11/06/2012                                                                     2013 7th call - Health theme -             ...
11/06/2012                                                               2013 7th call - Health theme -                   ...
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Pharm lab fp7 health-2013-contact-list en


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Innovative Medicines Initiative, Call for Proposal 2013 for Health , Pharmacueticals, Nursing , and Laboratory Medicines in Lesotho- EU Horizon 2020 and FP7 Funding

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Pharm lab fp7 health-2013-contact-list en

  1. 1. 11/06/2012 2013 7th call - Health theme - Contact List Funding Areas / Sub-Area Topic Topic title Unit Project Officer(s) E-mail scheme 0. Key strategic cross-cutting Boosting the translation of FP projects results into 0-1 SBIR-like All issues innovative applications for health 1.1. HIGH-THROUGHPUT RESEARCH CLOSED 1.2. DETECTION, DIAGNOSIS & Development of imaging technologies for MONITORING 1.2-1 CP-SME F5 Philippe JEHENSON Philippe.Jehenson@ec.europa.eu therapeutic interventions in rare diseases Modelling toxic responses in case studies for 1.3-1 CP-IP F4 Jürgen Büsing Juergen.Buesing@ec.europa.euP predictive human safety assessmentIL Innovative approaches to address adverse immuneL 1.3-2 reactions to biomedical devices, implants and CP-FP F4 Bernd Rainer Bernd.Rainer@ec.europa.euA 1.3. SUITABILITY, SAFETY, EFFICACY transplant tissuesR OF THERAPIES 1.3-3 Safety and efficacy of therapeutics vaccines CP-FP F4 Andreas Holtel Andreas.Holtel@ec.europa.eu1 Development of alternative in vitro , analytical, 1.3-4 immunochemical, and other test methods for quality CP-FP F4 Andreas Holtel Andreas.Holtel@ec.europa.eu control of vaccines Charles.Kessler@ec.europa.eu; Controlling differentiation and proliferation in human 1.4. INNOVATIVE THERAPIES 1.4-1 CP-FP F4 Kessler,Sautter,Gancberg Juergen.Sautter@ec.europa.eu; stem cells intended for therapeutic use David.Gancberg@ec.europa.eu Functional validation in animal and cellular models of 2.1.1-1 CP-SME F5 Dirk HADRICH Dirk.Hadrich@ec.europa.eu genetic determinants of diseases and ageing processes 2.1.1. Large scale 2.1.INTEGRATING data gathering BIOLOGICAL DATA High impact research initiative on metagenomics AND PROCESSES 2.1.1-2 CP-IP F5 Dirk HADRICH Dirk.Hadrich@ec.europa.eu for personalised medicine approaches 2.1.2. Systems CLOSED Biology Prospective longitudinal data collection and patrizia.tosetti@ec.europa.eu, 2.2.1-1 Comparative Effectiveness Research for traumatic CP-IP F2 P. Tosetti & Ph. Cupers philippe.cupers@ec.europa.eu brain injury (TBI) Development of more effective imaging tools for patrizia.tosetti@ec.europa.eu, 2.2.1-2 diagnosis, monitoring and management of mental CP-FP F2 P. Tosetti & M. Goldammer mark.goldammer@ec.europa.eu disorders 2.2.RESEARCH ON 2.2.1. Brain and Paediatric conduct disorders characterised by philippe.cupers@ec.europa.eu, THE BRAIN AND related disorders 2.2.1-3 aggressive traits and / or social impairment: from CP-FP F2 Ph. Cupers & S. Weiland RELATED sigrid.weiland@ec.europa.eu preclinical research to treatment DISEASES, HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Patho-physiology and therapy of epilepsy and patrizia.tosetti@ec.europa.eu, 2.2.1-4 CP-FP F2 P. Tosetti & S. Weiland AND AGEING epileptiform disorders sigrid.weiland@ec.europa.eu philippe.cupers@ec.europa.eu, 2.2.1-5 Understanding and coontrolling pain CP-FP F2 Ph. Cupers & M. Goldammer mark.goldammer@ec.europa.eu 2.2.2. Human development and CLOSED ageing 2.3.0 Cross Christian Desaintes, Ole christian.DESAINTES@ec.europa.eu, 2.3.0-1 Innovation in vaccines CP-SME F3 cutting Olesen ole.OLESEN@ec.europa.eu Drugs and vaccines for infections that have 2.3.1-1 developed or are at the risk of developing significant SBIR-like F3 Arjon Van Hengel Adrianus.VAN-HENGEL@ec.europa.euP 2.3.1. Anti- anti-microbial resistanceI microbial drugL 2.3. resistanceL Stratified approaches to antibacterial and/or TRANSLATIONAL 2.3.1-2 CP-FP F3 Arjon Van Hengel Adrianus.VAN-HENGEL@ec.europa.euA antifungal treatment RESEARCH INR MAJOR 2.3.2. HIV/AIDS, INFECTIOUS CLOSED TB, Malaria2 DISEASES 2.3.3. Emerging Clinical management of patients in severe 2.3.3-1 CP-IP F3 Christian Desaintes christian.DESAINTES@ec.europa.eu epidemics epidemics Neglected infectious diseases in Central- and 2.3.4-1 CP-FP F3 Ole Olesen ole.OLESEN@ec.europa.eu 2.3.4 Neglected Eastern Europe diseases 2.3.4-2 Drug development for neglected parasitic diseases CP-SME F3 Ole Olesen ole.OLESEN@ec.europa.eu Investigator-driven treatment trials to combat 0r jan-willem-van-de-loo@ec.europa.eu, 2.4.1-1 CP-FP F2 J van de Loo, N Trzaska prevent metastases in patients with solid cancer Dominika.TRZASKA@ec.europa.eu 2.4.1. Cancer jan-willem-van-de-loo@ec.europa.eu, 2.4.1-2 Strengthening the cancer patients immune system CP-FP F2 J van de Loo, N Trzaska Dominika.TRZASKA@ec.europa.eu Investigator-driven supportive and palliative care jan-willem-van-de-loo@ec.europa.eu, 2.4.1-3 CP-FP F2 J van de Loo, N Trzaska clinical trials and observational studies Dominika.TRZASKA@ec.europa.eu Discovery research to reveal novel targets for 2.4.2-1 CP-SME F2 V Dambrauskaite Virginija.DAMBRAUSKAITE@ec.europa.eu 2.4.2. cardiovascular disease treatment 2.4.TRANSLATIONA Cardiovascular 1/2
  2. 2. 11/06/2012 2013 7th call - Health theme - Contact List Funding Areas / Sub-Area Topic Topic title Unit Project Officer(s) E-mail scheme Cardiovascular L RESEARCH IN Comparative effectiveness research of existing tools OTHER MAJOR diseases 2.4.2-2 for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of CP-FP F2 V Dambrauskaite Virginija.DAMBRAUSKAITE@ec.europa.eu DISEASES cardiovascular diseases Optimising lifestyle interactions in the prevention and 2.4.2-3 treatment of cardiovascular disease across the CP-FP F2 V Dambrauskaite Virginija.DAMBRAUSKAITE@ec.europa.eu lifespan 2.4.3. Diabetes CLOSED and obesity 2.4.4. Rare CLOSED diseases 2.4.5. Other CLOSED chronic diseases 3.1. TRANSLATING THE RESULTS OF Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) in CLINICAL RESEARCH OUTCOME INTO 3.1-1 CP-FP F3 Barbara Kerstiens Barbara.KERSTIENS@ec.europa.eu CLINICAL PRACTICE health systems and health services interventions 3.2. QUALITY, EFFICIENCY ANDP SOLIDARITY OF HEALTHCAREI SYSTEMS INCLUDING TRANSITIONAL CLOSEDL HEALTH SYSTEMSLAR 3.3. HEALTH PROMOTION AND PREVENTION 3.3-1 Social innovation for health promotion CP-FP F3 Caroline Attard Caroline.ATTARD@ec.europa.eu3 3.4. INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC HEALTH & HEALTH SYSTEMS Supporting industrial participation in EU-funded 4.1-1 CA F1 Ludovica Serafini Ludovica.serafini@ec.europa.eu research in the health sector Interactions between EU legislation and health 4.1-2 SA F1 Joana Namorado joana.namorado@ec.europa.eu research and/or innovation 4.1-3 Support for Presidency events SA F1 Peter Loffler peter.loffler@ec.europa.eu 4.1. COORDINATION AND SUPPORT ACTIONS ACROSS THE THEME Preparing the future for health research and 4.1-4 SA F1 Olivier Le Dour olivier.le-dour@ec.europa.eu innovation Global initiative on gene-environment interactions in diabetes/obesity in specific populations. karim.berkouk@ec.europa.eu, 4,1-5 CA F2 K. Berkouk, N. Vercruysse nathalie.vercruysse@ec.europa.eu Mapping chronic non-communicable diseases 4.1-6 CA F2 K. Berkouk karim.berkouk@ec.europa.eu research activities. Investigator-driven clinical trials for off-patent medicines using innovative, age-appropriate 4.2-1 CP-FP F5 Alexandru COSTESCU Alexandru-Sorin.Costescu@ec.europa.eu formulations and/or delivery systems addressing one of the options given in the topic description 4.2. RESPONDING TO EU POLICY NEEDS 4.2-2 Adverse drug reaction research. CP-FP F5 Iiro EEROLA Iiro.Eerola@ec.europa.eu New methodologies for clinical trials for small F5 Irene NORSTEDT Irene.Norstedt@ec.europa.eu 4.2-3 CP-FP population groups 2/2