Escape cloud catastrophe


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13 simple & practical questions to answer before your firm jumps in

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Escape cloud catastrophe

  1. 1. ESCAPING CLOUD CATASTROP HE Selena Sol presents….. 13 simple & practical questions to answer before your firm jumps in
  2. 2. decided to move to the cloud?
  3. 3. WAIT!!!!!!!
  4. 4. before you jump in
  5. 5. take a half day to sit down as a management team to answer the following business questions
  6. 6. based on the 5 phases of the cloud adoption lifecycle
  7. 7. PLAN SELECT MIGRATE MANAGE NEXT • What benefits do you need to achieve (cost, agility) for this to be a success? • What metrics will you collect to determine success? • What constraints / requirements impact whether you go with Private, Public, or Hybrid Cloud? CLOUD PLANNING QUESTIONS
  8. 8. • Do you want single or multiple partners? • How do you differentiate between partners? • How can you reduce lock-in risk? PARTNER SELECTION QUESTIONSPLAN SELECT MIGRATE MANAGE NEXT
  9. 9. • What, how fast, and in which order do you migrate – the minimum viable cloud • Are your operational processes ready to benefit from the cloud? • Can sourcing deal with procuring in minutes vs. months. • What about accounting & billing? • What does cloud mean for your org structure? What new roles or skill competencies do you need? MIGRATION QUESTIONSPLAN SELECT MIGRATE MANAGE NEXT
  10. 10. • How do you manage operational controls? • Security • Regulatory compliance (MAS' new stance on Cloud as of November) • Business Continuity • Incident and Problem Management • Ownership, Responsibility, Accountability • Jurisdiction – where is my data and can I control it? • How do you manage service levels and contracts to get the most from your cloud partner? • If you move to a self service model, how do you control consumption? MANAGING QUESTIONSPLAN SELECT MIGRATE MANAGE NEXT
  11. 11. • What’s after cloud and how do your decisions now enable / constrain your ability to make the next jump? WHAT’S NEXT QUESTIONSPLAN SELECT MIGRATE MANAGE NEXT
  12. 12. Thanks to the following collaborators • Peter Stephens • Roman Gollent • John Ord • Jim Barrett
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  15. 15. COVER IMAGE SOURCE: wallpaper Please note that all content & opinions expressed in this deck are my own and don’t necessarily represent the position of my current, or any previous, employers
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