Aviation (Check-in and Requiring Special Attention


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Aviation (Check-in and Requiring Special Attention

  1. 1. Mustafa SekbanCeit Aviation20112188 (Check-in and Requiring Special Attention)
  2. 2. Check-in ServicesCounter Check-in• Check-in time is one hour prior to the scheduled departure time of domestic flights and two hours prior to the scheduled departure time of international flights. Check-in will be closed a minimum of 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of international flights and a minimum of 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of domestic flights.
  3. 3. Check-in Services• You must ensure that you are in possession of a boarding pass and that you have dropped off your baggage before the indicated check-in closing times. If you are waiting in line and expecting that you will arrive too late to check-in, please inform airlines staff about your situation.
  4. 4. Check-in ServicesOnline Check-In• This service is available for all passengers who have a ticketed reservation. The online check-in process starts 24 hours before the flight departure time and ends 90 minutes prior to flight departure time.
  5. 5. Check-in ServicesSelf Check-in• It is an check-in application which provides our passenger’s getting their boarding passes through KIOSK machines...• By using the “Self Check-in”process; our passengers• Are not only going to be able to make their seat selection and complete the check-in process for themselves, but for passengers in the same reservation record.
  6. 6. Check-in Services• Without baggage are going to be able to make their “Return Check-in” if they have a return flight with in the same day.• With or without baggage are going to be able to make “Through Check-in” up to their last destination.• With electronic ticket and with “Online check-in” are going to have an opportunity to get their boarding passes from the Self Check-in devices and proceed directly to the boarding gate as well as changing their previous seat selections.
  7. 7. Check-in Services• Without baggage, can proceed directly to the boarding gate after completing the check-in process.• With baggage, can go to a dedicated baggage drop, where the baggage will be tagged by a customer service agent and sent to the aircraft.
  8. 8. Unattended Child PassengersWho can travel unattended?• Child passengers who have celebrated their seventh birthday on or before the day of travel, but havent yet celebrated their eleventh birthdays, who are permitted by their parents or legal guardians to travel unattended.
  9. 9. Unattended Child PassengersBefore the Flight;• In order for the children to travel unattended, all reservations of every flight have to be approved.• Parents or legal guardians must bring the children to check-in at least two hours before takeoff.• Unattended traveling of children is subject to the permission of the parents or legal guardians of the children traveling unattended and an “Authorization Form” is filled out and signed by the parents or legal guardians of such children.
  10. 10. Unattended Child Passengers• Authorized personnel will attend to children that travel unattended through the procedures of passing through security controls, passenger waiting areas and boarding gates until the child boards on the aircraft.• Unattended child passengers are boarded on the plane by authorized personnel and handed over to the pursers.
  11. 11. Unattended Child PassengersDuring the flight• The seat numbers of unattended child passengers are chosen from seats that are near the cabin crew. As a result, they can travel under the supervision of the cabin crew during the flight.
  12. 12. Unattended Child PassengersAt arrival• Unattended child passengers are delivered by the purser to the officers awaiting the flight on the arrival stations in exchange for a signed "Authorization Form".• Authorized personnel are in charge of conducting all transactions in the arrival station such as passport controls, customs and baggage delivery.• Unattended child passengers are delivered to the persons stated on the "Authorization Forms" in exchange for their signatures, after the stated names-surnames of the persons taking delivery of the children are checked. .
  13. 13. Expectant Mothers• Pregnant women can fly up to the 28th week of their pregnancy without a doctors report.• Pregnant women expecting one baby can fly with a doctors report that states that they are fit to fly by air carriage between 28-36 weeks. After that, they are no longer fit to fly even with medical clearance.• Pregnant women expecting twins or more can fly with a doctors report that states that they are fit to fly by air carriage between 28- 32weeks. After that, they are no longer fit to fly even with medical clearance.
  14. 14. Expectant Mothers• Medical clearance must be dated maximum 7 days prior to the flight.• The doctor’s name and surname, diploma number and signature must be shown clearly on the medical clearance.
  15. 15. Passengers With DisabilityOur ill passengers• Ill passengers that have obtained a report from the "There is no obstacle to travel on an aircraft" from the airport physician or other physician that are treating them are permitted to travel on board Turkish Airlines flights.• This report compiled not later than ten days prior to the flight must be written in both Turkish and English languages.• Passengers in need of care during the flights may only fly accompanied by their attendants.
  16. 16. Passengers With DisabilityOur Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired Passengers• No medical reports are requested from visually impaired and hearing impaired passengers and they may travel unaccompanied. However, passenger with both visual and hearing impairments must travel attended.• Guide dogs are accepted into the cabin free of charge after their reservations are made. Dogs attending passengers with their disabilities are allowed into the cabin without being placed in a cage. The dogs must be clean, muzzled and they must sit in front of passenger and or under neat the seat. The guide dogs accepted on board must have a valid health certificate, identification, vaccination documentation and other documentation required by the laws of the country that is traveled to.
  17. 17. Passengers With DisabilityOur passengers with Limited Movement Ability:• No reports are requested from passengers with disabilities, however, passengers with disabilities that cannot use the lavatories unattended or those with disabilities that prevent them to exit the aircraft by themselves if needed are not allowed to board the aircraft unattended unless they claim self sufficiency.• Reservations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the flights for patient bed requests. You may obtain information for flights departing in less than 24 hours from our reservation units.• A separate check-in counter is found in the Ataturk Airport for our disabled passengers. Disabled passengers are given priority in other airports.
  18. 18. Passengers With DisabilityWho Isn’t Allowed to Board the Aircraft?• Passengers who need to use electrical or pressurized equipment during the flight (Except for oxygen tubes and portable respiratory equipment supplied by Turkish Airlines). However passengers may bring their own portable oxygen concentrators, CPAP machines etc as long as the device is FAA approved and passengers are responsible to have enough battery for the duration of the flight.
  19. 19. Passengers With Disability• Passengers who have had asthma attacks before the planes doors have been closed,• Newborn infants who have been born within the last 48 hours,• Passengers with contagious diseases during the communicable term of their disease are not allowed to board the aircraft under any circumstances.
  20. 20. Attended Infant and Child Passengers Who can travel attended?Child passengers who havecelebrated their secondbirthday, but have notcelebrated their seventh birthdayand have been given permissionby their parents or other personauthorized by their parents maytravel under the supervision of anaccompanying cabin crewappointed for the flight.
  21. 21. Attended Infant and Child PassengersBefore the flight• Reservations of attended child passengers must be made at least 48 hours before the flight.• The language spoken by the attended child must be specified in the application.• All costs related to the accompanying cabin crew are to be borne by the passenger.
  22. 22. Attended Infant and Child Passengers• An attended child carriage document is mutually filled out and signed.• The parents/parents representative of the attended child passenger has to wait in the airport until the airplane takes off.• Attended child passengers must absolutely be assigned a seat.
  23. 23. Attended Infant and Child PassengersAt arrival• Attended child passengers may only be delivered to and taken delivery of by the childrens parents or parents authorized representatives.• In the event that the person delivering the attended child to the airport is not the childs parent or the childs parents legal representative, the persons authorized by the parents of their legal representatives must submit a notarized Authorization document
  24. 24. Pets• Cats and dogs that have a valid health and vaccination certificate/entry permission for the country of destination can be carried in the cabin in a private cage. Pets not mentioned above and dogs such as the American pitbull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, Japanese tosa, Dogo Argentino, Doberman and Rottweiller will not be transported as a pet.
  25. 25. Procedures Pets• There are restrictions on the quantity and species of pets on our flights. For these reasons, a reservation is required for the carriage of such pets in the cabin.• The carriage of pets is regulated by each state’s laws related to the transportation of pets. Some states may not permit the transportation of pets. Please contact your Reservations or local Ticket Sales Office for detailed information.• Charges apply for the carriage of pets. The fare is calculated by weighing pets with its kennel which is based on the weight concept.• The fare calculation for pets to USA, Canada and Brasil flights the piece concept applies.
  26. 26. Pets• These pets are accepted in special pet carriers sized 45x35x23 cm, and passengers are expected to provide the carriers themselves• If the pet will be carried in the cabin, the total weight of the pet and the carrier shall not exceed 6 kg.• If the total weight of the pet and the carrier exceed 6kg., the pet will be carried in the cargo compartment.• There must be a tag on the pet carrier identifying both the passenger and the pet.
  27. 27. Pets• The pet must be healthy, harmless, clean and odorless. If any suspicious condition is observed (uneasiness, aggressiveness, disease etc), the pet may not be accepted on the flight.• The health certificate, vaccination certificate and identification card of the pet must be present during the check-in process and shall be provided to check-in staff when asked.
  28. 28. Pets• Dogs assisting blind and deaf passengers can be carried free of charge in the cabin without any pet carrier. Some states may not permit the transportation of pets. Please contact your Reservation or local Ticket Sales Office for detailed information.• Two pets of the same kind (two dogs or two cats) may be housed in the same kennel as long as they are accustomed to one another and the total weight of the kennel does not exceed 6kg.
  29. 29. Pets• A maximum of 3 live animals having the same mothers and are aged up to 6 months old may be carried in the same cage.• The total number of household pets that can be carried in the cargo compartments are determined according to the restrictions related to the type of aircraft.• Female animals must not be pregnant.
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