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Seiichi PPT


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Seiichi's PPT

Seiichi's PPT

Published in: Education

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  • Ex. I did not know the real situation of 現状を知ることができた(デジタルデバイドの存在) 、 ICT 教育の良さ、重要さを実感できた )
  • Transcript

    • 1. Seiichi HIRAKAWA Kansai University Osaka, Japan
    • 2.
      • Background
      • Purpose
      • Method of this Research
      • Result and Analysis
        • International Exchange
        • Extension Service
      • Discussion
      • Conclusion
      • Reference
    • 3.
      • Philippine ICT Education Support Project (PIESP)
        • Conducted ICT skills training to teachers of elementary schools ( Three schools, Nine times )
        • International Collaborative Project
          • Kansai University(KU) and Bulacan State University(BSU) conduct this collaboration project
        • Promoting ICT education in the Philippines
    • 4.
      • Relationship between KU and BSU
        • Kansai University (KU)
          • Conducting training
          • Encouraging BSU students to participate PIESP
        • Bulacan State University (BSU)
          • Providing manpower (BSU students)
          • Lending equipments
          • Providing accommodation
          • Introducing new target schools
    • 5.
      • Why did I start this research?
      • There are some previous researches about
      •   - Pedagogical importance
      •   - Social significance
      • of PIESP from KU’s view point
      •  ⇒ There are no feedback or academic paper about Philippines’ benefits of participating PIESP
    • 6.
      • The purpose of this paper
        • To clarify the BSU students’ merits, such as students’ learning of participating in PIESP. To clarify this because students’ merits can become BSU merits.
    • 7.
      • Targets
        • Students who participated in PIESP in 2010 and 2011. They were all from College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT) and bachelor taking students
      • Methods
        • Group Interview
          • Five BSU students joined a group interview
        • Questionnaire
          • After the interview, this questionnaire was made based on result of the interview.
    • 8.
      • Aggregated answers of the questionnaire and divided similar meaningful answers into a same category
      • Made some categories and put names on each category
      • After categorized, picked out two key words, “International Exchange” and “Extension Services”, from categories’ names
    • 9.  
    • 10.
      • Extension Service
      • Education policy of Philippine
        • Mission of BSU
          • 「 The University shall provide higher professional, technical and special instruction for special purposes and promote research and extension services , advanced studies and progressive leadership in Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Fishery, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Law, Medicine, Public Administration, Technical and other fields as may be relevant. (Sec. 2, R.A. 7665). 」
        • Department Education in the Philippines
          • 「 Higher Education Institutions(HEIs) shall be dynamic and conscious in promoting the academic pillars of quality instruction, research and extension service 」
      Both institutions encourage extension service outside of class
    • 11.
      • International Exchange,
      • Understanding different culture, working experiences with foreign students, English practice
      • Extension Service ,
      • Go outside of class and join a contribution to society activity such as PIESP and found new learning
      They got experience which cannot learn inside of school classes
    • 12.
      • Participating in PIESP
        • Opportunity to develop themselves through unusual experience.
        • They can learn some valuable things which cannot learn inside of class.
        • This is the merits of students to join PIESP.
    • 13.
      • Department of Education, Republic of the Philippines. (n.d.). DepED ICT4E Strategic Plan
      • National Information Technology Council, Republic of the Philippines IT21. (October 1997).
      • Kenichi, K., & Ryota, Y., & Hiroshi, M. (2008). Promoting ICT education in developing countries: Case   Study in the Philippine.
    • 14.
      • Do you have any questions?
    • 15.