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Peloton product description

  1. 1. PRODUCT DATA SHEET! ENTEPRISE BIG DATA MADE EASY Install Elastic Search (and HDFS if desired) with only a few HIGHLIGHTS clicks, and use our pre-built index mappings to begin analyzing your logs immediately. Looking to build a big data infrastructure with R analytics integration for your advanced •  Custom build your own big data platform in data scientists?  Again, with only a few clicks, your data minutes.! scientists will be ready to tackle complex analytical problems against huge data sets in seconds instead of hours or •  Manage and monitor all your components from sometimes days.! a single control panel.! ! Over the years, we curated and tested many of the big data •  Create a personalized dashboard using modular open source software available. Unlike others, we did not limit ourselves to the Hadoop ecosystem, but expanded to widgets to view all saved alerts, searches, and analyze and test open source software from Twitter, events.! LinkedIN, Facebook, Google and others. Peloton includes a built-in depository of some of the best open source big data •  Search and monitor machine logs in real-time.! software available today. These software packages have been fully integrated into the Peloton platform—both at the •  Real-time, visual analytics of all your data package and configuration level—to make deployment and without ETL.! usage of these software packages easy and simple.! ! ! Manage and Monitor Your Deployments Once you deployPRODUCT OVERVIEW! your desired software components, your team will have! access to all the necessary tools to manage and monitorPeloton is the easiest platform to consume, store, process, each deployment. From I/O performance graphs to errorand analyze all your large data sets. From analyzing events, Peloton provides detailed information of the state ofmachine generated data to building a distributed Hadoop each deployed component. No need to open a CLIcluster, Peloton provides the simplest way to build, manage, (Command Line Interface) anymore. Configurations for eachmonitor, and analyze all your big data—whether in your component can be changed through our easy to use Pelotonprivate infrastructure or cloud.! Manager. ! ! !Peloton provides a repository of the best available big datatechnologies—from Hadoop, HIVE, Zookeeper to Elastic Peloton Manager—Command and Control Center: PelotonSearch and Flume. Deploy a simple HDFS cluster to build a Manager is your command center to manage and monitorscalable storage solution, or deploy a cluster of Elastic your big data platform.  Search instances, and with the help of pre-built indexmappings, start analyzing your machine logs immediately.!!If you already have a Hadoop cluster, use Peloton’s real-time, visual analytical engine to run advanced algorithmsand queries. Create graphs and export direct from Pelotonto generate a beautiful, insightful report.!!Peloton is the one-stop solution for both new andexperienced enterprises looking to explore or expand theircurrent big data capabilities. !PELOTON CAPABILITIES!!Deploy and Build Any Sized Big Data Platform. Lookingto build a Hadoop cluster to run MapReduce jobs on someof your large data sets? A few clicks and you’re ready to go. Peloton Manager Console!Looking to build a scalable, log analytics platform? !
  2. 2. PRODUCT DATA SHEET! Add and delete users, giving each user different level of Pluggable Algorithms. Peloton is built on a modular authority based on their skill or profile level. Alerts are architecture, allowing data scientists to build their own another flexible and powerful tool available in Peloton. Alerts algorithms, and easily plug it into Peloton to leverage its can be set to send emails based on triggered thresholds. blazing fast query engine. No need to write complex map From error rates to storage capacity, Peloton alert reduce jobs or lengthy code. Simply load your algorithm thresholds can be used to inform one person or a full team using Peloton’s easy to use interface, and your ready to run of key events.! and view your analysis.! ! ! Create Custom Dashboards. Once you have deployed Enterprise Scale. Peloton scales to meet all your your big data component and set users, alerts, and events, organizational and data needs. From one cluster to multi- you can customize dashboards to create a command and geographically dispersed clusters, Peloton will continue to control center. Build one or multiple dashboards as needed, grow as you grow. ! and monitor all your servers from one view. No more need to ! build, install, or buy different solutions for your big data Do More With Less Resources in Less Time. Peloton was platform. Peloton provides all the necessary tools for your built to make data exploration and value discovery fast and team to have full operational command of your entire big easy. No more system dependencies or resource data platform.! dependencies. No need to ask and wait for other ! organizations or entities to collect, process, or even load Consume and Connect to Any Data. Peloton provides your data. Peloton provides you with the power to go from multiple tools to transfer, import, or collect any type of data data source to insight in just a few clicks. ! from virtually any place. You can set agents to collect ! machine log data, import structured data from databases, or simply move files and documents onto Peloton. The data Data Life Cycle Resource Requirements! can either be stored in your HDFS deployment or indexed and saved in an Elastic Search data store. Instead of BIG  DATA   TRADITIONAL downloading or importing files, Peloton can be connected (Compe2tors) directly to data sources, allowing streaming data to flow for up-to-date, real-time analysis of your data.!   No  Resource   !   IT  Ops IT  Ops Necessary ! Collec2on !   ! No  Resource     Engineer Engineer ! Necessary ! Processing !   ! No  Resource   No  Resource     DB  Admin ! Necessary Necessary ! Distribu2on !   !   ! Discovery Analyst/   Analyst/   Analyst/   ! !   Scien2st   Scien2st   Scien2st   !   ! Analysis ! ! Peloton Real-Time Analytics Console! ! ! It’s Software. Peloton is big data enterprise software made ! easy. Install and analyze your data in minutes.! Real-Time Analytics. Peloton provides one of the industry’s first real-time, visual analytics for all your data types. Simply LEARN MORE! use our built-in import tool, and without ETL, as fast as data ! is loaded on HDFS, you can begin running real-time queries. ! To learn more and register to be one of the first to download Our query language is 100% compatible with HiveQL which and use our soon to be release developer version, please is the de-facto industry standard. With speeds of up to 100x visit or contact! faster than HIVE, your data will fly.! !® 2013 NFLabs, Inc. All rights reserved. Peloton is a trademark of NFLabs, Inc. Hadoop and Hadoop Follow Us @koreabigdata !  elephant logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation. Other names may be trademarks of !!their respective owners.!