A day from future - Creative Wrtitting


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A day from future - Creative Wrtitting

  1. 1. A Day from Future By Selen GürünAn Adventure of Regretful Man selengurun@hotmail.com
  2. 2. INT.DAY. EXPOSITION (BEGINNING)Nick is having breakfast and talking with his friend aboutthe presentation that is so important both for promotion andthe future of company . He notices that he is late for work.He gets excited and he runs from his home . He gets a taxibut traffic is terrible as usual.Suddenly he notices that heforget his usb stick at home and turns back. Finally hearrives work but he is 2 hours late.He is scolded by hisdirector. He starts to present his ideas for company infront of an administrative council and the girl Eva who heloves deeply (unrequited love) . At the same time she is thedaughter of the owner of company. Suddenly the presentationdocument fails and some naked photos appear. He feel humbledand ashamed. The Boss talks to him and he fires Nick.EXT. DAY - SUICIDE AND PASSING AWAY/MORNING (RISING ACTION)Nick runs to the roof of building and decides to killhimself. He is in an abject situation. NICK Damn it! I am fucking unlucky and I am desperate! I prefer die,instead of living as a fool.He jumps from the top of the building. When he opens hiseyes,he is in a white foggy room that he can only see. Anangel appears. Nick is surprised .The angel introduceshimself and informs Nick about his mission. They begin totalk. ANGEL Nice jumping ha. Are you happy now Nick? NICK Yes at least I got rid of that shameful, life full of mistakes. Sent me to the hell directly! I deserve it! ANGEL You deserve to die ! Because you don’t know how valuable living is. You made mistakes, fault and you behaved carelessly.You always blame God and fate! They are all your responsibility your fault,mistakes,carelessness (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. NICK Yea sure. You don’t know anything. ANGEL Pardon? I am your angel, I know everything about you and I am sure if you were more patient you could see those sunny days. NICK Impossible.INT. DAY DILEMMA - CONFLICTDuring this discussion ,the angel comes up with a brilliantidea and tells Nick; ANGEL Now I am getting angry . You know what going to hell is not the appropriate punishment. The best is, sending you to your future ,5 years after. One day from your future life. NICK Why not. Hereby we can agree that suicide is most convenient decision that I have ever made. ANGEL So let’s teleport you.(Laughing) .Don’t afraid buddy just a joke.INT.DAY COMPANY BUILDING / AFTER 5 YEARSHe finds himself in his future life. He is in the companybuilding that he worked at and everybody says "Good morningsir". Nick runs to the toilet and looks himself. He iswearing an expensive and elegant suit and a Rolex. He looksreally rich. His best friend and advisor Harry steps out ofa cabin and speaks. HARRY Good morning dude! We have lots of work today. I can not understand how could you handle all these issues. NICK (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. (Wow)You became..rich and you look damn wealthy. HARRY Nick it is not time to joke and stop staring at me and lets go to your office. NICK Yes meeting room sure (Yea sure... Wow who is he on the mirror?)Nick goes to his office room, following Harry.He tries tolearn some clues about his future life from Harry. He seessome family photos on his desk. One of them has taken in hiswedding ceremony with Eva and the other one had taken withtheir little girl. They married Eva and had a child. Hecan’t believe it. SANDRA Good Morning sir. I am giving your daily programme.An Association of engineers is waiting for a date for prize-giving ceremony for you. Well no need to remember the birthday of your wife. Last one is, Mr. Trump wants to eat lunch together. That’s all for today. Have a nice day sir.Sandra smiles at him and goes.Silence for a second. HARRY Are you okay Nick? You look so weird. NICK This is..aa(awesome). I am fine ok ok. HARRY What? NICK Hey look here.Can you summarize the last 3 years for me,like...like my marriage and Eva and our kid. You know how did it begin? (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. HARRY Ooo damn ! You should see a doctor man really. You are not fine. I am worried about you. NICK You are killing me Harry! Fucking killing me!INT.DAY RESTAURANT WITH MR.FATHERINLAWThey eat lunch in a very expensive restaurant.The Costumersalso look very wealthy people. Nick can’t take his eyes fromthose shinny people and furniture and new versiontelevisions... RICHARD You know Nick. God did not give me a son. NICK Oo no please do not complain! RICHARD No no ! I mean I don’t have a son child. But i have you Nick. I love you as a son. NICK Oh thank you sir. Me too (whoop I can not believe it) RICHARD As you know today is Eva’s birthday. I a bought very special gift for her. She deserves the best. What about yours? NICK Well... RICHARD I know you have already prepared the most exclusive and smart present for my dear. NICK Yea sure... RICHARD (Smiles) You pay the bill. I have to go back to the office. See you on her birthday to night. (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5.Nick asks for the bill. The waitress brings a machine and heput it above Nick’s eyes. Nick gets a little bit frightened.The machine reads his retina and automatically pays thebill.He begins to listen to the news on television. He isshocked when he hears that economy has changed in a good wayand the football team Galatasaray has won the world cup.EXT.DAY OUT OF RESTAURANTHe goes out of the restaurant. He looks around and a blackMercedes cl 200 approaches. The drivers gets out of the carand opens door behind Nick. CHAUFFEUR Wellcome Sir! NICK Me? CHAUFFEUR Are you ok sir? NICK Yes...no. Is it my car? CHAUFFEUR Of course. Do you want to drive today sir? NICK Wooa really? Hmm...no there must be traffic jam. CHAUFFEUR Yes sir!INT.DAY.- NEW HOME OF NICK AND HIS FAMILYThe black Mercedes parks in front of a big house. It has abig beautiful garden and swimming pool. Also view .He looksat the house it has a great surprisedly and asks himselfthat "How could it happen?"INT. NIGHT - FALLING ACTIONHe loves his future life and his family. His dreams wouldfulfilled if he had not killed himself.
  7. 7. 6.INT DAY REGRET - RESOLUTIONNick turns back to the white room 24 hours later. He feelsregret.The angel sees how he is poor and sad.The angeloffers a new agreement and he doesn’t assure that rich andhappy life. Nick accepts it and appreciates the angel.EXT.DAY - ROOF OF COMPANY BUILDING- LAST SCENEHe is standing on the roof and thank God. He knows; life isnot easy but rewarding to live. He promises himself to notcomplain about his fortune and God anymore. He sets(dismissed). So there is nothing to do. He exits frombuilding and suddenly a car crashes into him. THE END