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  • 1. ‘ PUBLIC NOTICEThis is rebuttal to the reckless putting or allowed to be put on or in the internet by Justia.com, about,through or with the State of Pennsylvania and USA Governments knowledge such false court caseinformation about Stanley E. Kornafel yet void of his permission. For those having interest in Mr.Kornafel,,as well as truth, morals and morally correct justice the entity’s deceitful information hasdamaged his reputation and good name. The federal and state judges and courts in collusion withlawyers in concert with the legal society and justice departments arrived at such written matters bydenying Mr. Kornafel liberty and denying him his substantial and civil/constitutional rights using deceit,coercion, fraud, lies, perjury as well as discrimination and in dereliction of duty and absent jurisdictionpracticed despotism. The judges robbing him of any reasonable form of morally fair and ethical equaljustice aborted all integrity of the courts allowing the courts and lawyers practice of fraud and extortionof the client. The federal and state congresses in bed with the legal society judges and lawyers throughtheir intentional negligence enables such as common practice, then with the complicity of the newsmedia its despotism and tyranny galore in the good ole USA. The following provides the truth of thematters regarding the major cases depicted.U.S. DISTRICT COURT,,,, No. 99- 6416………The memorandum is prejudicially written in illegal legaldiscrimination and fraud… Note;; At no time was Mr. Kornafel ever provided any form of reasonable fair and equal hearingor trial where he could enjoy liberty to freely speak his full case and present filed legally qualifiedexhibits of evidence that had not been disputed nor disproved. Pg.1, Background, par.1, lines 1-2.. is false perverting of truth….Truth taken from police report:“ USPS struck plaintiff’s vehicle”…….Lines 2- 5,,is fraud by omission of truthful facts..Truth:: USPS initatedthe claim by first sending their claim form as was requested by their own agent J. Michael DePompeowhich was filled in an returned as instructed by the same agent at the scene….Omitted is that the twoestimates as advised by the agent were produced from state authorized shops and included with thereturned USPS claim form…… Pg. 2,, par. 1. Is fraud by rule of law as omitted truthful fact that the USPSbreached their own agent’s debate and comprise with agreement and binding conditions attached tothe agreement made at the scene. …Omitted also is that the USPS so called offer was based onoppression combined with their use of deceit, lies and fraudulent practices…..par. 2…is false as omittedtruth that the judge in collusion with the defendant denied and refused to allow the pro se to perfectservice…...par. 3…is deceit in omitting true factual matter that the lawyer in conspiracy with thedefendant USA and judge betrayed the client and treacherously extorted the client not performingnormal professional services agreed to and expected. The lawyer void of cause failed to obtainstatements as well as depositions from the three witnesses then failed to serve court producedsubpoenas and refused to make the scheduled court appearance plus in collusion with the defendantproduced void of permission unauthorized and unsigned fraudulent stipulation for comprise. …Alsoomitted is that the case no. 1361 merits was written and stated as for negligence. as it was not a
  • 2. property damage claim..….lines 5 -6,, is false intended to deceive as there was never any meeting of theparties nor was there any hearing nor was there any pretrial hearing nor any trial of any kind.Therefore an appeal was impossible since there was no basis. Wherefore there was no hearing, nodiscussion and no argument and no allowing of presenting of evidence and witnesses there was nodecision. The citizen was totally robbed of all liberty and justice by the corrupted legal society collusiveiniquity of the judge and court…..Par. 4- 5,,,is falsely misleading as there was no hearing. The citizen wasdeprived of freedom as denied of his rights of freely speaking his full case along with being denied fromusing his legally qualified documents of exhibits for evidence…..Also omitted is Judge O Neill was samejudge that denied Mr. Kornafel from perfecting service in first pro se action which then also colludedwith defendant and lawyer in second action wih lawyer as representation…..The plaintiff knowing it wasthe same judge knew conspiracy existed which made any attempt at approaching the court sheer folly.Viable conspiracy and iniquity of judge and court with defendant and lawyer is clearly manifested bytheir accepting and allowing to be filed the unauthorized and unsigned compromise void of any noticeof any hearing with the plaintiff……Pg. 3,, regarding the standard;;; lawyer’s filed complaint asrepresentation on behalf of client as well as the fraudulent unsigned stipulation for comprise are part ofthe court’s record….Since there was no meeting of the parties and no hearing and no testimonytherefore there was no decision and therefore no decision. Yet there was the two documents filed asmatters of court records. The judge Buckwalter having access to said record and documents establishesthe judge’s prejudiced partisan false statements and deceit as knew the plaintiff did have set of factsand exhibits of documented proof supporting his claim. The standard is means of deceit in concertedactivity covering up the previous judges and lawyer……Pg. 4 to end… The background combined withthe standard credibly evidences that the memorandum was written in prejudiced collusion intended toutterly rob the pro se of his liberty and civil rights while denying him any means of legally entitled reliefwhile denying justice.U.S. COURT OF APPEALS, FEDERAL CIRCUIT ,,,02- 5141,,,,Fed. Appx..651, 2003…Note: There was never any trial nor any hearing or pretrial hearing of any kind maintaining the plaintiffin a state of continued bondage against his will. The Discussion is fraud by law as omitting of critical todecision making matters. Omitted is defendant USA had misled federal district courts as being thecorrect courts then after several years and cases stated that the district court was the wrong court, thenstated that the claims court was the wrong court….If the district courts were the wrong courts howcould judges accept the filings especially when the federal rules of procedure identified same as correct.The judge’s herein written matter shows the corrupted perversion of due process justice intoracketeering mob rule soley to deny the pro se liberty as well as fair and equal justice.U.S. DISTRICT COURT,,No. 03- 6876……Judge Giles,,,,Memorandum.NOTE: At no time was Mr. Kornafel ever allowed access to the court, as he was deprived of liberty anddenied his right to be present, denied to speak, denied to be heard, denied to present the full case,denied to present exhibits of evidence, denied to make any argument and denied to make any rebuttal.Backgrounnd: Perversion of truth and by law it is fraud as omissions of critical factual matter yetcontaining false statements intended to deceive…..Lines 1- 2 is falsely stated and false in content as wasnot a collision since the USPS struck the plaintiff’s vehicle on the passenger side…Proven false by the
  • 3. police report statement and lawyer Repetto’s filed statement in case 1361…..Lines 4,,, Omitted is thatthe USPS initiated the grievance claim by first sending the plaintiff the USPS claim form which the agenthimself had requested of which the victim merely filled it in and returned it as instructed by the USPSagent at the scene of which was attached two viable estimates from state approved shops. The victimsactions completed his part of the agreed compromise and promise adhereing to the agent’s attachedconditions made at the scene……Lines 4- 5,,,,is false as was such documentation was acknowledged asreceived by the USPS writing……Lines 4- 5 is shown as false by judge’s conflicting statement in 99- 6416at pg. 1, of the last line……Lines 5- 6,,, Is false by omissions of fact that USPS subsequent actions wereby deceit and fraud which is proven by documents, ,,,,,also omitted is that the vehicle was adiscontinued vintage classic model that was currently in restoration…….Line 7 is false as omitted is offerwas made under oppression and in fraud while omitting their breadh of their agent’s discussion,comprise with conditions and promise which was established at the scene honored and acted upon ingood faith by the victim……Lines 7- 9,,is fraud by omissions of fact that USPS denied the claimmaintaining the victim under coercion……Lines 7- 8 is proven false by judge’s conflicting statement in 99-6416, pg. 2, lines 2- 3…..Lines 10- 12 are false presented and false in content intended to deceive.Omitted is fact that the judge in conspiracy with the defendant denied and refused to allow pro se toperfect service…….pg. 2, par. 1,,, Fraud with intent to deceive by omissions of critical facts along withfalse statements..Repetto did not negotiate as the original claim that the USPS agent had already beenestablished and agreed to for that amount which the USPS later renigned and denied. Where it was thecase was not about the claim nor property damage but as documented by the court was one ofnegligence..Omitted is fact that the lawer betrayed the client…Proof is the lawyers claim filed on behalfof the client…then failed to perform agreed to understood as intended normal professional services asfailed to obtain any statements from the three witnesses, failed to secure any depositions from thethree witnesses and failed to serve the supoeanas as provided by the court then refused to make courtscheduled court date appearance void of cause leaving the client in a forced fraudulently and coercedstated while extorting the clients funds….Omitted is that the stipulation for compromised filed void ofclient’s permission without his signature and knowledge was false as contrary to the lawyers complaintfiled on behalf of the client plus contained false statements and not agreed to terms which reduced theclient/victim to servitude and bondage while nullifying the amount…..Conspiracy between judge ,defendant USA, and lawyer is proven by the same judge and court accepting the unauthorized andunsigned comprise void of any hearing plus void of any contact with the plaintiff requesting cause as towhy not signed to ensure fairness of which there was none……Pg. 2,,par. 3…( refer also to case No. 09-06,,pg. 2,,top portion of page.) Paragraph is fraud intended to deceive by false statement and omissionof facts that Mr. Kornafel had filed timely answer which included exhibits as well as the noting of themalong with noting specifically of defendants omissions of critical matter and false statements, all ofwhich the judge did not read and completely ignored prejudicing and discriminating against the pro sereducing the court to his despotism engineering the court in iniquity……Lines 8- 9…Omitted is thatSuperior Court in intentional actions deprived pro se of liberty as denied him his right of freedom tofreely speak, denied him to present his case, denied him to make argument…The judges utterlypracticed extortion as allowed the court’s accepting of payment for 15 minute argument which thejudges robbed him of by denying his use of his paid for time. The judges abrogated all jurisdictionreducing the court in conspiracy with defending lawyer into its corrupted racketeering mob
  • 4. actions…….par. 4,,,simply resonates with the same perversion of the system to deny justice……Pg. 3,,par. 1,, Lines 4- 5..Any immunity was dissolved by abortion of jurisdiction resulting from criminalnegligence. Judge Yohn knew pf existing collusion that robbed pro se of any reasonable fair and equaldue process justice…..Pars. 2- 5….Judge knew issues of morals and ethics involved merits of denied fairand equal justice. Yet further deprived the pro se by barring him from the court , refusing him freedomas deny him to be present and freely speak to testify to his full case and present all issues. His failure toact to correct by sending the case to either the U.S. Supreme Ct. or back to the lower court for a jurytrial hearing evidence his complicity to pervert justice and discriminate against the pro se….On thebalance of the memorandum it is that the combining of the aforementioned of pages 1, 2, and 3establishes pages 4, 5 and 6 of the memorandum is false, phony , deceitful matter put through policy,hypocrisy as means of covering up the legal society’s turning the system into a mob racket…..Pg..5…Par.1 along with 2 evidences the judge failing to protect the constitution by failing to protect the citizen’srights. The judge’s use of “final judgement” is nothing less than fraud intended to deceive as the citizenwas deprived of liberty and denied his freedom rights denied access to the court and freely speak topresent his full case and exhibits of evidence aborting the court’s equity. Since the merits of the caseinvolved constitutional and substantial rights violations the judge and court had obligation to completelyreview the entire case matters or have the pro se testify and give his full statement of case. The judgealso had the options of forwarding the entire case matter to the U Refusal to do either perverted thecourt into prejudice and discrimination against the pro se reducing him to forced bondage beyond hiscontrol as a means of collusion to protect the prior judges and defending lawyer.Pa. Supreme Court….146 MM 2007 in complicity with the defendant and lower court refused to allowpro se to file a response to defendant and in bias prejudice denied him to file appeal void of anyjustification.CLOSINGA person can verify these credible facts herein stated along with the full and complete detailed truth bygoing to the various courts and reading in depth that is all of the filings as well as filed exhibits of eachcase along with each and every related case’s materials and fact that has been fraudulently failed to beshown. Or a person may envision all by obtaining a copy of the book, “Policy, Hypocracy, Despotismand Tyranny, The Evil Injustice” at Publish America.com/bookstore.Of course once having the book the reader will enjoy being able to fully realize the intentionallynegligent federal and state congresses being in bed and complicity with the legal society judges andlawyers reading how they allow such injustice to be practiced. One may then also find how the news
  • 5. media is no longer the free press that no longer operates with the citizen’s interest as primary sincealso being in bed with the lawyers and judges. Take your pick,,,mob rule or tyranny? For thoseconsidering use of lawyers the book may provide a good education.