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  1. 1. You are your life and it depends upon you on how you live it.
  2. 2. * My mother’s hometown * My father’s place * The place where I am residing now.
  3. 3. * I and my brother * My mother and my father * My grandparents
  4. 4. * My parents broke up when I was still conceived by my mother and my brother was still one year of age. * My parents’ affair was not blessed by the holy matrimony of marriage. * My grandparents took the responsibility of taking care us as my mother continued her studies.
  5. 5. * I never got the chance to know my father. * I always despise children of my age. * My mother got married with another guy without even informing us. * What made my life so tragic is that when my mother graduated in college and obtained a job as a teacher. Whenever people would ask about who we are, she would deny that we are her children save to her reputation.
  6. 6. * I was in grade V when I was encouraged to write to my father without my mother knowing it. And to my surprise, my father replied to the letter I wrote for him. That started our communication until we decided to meet my father in Cebu. * Without knowing, my father has also a family of his own. * I started living alone with the financial support of my father and far from my mother’s side.
  7. 7. * I never got the chance to know my father since my parents broke up when I was still conceived by my mother. * My mother got married with other guy where I used to call “papa”. * When somebody asked my mother of how are we related to her and she denied us as her children. * I live alone far from my mother’s side but with the financial support of my father.
  8. 8. * With all my heartaches and stumble downs, I still choose to face and continue my journey in life. * I told myself that God has a reason why He let me experienced all those things. * Never hate your parents since no matter how it takes and whatever you do, they’re still your parents who give you life and it will never be change.
  9. 9. * Humans as we are, we commit mistakes. And with every mistakes we make, we should gain experience and learn the lesson from it and apply it in the future, for we are all responsible of our deeds and actions.
  10. 10. Prepared by:  Canales, Stephanie Joy  Gesta, Nelsa  Tudtud, Melgen Submitted to: Mrs. Maria Lilibeth Visande