Types of volcanoes_geology

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Types of volcanoes and subtypes

Types of volcanoes and subtypes

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  • 1. The 3 MajorTypes ofVolcanoes
  • 2. And 5 special case volcanoes: Lava plateau Dome CalderaSpatterCone Mega Volcano
  • 3. A volcano is any place on the Earths surface (orany other planets or moons surface) wheremolten rock,gases andpyroclastic debris erupt through the earths crust.
  • 4. Dome Volcano
  • 5. Lava dome on Soufriere Hills Volcano,Caribbean Island of Montserrat
  • 6. Spatter Cone
  • 7. Caldera Volcano
  • 8. Lava Plateau
  • 9. Lava pours outforming a largeflat area.
  • 10. 1. What type ofplate boundary isthis?2. What is meltingin the bottom pictureto produce themagma?
  • 11. 3. Howmanyvolcanoesmake uptheCascadeRange inOregon?
  • 12. 4. Where do we findcomposite volcanoes? Answer: Around the ring of fire, and at Subduction zones
  • 13. 5. Composite volcanoes are made of what 2 types of layers?Answer:Pyroclastic = ash and cindersBasaltic = lava flows
  • 14. Mt. Shasta in N. California…
  • 15. Mt. Rainer in Washington
  • 16. Mt. Fuji in Japan
  • 17. Cinder cones-Smallvolcano-Builds asteep coneshape-Only eruptsfor a shorttime
  • 18. Wizard Island in Crater Lake
  • 19. 6. How many cinder cones do you see?
  • 20. Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. It rises 6 miles from the ocean floor.7. Shield volcanoes have the ________(highest, lowest) slope flanks.
  • 21. Shield Volano the size of Oregon It’s 17 miles tall. Crater at the top of the volcanoOlympus Mons on Mars- largest volcano in the solar system
  • 22. Because the lava has lowviscosity (very runny), it isable to spread out and make abroad (wide) shape volcano.
  • 23. 8. This lava is very running, is has low v________.
  • 24. aaTwo types of lavas. Pahoehoe “ropey”
  • 25. A 3 types of volcanoes = 3 types of eruptions BC 9.Name each volcano
  • 26. 10. This is a large pyroclastic eruptionmade of g_______ and a________that is coming from a c_________volcano.
  • 27. Summary: There are 3 main types of volcanoes: Composite, Cinder, and Shield. Special Case Volcanoes: Caldera, Mega-volcano, spatter cone, dome, and lava plateau.