New Media and Governance Conference, Abuja 2012


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The first conference in Africa on New Media and Governance. This keynoted deals with transparency, public participation and collaboration, government 2.0 and how to engage citizens in decision making processes.

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  • Jonas Schwarz Lausten,\nBusiness Development Manger, Seismonaut Africa\nCo-founder and Co-owner The Nordic Villa, Abuja - a 10 room boutique hotel in Abuja, furnished in a Scandinavian style\nWorked in the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and was the head of Social Media on a EU program that strived to make it easier for Europeans to apply for jobs an take an education in another EU country. \n
  • My background and interest for Nigeria and Africa started in 2006 when I build the first playground in Adamawa State at REMI foundation, a unique school that takes in physical and mental handicapped children. The playground became so polular that even the teachers were playing on it.\n
  • Then I joined Seismonaut, which is a digital innovation consultancy founded in Denmark with two offices in the two biggeste cities.\n
  • We deliver strategic paths to companies and governments accros Europe and Africa\n
  • We create digital solutions, services and products\n
  • Also from our local office in Abuja.\n
  • In Seismonaut we always use out four phased innovation model. \n1. Map: To provide successful products and services it is pivotal to gain insight into both the market and the end user. Our research is based in ethnography.\n2. Create: In this phase we create ideas and concepts based on the Mapping-phase.\n3. Shape: We shape and perfect the concepts from the Create-phase.\n4. Build: And finally we build solutions that resonate, because they are based on solid research, knowledge and methods.\n\n
  • As a digital focused innovation consultancy we see challenges when it comes to the use of social media. \n
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  • Citizens can mobilize and have expectations to the government\n\n
  • Remember this? Approx. 14 months ago things in Egypt was just as it always have been and then, suddenly – revolution – through social media – it gave people a voice and a way to connect and mobilize.\n
  • Better service for citizens - strengthing the participatory democracy because of insights in decision-making process. Citizens have a voice that is being heard.\n
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  • The first memorandum Obama signed when he became president was on Transparency and Open Government. The Obama administration wanted to commit to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.  They wanted to work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration (important terms – also for the way we in Seismonaut work). Openness would strengthen their democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.\n\n\n\n,r:4,s:0,i:79\n
  • Obama kick-started this whole movement which we today refer to as gov. 2.0 - participation, collaboration and transparency from the memorandum.\nBut what we also see it tremendous opportunities for creating business... opening up data. Providing new services on top of that. \n
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  • Dialogue with the citizens in a new way\nGovernments needs to be proactive otherwise this mobilization that I talked about before will come from beneath and it will turn you over in a matter of weeks. Be prepared in a good way – not to hide or prevent this development But EMBRASE this and turn it into something good and something that Nigeria, Oyo state, Ekiti state and all the other states can benefit from.\n\n
  • Norwegian public servants are blogging about what is happening in the local governement.\n
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  • we did Atiku’s digital media campaign in the primary elections 2011. \nOur main objectives was to make him much more accessable via social media. Being transparent. As you can see, he was very inspired by Obama with the three terms. \n“These new methods Seismonaut has introduced has attracted thousands of supporters” Atiku\n\n
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  • Tax department are on twitter. Tweets on service and info on new tax rules. Dialogue with the citizens. \n
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  • 15 mio. articles, 3,2. mio in English. 240 languages.\nbuilt by volunteers - free.\nBiggest work ever created in under 10 years\n
  • 10000 users who share data codes, share writing codes and share information and knowledge about their field. Again, there is no reason to re-invent the wheel. Share all the information and good things will eventually happen.\n\n
  • Job Centres and consultants from public institutions on how to create more jobs in the best framings possible. Some have learnings and experiences which they share with other job centres in this community. This way more jobs can be creates. \n\n
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  • How about making Abuja the digital city of Africa - I’ll challenge you guys. How about we make Abuja the digital city of Africa. Nigeria, digital country of Africa. \nYou have the opportunity to make headlines – not only in Nigeria – you can change things for good. \n\n
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  • New Media and Governance Conference, Abuja 2012

    1. 1. EngagingcitizensNew Media and Governance: Tools and TrendsAbuja, Nigeria 15 May 2012
    2. 2. Business Development ManagerJonas Schwarz Lausten twitter: @vonschwarz Co-founder and co-owner Head of Social Media
    3. 3. Built the first playground in AdamawaState in 2006. It became so popularthat even the teachers were playing
    8. 8. Challenges
    9. 9. Citizensmobilize
    10. 10. Expectations
    11. 11. Egypt 2011
    12. 12. Citizens have a voice
    13. 13. How tosolve thesechallenges?
    14. 14. 1. Transparency2. Public participation3. Public collaboration
    15. 15. Government2.0
    16. 16. Sharing knowledge
    17. 17. Let’s not reinvent the wheel -use eachother to improve it
    18. 18. Create business
    19. 19. Transparency
    20. 20. Dialogue with the citizens
    21. 21. Norwegian public servants blogging
    22. 22. More fans than German Chancellor Angela Merkel,British PM David Cameron and South AfricanPresident Jacob Zuma- all together!
    23. 23. Source: The Honourable Minister of Information, Labaran MakuTwitter meeting on fuel subsidy Hashtag: #fuelsubsidy
    24. 24. The Danish Tax Departmenton Twitter
    25. 25. Participation
    26. 26. Result:500 ideas collectedin one month
    27. 27. Result:500 ideas collectedin one month “By setting up we opened up for an open and democratic process where all citizens got a chance to participate.” Nicolai Wammen, former Mayor, The Municipality of Aarhus (now Danish Minister of European Affairs)
    28. 28. Collaboration
    29. 29. “We need to learn from the great websuccesses – Facebook, Wikipedia and ensurethat we get the users much more involved inour solutions. We have learned that it has tobe easy and fun to contribute and that manyusers’ small improvements of the contentgive huge value.”- Christian Lanng, former Head of Department, The DanishAgency for IT and Telecom
    30. 30. Key factorsfor success...
    31. 31. 1. Be strategic2. Be genuine3. Change theorganization
    32. 32. One lastthing - achallenge...
    33. 33. ...for you!
    34. 34. Let’s make Nigeria thedigital country of Africa
    35. 35. Let’s Talk twitter: @vonschwarz