-awareness and there is nothing more attractive than meeting someone who knows what they want and are able to confidently express that. 2. Writing in your journal becomes a healing process, one that is as natural as checking your doors are locked before going to bed or brushing your teeth every morning before leaving the house. It becomes something to look forward to and enjoy as you express your thoughts. 3. Keeping a personal journal will put you in control of your life. Many times we believe things happen to us and we have no control or we just go through life without any thoughts of working towards something. With a journal we get a clear insight into where we are going and where we have come from, giving us an opportunity to change our path if we don’t like what we see. We become 4 Feel and Build Confidence eCourse by Diane Corriette-
  • 5. conscious creators rather than living unconsciously believing that what you have is all you will ever have.4. Your journal will help you discover what’s important to you in life. You don’t always have to write pages and pages as a journal entry, you may just write a thought or an idea. Doing this will help you identify your goals, focus on what you want to experience in life, work towards what’s important to you, what you value and what you truly want to achieve.5. Keeping a journal will highlight where you have been putting up with things that are not working so you can take action to change that. If your health is bad and your journal regularly records illness you have a unique opportunity to end your bad health by proactively doing something about it. If you weren’t writing in a journal you may not have seen this pattern of bad health until you became sick so your journal is also a great method of preventative health care!6. With a journal you get to record the moments of your personal history that are most important to you. Your first kiss, the excitement at getting married, the disappointment at getting divorced! The birth of your first child. There is a great advert that appeared on UK TV made by Google to advertise gmail. It showed a father writing emails to his daughter from the minute she was born. All the emails were sent to the gmail account and included photos and memorable occasions. What an amazing gift to hand to a child at the age of 21! Had a bad day or are feeling low? Just turn to that funny event that happened at the family barbeque and laugh out loud as you read it again. Priceless.7. A journal gives you “me time” – as busy mothers and wives we spend a lot of our time rushing around doing our best to get things done. Jobs, business, children, relationships – we share our lives with so many people. Having a journal forces you to take “me time” and spend some time in silent reflection. 5 Feel and Build Confidence eCourse by Diane Corriette-
  • 6. The “dangers” of keeping a JournalWhen you write about yourself and your life, if you include other people in yourjournal writing and if you write about times in your life that are particularly bad thereis a danger of some unsuspecting relative finding out or reading it. There are plentyof stories of people who published their own account of famous events and somejournals go on to make their writer a lot of money.But for those of us who do not have designs on fame there is still some worry aboutour private thoughts being read. If you write about your relationships with familyand/or friends there is a chance for hurt feelings and arguments with other peopleshould they get hold of your journal, but that is a small downside to what is anamazing tool to help you change your life and learn more about yourself.A Great Source Of Personal History "Every person should keep a journal and every person can keep a journal." President Spencer W KimballYour journal is an account of your personal history and you may find that you writedaily or that weeks, months or even years go by before you write in it. What mattersmost is that you use it when you feel you really need to express something.Developing the daily discipline of writing in a personal journal is a great thing to havein your life. Your personal development will thank you for it years from now but weall have to do as little or as much as we are guided to and I cant ask for any morethan that. The best thing you can do for your future prosperity and personalgrowth is to write in your journal on a regular basis.Think about this for a minute. If you had the chance right now to read the journal ofyour great, great grandparents how much would you love that? With all the reality TVshows about people going off in search of who they are and their ancestors howmuch better would it be if they could be handed a journal that outlined the thoughtsand feelings of that person as they went about their day.You may tell yourself that it isnt worth keeping a journal because you have nothinginteresting to say and no one will want to read it but 50, 70 even 100 years from nowpeople will be intrigued by Facebook and social media, they will love to hear abouthow you used a walkman or a boom box! As things change people will want to refer 6 Feel and Build Confidence eCourse by Diane Corriette-
  • 7. to the past and get a better picture of what life was like for you at that time and yourjournal could turn out to be a valuable source of information for them.How Long Should You Keep A Journal?Years ago I threw away years of journal writing. I still have a small twinge ofunhappiness when I think about it but at the time I was purging so it felt like the rightthing to do. A brand new me was here and I wanted to lay down my past andeverything about it and look to the future with a strong grip on the present. I felt thathaving a journal that reminded me of the past would only keep me stuck there.That was a personal decision I made. Of course if I ever want to write my life story(you never know!) those journals would have provided some great reminders for meof how I felt at the time and what kind of mindset I was in back then.I would say keep your journal for life. The only problem is as you write, and write andwrite over the years you collect many. My journals now outline my life as a confidentwoman over 45 and I want to spend the next 50 years writing about my adventuresso there is still time to collect them Blogging – An Online JournalI love blogging. It is as fun and life changing as writing in a journal. Most of what Ishare about my personal self on my blog has been written down in my journal.A blog can make a great personal development tool as your journal because you getto connect with other people around the world who may have gone through or begoing through the same experience. It can be a great way to help you heal but youobviously want to think about what you share before you share it. With an onlinejournal once your blog post gets out there on the internet you can’t go around tryingto take it back!You might also want to be cautious about what you share because family and friendsmay end up reading stuff about you they never knew or stuff about themselves theydidn’t want you to share! With the internet being a place for people to hide youmight also have negative people who come along and leave not so nice comments foryou. 7 Feel and Build Confidence eCourse by Diane Corriette-
  • 8. For me the pleasure of sharing what I know through a blog far outweighs anynegatives. I only focus on my own journey though and will never mention names, Imay make reference to a sister or a son but that is as far as I go.Keeping a personal journal is a great way to keep you connected to the goals andintentions you set for your life. They will support you in learning more about yourselfand help you take responsibility for your own actions. You can share your hopes anddreams, your fears and doubts, your overwhelming feelings to help you clarify what’shappening and/or find solutions. It can help you make decisions, gain insights intoyour life, provide healing and completion from past mistakes. Your journal willprovide you with structure when you feel stressed, help you deal with change andgive you a sense of accomplishment and discipline when you manage to write in itregularly.Writing in a personal journal truly is a hidden gift that many people never explore ontheir personal growth journey and you do yourself the most good when you see it asa tool for enlightenment not a burden and something you HAVE to do. The more youwrite in it the more your love of writing (or drawing) in it builds and the more you willwant to do it from choice and desire.I hope you enjoyed reading this eBook. Please do pass it round to family and friends,add it to your own blog and share it on social media.Diane Corriette 8 Feel and Build Confidence eCourse by Diane Corriette-
  • 9. This is a free booklet on the importance of using a journal for personal growth and self discovery. If you are looking to build self-confidence and/orchange your life join our “Feel and Build Confidence” course available at Namaste 9 Feel and Build Confidence eCourse by Diane Corriette-