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  • This isn’t going to be your average ABO presentation! Living with Intention is a pretty personal conversation. Not typically found in any kind of work related or sponsored event. So you may ask, why this topic? Why at an Optical meeting? How is it possible for me to get credit for a course like this? All great questions and the answers are very few, but important. You are care givers. You are moms, sisters, brothers, dads, friends. What makes living with intention so important is that this program is about YOUR quality of life. This program is about YOU first, the business, friends, husbands, wives, kids second.
  • Before we start you must read and understand this statement. There is going to be no more powerful message than this one before you. The reason this statement is so powerful, is that we are in control of our thoughts. Our thoughts control our actions, our actions make up our life experiences. Therefore, “whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way, you’re right.” If you want a change in your life. If you want things different in your world, whether at work or at home, it all begins with your belief in yourself and what messages you give yourself day in and day out.
  • Let’s begin with Intention: Simply put, it means with purpose. Living with intention or purpose. It is the difference between getting up in the morning and going the day passively- letting all this stuff happen to you, or getting with with purpose- taking charge of the day and effecting change in your world.
  • I love this concept. First developed by Steven Covey several years ago, it is an exercise in which we envision how we want the story to end. We get to write the final chapter and close out the journey of the character. Do you want the character to live happily ever after? Is it a tragic ending? A painful journey? A journey with highs and lows? Is it a fairy tale life? In this exercise, the end is the story as it is reflected by others on your journey. How do YOU want your life to be remembered? How do you want to live between now and then? What do you want for YOUR life? Living with intention is living in a way that your dreams and life can come alive and be attained. Once we know what the ending looks like, we can back up the clock and make changes in our world to accomplish our dreams.
  • So, what’s on your headstone? Daunting to think about it, but it really does set the stage for how we live. More importantly, it gives us the realization that our time here is limited- very limited. So how do you want to be remembered? What relationships are important to you? Are you in the right place in your life? Are you in the right job? Do you feel fulfilled and have purpose? If not…. What are you doing about it?
  • No butts. Don’t let anyone put a BUT on your headstone. Most importantly, don’t let yourself tell the carver to put a “but” on your stone. Instead…..
  • How about going out like this!! Take it grave! I’m done with it!!
  • Now that we have set the stage, you may be wondering “How do I start this journey of change?” It begins with the 6 C’s of Intention.
  • The first C is Clear Beliefs. Do you know what you believe in? Do you make a stand for something, anything? Do you know what is important in your world, why, and can you prioritize it? Faith Family Right and Wrong Education Structure Purpose
  • The second C is for constant communication. Put it out there! Say to the universe, “This is what I want to do!” or “This is what I want to become!” Building and maintaining relationships Talk about stuff… hard stuff, soft stuff Be willing to put yourself out there… vulnerable, emotional, responsible Sometimes we have the Tendency to avoid the hard, yet it is all hard Deepen the family roots When criticizing, use a scalpel not a chainsaw. Don’t avoid the elephant in the living room Taking risk Respect When you really care… you communicate… when you don’t you don’t live authentically
  • Celebrate often and for everything. We need to celebrate our journey, the little steps as well as the big ones. It is how we get through rough spots. We collect close ones and celebrate often because it helps us keep focus on where we are heading. It also brings others along to they too can join your journey and cheer you along as you take each step. Family celebrations… Church Personal Professional It doesn’t matter who, what or why you celebrate. Just do it!
  • Have such a life the preacher won’t have to make up lies to tell at your funeral! Each of us is a story. Life is a journey, it just needs to be cataloged. Collect interesting, memorable experiences. Make your life a story worth telling! What you say? What you have done isn’t noteworthy? C’mon.
  • I read this a while ago and I loved it as a summary of commitment.. Love when it hurts Care when you shouldn’t Reach out when you have nothing to give Receive when you feel you don’t deserve it Accept when your pride tells you no Walk humbly and confident And never, ever give up.
  • People know, trust and love consistency. Kids, family, employers, team mates, etc. Consistency does not mean predictable, plain, ordinary, If you act consistently nuts! Go For IT!
  • Everyone stand up! Now stretch! Reach for the ceiling! Wiggle around a bit! Now, stop. Look at your feet. Keep looking down at your feet. How do you really know you are living with intention. You look at where your feet are, where they have been, and where they are going. If your feet in a place that you know you should not be, or place where you are not comfortable, you are not living with intention. It can be that simple.
  • What is my vision or mission? As a practice, practitioner, as a employee Why am I doing this? Am I doing this as excited or committed as I once did? Cristal clear boundaries… where do I stand? What lengths will we go? How will we treat the patient? How do we measure success?
  • I ask this often when speaking nationally on branding or leadership.. To the owners of the practice… “Do you have a clear vision of your Intention?” Does anyone else know it? How do you talk about it? Can any three people in your office that work for you tell me about it? Wouldn’t it be easier to have your vision come alive if you had some help? Do have team meetings? Weekly? Is your vision talked about at each meeting? No!? Than how do you live your vision? How do you measure, know or understand what you are delivering? It all hinges on your vision- it is your standard.
  • Set goals Achieve goals Celebrate individual successes Celebrate Team successes Celebrate Patient successes! Celebrate Often
  • Ok you might remember 10 things that start with Thou Shalt Not!... Did you know that kids don’t hear the word “Don’t?”
  • We all remember stories that start… “once upon a time.. Or there once was a man from Nantucket….
  • There is no way to to deliver great customer experiences if employees are not on board. But you just can’t “expect” employees to do what’s right. Companies need to help employees better serve customers with investments in training and enabling tools. Commit to each other personally, Professionally For each others success For the entire team For the practice
  • MBWA No matter the change effort or the experience that you want to create for customers… there has to be consistency. Talk the talk, walk the walk and you CANNOT deviate from it. Doctors, managers, technicians, opticians… if there is an inconsistency, that will become the new level of acceptance. Everyone leads by example, no one is abdicated from this responsibility
  • Management By Walking Around No matter the change effort or the experience that you want to create for customers… there has to be consistency. Talk the talk, walk the walk and you CANNOT deviate from it. Doctors, managers, technicians, opticians… if there is an inconsistency, that will become the new level of acceptance. Everyone leads by example, no one is abdicated from this responsibility
  • Hard is soft: it is pretty easy to hire folks to run your books, check inventories, order supplies, .. The mechanics of running a business Soft is hard: Soft skills…. People skills, team building, managing life as it comes at you, hiring, training, firing…. All hard
  • Here comes the tough love or as some call it, tuff fluff speech. I have been hearing the last month from OD’s… sounds great but you can’t implement it! Who is going to implement it? You are. If you don’t have time to create your vision, live your intention.. then a couple of things need to happen. First, you need to acknowledge you are in crisis mode. Number two- check your feet. Where are they? IF it is going to be it is up to me! If you are living and working with intention you own your headstone. You own your own shingle. The days are numbered, the mission critical, the impact on others immeasurable.
  • You might not be able to do it today. You are here, learning about it, thinking about it, mulling it over. But tomorrow- no excuse, no reason.

Intention - Banzai Intention - Banzai Presentation Transcript

  • Living With Intention Michael Karlsrud
  • “ Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way, you’re right.”
  • I ntention:
    • with meaning or purpose
  • The End
  • What’s on Your Headstone?
  • Jane J. Jones 1942 – 2010 I WOULDA DONE SOME REALLY COOL STUFF BUT …
  • Jane J. Jones 1942 – 2010 Here Lies my broken, bruised, torn, tattered body. God what a RIDE!
  • The 6 C’s of Living with Intention
  • C lear Beliefs
  • C onstant Communication
  • C ollective Celebrations
  • C ompelling Stories
  • C ommitment to Each Other
  • C onsistency
  • Look at Your Feet.
  • Working With Intention Michael Karlsrud-
  • “ Whether we think we can or think we can’t, either way, you’re right.”
  • I ntention:
    • with meaning or purpose
  • The End
  • What’s on Your Shingle?
  • The 6 C’s of Working with Intention
  • C lear Beliefs
  • C onstant Communication
  • 10% remember what they read 20% remember what they heard 30% remember what they saw 50% remember what they saw and heard 70% remembered what they said 90% remembered what they said and did
  • C ollective Celebrations
  • C ompelling Stories
  • C X O * *Chief Experience Officer
  • Market Power = Story Power
  • No One Remembers “Thou Shalt Not”
  • Every One Remembers “Once Upon A Time”
  • C ST O * *Chief Storytelling Officer
  • “ We are in the twilight of a society based on data. As information and intelligence become the domain of computers, society will place more value on the one human ability that cannot be automated: emotion. Imagination, myth, ritual - the language of emotion - will affect everything from our purchasing decisions to how we work with others. Com p anies will thrive on the basis of their stories and m y ths . Companies will need to understand that their products are less important than their stories.” —Rolf Jensen, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies
  • C ommitment to Each Other
  • C onsistency
  • MBWA
  • Law: Hard is Soft. Soft is Hard .
  • “ Tuff Fluff ”
  • Today No. Tomorrow Yes.
  • YOU! Team INTENTION BRAND EyeWerx “We do the soft hard stuff.”
  • Start with the End Create your Vision Act with Intention Live and Work as you Write the Legacy of your Life.
  • It all starts with, My Life…. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a… Living & Working with Intention slides found at: