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At select surrogacy india we aim at giving you a happy ever after.
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At select surrogacy india we aim at giving you a happy ever after.






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    At select surrogacy india we aim at giving you a happy ever after. At select surrogacy india we aim at giving you a happy ever after. Presentation Transcript

    • At Select Surrogacy India we aim at giving you a happy ever after.
    • In Vitro Fertilization is a process of treating the infertility of a couple. IVF made parenting possible for couple who thought they would never a baby of their own.  It is chosen only when other methods of Assisted Reproductive Techniques have failed.  It is an easy and effective to having babies for couples who face problems in conceiving.
    •  Step 1 Fertility medications are given so as to control the timing of the maturation of the egg and enhance the chances of collecting healthy eggs during one of the woman’s cycles.  Step 2 The fertilized eggs are retrieved with the help of a minor surgical procedure that uses ultrasound guided images. A procedure called follicular aspiration is used to remove the eggs from the ovaries.
    •  Step 3 The male’s sperm is prepared for combining with the eggs.  Step 4 Insemination, the sperm and eggs are placed in incubators (they enable fertilization to occur) in the laboratory. The eggs are observed to make sure that fertilization and cell division is taking place. Once this process is successful embryo formation starts.  Step 5 Embryo Transfer, embryos are transferred into the female’s uterus. A spectrum is inserted inside the woman in order to expose the cervix. Prearranged number of embryos are suspended in fluid form and softly placed into the womb. To ensure that pregnancy has occurred blood test and ultrasound are conducted.
    • At Select Surrogacy patients also avail from the treatment of surrogacy. Surrogacy is defined as an arrangement between the surrogate mother and intended parents. Surrogate delivers the baby for intended parents. She gives away the parenting rights in favour of them after the child is born.
    • We have an active egg and embryo donation program. These are very useful treatment options for older women and women with ovarian failure.  Since it is still not possible to reliably freeze eggs, for donor egg treatment, we need fresh eggs. If you cannot organize your own egg donor, we will be happy to do so for you.
    • All those who have been suffering from infertility problems need not worry anymore as Select Surrogacy will be cure all your problems and will ensure a happy parenthood for you.
    • http://selectsurrogacyindia.com/ Or Call on +91 - 844-701-1992