Definitions of communication


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  • response is like an answer or reaction to something, while feedback is like an opinion, like "i need your feedback/response about my proposal here."
  • Definitions of communication

    1. 1. Definitions of communication It is the way to express your ideas thoughts,expressions, feelings or emotions through verbal ornon-verbal signs and symbols… OR Communication is a process of transmitting nreceiving verbal or non verbal msgs….. ? ? ?........
    2. 2. Purposes of communication To express our thoughts or feelings……etc To ensure communication To find something abt personality of a person To enhance understanding To solve issues To overcome anxiety throughcounseling…..etc
    3. 3. Process of communication COMPONENTS of communication.1. Context2. Sender3. Encoding4. Message5. Medium6. Receiver7. Decoding8. Feedback9. Noise
    4. 4. Oral messages Immediate feedback Shorter sentences n shorter words Conventional, e.g. Ok Focus on interpersonal relations Less detailed technical infor More colloquial lang. Simple construction n words More imperative, interrogative n exclamatorysentences Focus more on non verbal actions
    5. 5. Written messages Delayed feedback Longer sentences n longer words More formal Focus on content More detailed technical information Direct speech More complex construction Useful 4 permanent record n documentation Possibility of review Delayed action
    6. 6. Non-verbal communication Facial expressions Gestures (expressions through face) Postures Movements Voice quality Silence Time Space Smell n touch…….etc
    7. 7. Some non verbal cues
    8. 8. Scope of communication Project future in the present Raise awareness. Meet infor.needs. Motivation raises Proper planning and coordination T.L comm. shows off elite class languagerepresentativeness Com skills represents ability n proficiency of aperson Essential for individual’s administration, organizationn coordination
    9. 9. Scope of communication Executive’s success is based A valuable job requirement Develops the right attitude to drive the nailaright Creates patience n understanding along withcareful n sound judgements An essential task for promotion throughoutyhe life
    10. 10. Seven c’s of communication1. Completeness2. Correctness3. Conciseness4. Concreteness5. Consideration6. Clarity7. Courtesy
    11. 11. 1. completeness Provide all necessary info Answer all questions Give something extra when desirable
    12. 12. 2. conciseness Eliminate wordy expressions Include only relevant material Avoid unnecessary repetition
    13. 13. 3. consideration Focus on “you” instead of “I” or “we” Put Emphasize positive n pleasant facts Show audience benefit interest in thereceiver’s end
    14. 14. 4. concreteness Use specific facts n figures Put action in your verb Choose image-building words
    15. 15. 5. clarity Choose precise, concrete n familiar words Construct effective sentences and pargraghs
    16. 16. 6. courtesy Be sincere, tactful, thoughtful n appreciative Use expressions that show respect Choose nondiscriminatory expressions
    17. 17. 7. correctness use the right way n level of language acc toaudience’s benefit Check accuracy of facts, figures n words thatu have used Maintain acceptable writing mechanics, i.e.sentence correction level
    18. 18. conclusion