the                                           Gazette                                              The Official Publicatio...
PAGE   2     EDITORIAL        what it means to be „quality‟                      We all have probably felt that           ...
VOLUME        II   ISSUE   VII                                                                                     PAGE   ...
PAGE       4                                          CHILDHOOD CANCER   A Looming Crisis                                 ...
VOLUME         II                                                                               PAGE      5RANT OR RESPOND...
SEHI now PHIC “Center of Quality”          PAGE     6                                                                     ...
VOLUME         II   ISSUE     VII                                                                                 PAGE    ...
PAGE     8               did U know? BIG HEART The heart of a blue whale is the size of a small car.                      ...
VOLUME       II   ISSUE    VII                                                                                 PAGE      9...
THINK ABOUT IT!                                              Editor in chief: DARYL PANERIO, RN                           ...
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St Elizabeth Hospital Gazette 1


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St Elizabeth Hospital Gazette 1

  1. 1. the Gazette The Official Publication of St. Elizabeth Hospital Inc. V O L U M E I I I S S U E V I I J A N U A R Y — A P R I L 2 0 1 1INSIDE2. IDEALISTIC ORREALISTIC. Read what SEHI now a PHIC ‘Center for Quality’writer Levien Ledesma By NEIL ARINZOL, RNthinks about it.3. HIGHTECH. Peek at St. Elizabeth Hospital,the hospital’s newest Inc. successfully upgradedequipment. its PhilHealth Accredita- tion from Center of Safety4. A LOOMING CRISIS. to Center of Quality lastHelp fight against child- March 22-23, 2011.hood cancer. ―Nabitin talaga kami as5. RANT OR Dr. Ladio announced theRESPOND. Writer Ar- partial result, pero na-gentina Roma tells us a release lahat ng tensionpiece of her mind. nang sinabi na pasado tayo sa lahat ng area at nabigyan7. FROM ABC to CAB. pa ng 100%‖, says Dr. Jesus REGAL. SEHI amidst a scenic landscape.It’s the new AHA AdultCPR Guidelines. Veneracion, Medical Direc- tor of SEH. A two year re intensive evaluation on the management; human re-8. DID YOU KNOW? -accreditation was award- six key performance areas source management; infor-Be amazed with some of ed to the hospital. comprised of compliance mation management; andthe world’s fascinatingfacts. The survey team with patient’s rights and safe practice and environ- spearheaded by Dr. Anto- organizational ethics; pa- ment.9. COMEDY CORNER. niette Ladio conducted an tient care ; leadership andRelease some happy en- Turn to Page 6dorphins as you browseour collection of hospitalantics. ‘Fastest’ CT scan in town By ARGENTINA ROMA, RN True to its mission of est, not just in General giving quality health care Santos City but in the en- to all at affordable cost tire SOCSARGEN area. and offering the latest Unlike the single and medical facilities, St. Eliza- dual slice CT scan ma- beth Hospital recently chine, in which the neigh- purchased the GE Light- boring hospitals are using, speed QX/I Quad CT the GE Lightspeed QX/I scanner. Quad CT scanner is a According to Engr. whole body multi-slice Jun Mandal Jr., field ser- machine capable of rou- vice engineer of GE Philip- tine 0.8 second full-360° pines, this is so far the rotation scans. first multi slice CT scan device, perhaps the fast- Turn to Page 7 LIGHTSPEED. The GE lightspeed qx/I Quad CT Scanner.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 EDITORIAL what it means to be „quality‟ We all have probably felt that ty‟ entails a huge responsibility. sense of disappointment when Now we have to maintain - or even something that we purchased exceed - those high standards of does not live up to our expecta- quality health care we have shown tions. It could be that expensive the PHIC inspectors during the in- meal that doesn‟t even taste spection. No more incomplete good, a suite with defective air- documentation, no more medical conditioning, or even poor ser- errors, and no more slacking off. vice at a prominent hospital. At the heart of it all, such is the Our seminar on total quality notion of quality. management has taught us that in order to achieve quality, we do Recently, our hospital has things right the first time. It „s been acknowledged by the about having the right attitude at PHIC as center of quality. As we work and balancing what is ideal all know, this has been the re- from real. sult of almost a year‟s prepara- tion by both administration and The tasks ahead of us may staff alike. And just as we expe- seem too much to handle. But like rienced, it was no walk in the a gem cannot be polished without park – it was like going through friction, achievements of men can- the eye of a needle. not be perfected without adversity. We now think it‟s over, it is not. It‟s only the beginning. Gaining the title „center of quali- daryl panerio “What is real is Idealism vs. Realism in Health Care By LEVIEN LEDESMA, RN that there are All jobs entail differ- what is ideal. But how as time constraints andthousands of sick can we practice what is lack of material and hu- ent kinds of responsibili- ties. A company could go ideal in a world full of man resources. This ispeople cramped bankrupt over a miscal- realities? when realism proves its inside culated figure, a building This situation is most point. or a bridge could col- troubling for us new Health care profes- dilapidated lapse because of an inac- nurses. We are armed to sionals learn in school hospitals which curate projection, and a hit the hospital floors when to use sterile tech- child’s mind could be with what we learned in nique and when to use have more forever corrupted be- college. Idealism is the clean technique. We cause of wrong infor- only option; realism is learn in real life that in patients than mation taught. With sort of out of the ques- lots of times, clean cotton balls in health care providers, a tion. We must give pa- works just as fine. Some- life could simply be put tients the best care pos- times certain situations their jars …” to an end because of in- sible and that means compel us to deviate effective delivery of care. practicing what is ideal. from what is ideal, and In order to avoid these The thing is, ―ideal‖ is mishaps, they say we not always achievable Turn to Page 6 GAZETTE must always abide with because of factors such
  3. 3. VOLUME II ISSUE VII PAGE 3Pulmonary Department‟s Newest Additions By DESIREE JOYA GO, RN The Newport C250 AirGEM 3500 and C250 are Compressor, the fifth addi-not robots from the sci-fi tion to the hospital’s artificialmovie, Star Wars; rather respirators, is an ideal airthese are the newest addi- source which provides high-tions to St. Elizabeth Hospi- flow capability and whispertal’s equipment under the quiet operation.Pulmonary Department. Due to its necessity and Recently, the hospital demand, the ABG machineacquired the GEM3500, the and mechanical ventilatornew ABG machine, which were purchased in an effortcould provide Arterial Blood to continually provide ourGas results for as fast as one customers with fast and reli-minute. ABG testing is main- able services. Indeed, SEH used in pulmonology to continually commits itself to (Above) GEM 3500.determine gas exchange lev- provide clients with safe and (Right) Newport C250els in the blood related to up-to-date equipment in thelung function. most cost-worthy way. New ambulance runs more services Clinical Lab OPD on a new face By MA. LEDA EMERY YUMANG, RN By MADELAINE TORRIJOS, RN MAN St. Elizabeth Hospital Incorporated recently With the intent of being able to provide excellent acquired a Nissan Urvan ambulance unit through and quality health care using the latest medical facili- the initiative and immediate approval of the Medi- ties, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Inc. has been continuously cal Director, Dr. Jesus C. Veneracion. improving and augmenting its services and amenities. The newly purchased ambulance is fully Just recently, a separate out-patient department equipped with automated external defibrillator, of the clinical laboratory has been built. The vibrant portable suction machine, cardiac monitor and in- color of orange toned by shades of brown greets cli- tubation set for Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life ents as they enter the room. Situated in front of its Support services. It has a 15 passenger capacity previous location, the room now serves as their recep- along with a multi-functioning bed stretcher and tion area where results are released, requests are giv- will cater distress call within and outside the city. en and specimens for various tests are taken. ―This is another feather on a cap for us. Hope- The CT scan room has also been enhanced and fully with this and the other ambulance, we can be remodelled. At present, the ultrasound room, the of service more to our community‖ says Ronald echocardiography room and the heart station are also Limon, RN, Emergency Room supervisor. being refurbished – all in order to bring that cozy feel of a hotel room inside the premises of the hospital.
  4. 4. PAGE 4 CHILDHOOD CANCER A Looming Crisis By Levien Ledesma, RNB which works to increase survival ness does not only focus on medical eing diagnosed with rates of children with cancer by re- management, but also includes the the Big C is one of ducing abandonment of treatment psycho-social support for the child the most dreadful and reducing the number of chil- and the whole family. You will benews a patient could receive from dren diagnosed at an advanced touched by some families’ efforts inhis or her doctor. Cancer is not a stage. making their children live as normal-mere disease. It almost always in- ly as possible (just like in the movie Fortunately, childhood cancer is My Sister’s Keeper). Kids with cancervolves prolonged hospital stay, ex- treatable if detected early as are unable to engage in “normal”pensive medical treatment, and preached by experts. We are talking play unlike ordinary kids. Some chil-emotional distress. Adults afflicted about such persistent signs as lumps dren even die during their weakenedwith this disease experience lots of in the abdomen, head, neck, glands, state by simply acquiring a cold thatphysical, social, financial, and emo- unexpected fever, weight loss, has evolved or getting hurt in ational stress. Children with cancer bleeding, pallor, fatigue, and aches game. Letting them play outside (asshare the same. in the bones, back, fractures, head- kids should do) will only increase Childhood cancer has become aches or change in balance, gait and their chances of acquiring infectionas real as any other disease in the behavior. The treatment of this ill- Turn to Page 6country. Available statistics confirmthat childhood cancer has been in-creasingly snatching the lives of chil- SEHI joins fight against child cancerdren yet these deaths could have By DARYL PANERIO, RNbeen prevented if all children hadequal access to diagnosis and treat- In its fight against cancer in ―The MPPCN program utilizes allment. Some cases reported in the children, the Mindanao Pediatric available resources so that children, Cancer Care Network especially the indigent, can have accesscountry were already too late for (MPCCN) has chosen St. Eliza- to cancer care and treatment,‖ saysmedical help. Different factors may beth Hospital Inc. as one of the Matela.have caused the delay such as lack key healthcare facilities in Minda- Currently, there are only twoof awareness, financial crisis, and nao to serve as a satellite triage satellite facilities of this kind in Minda-seeking help from traditional heal- or referral center for pediatric nao: The Davao Regional Hospital oncology care. and the St. Elizabeth Hospital Satelliteers. Dr. Maria Christina Domin- sites. The Central Unit is based at To address the need for action go, a pediatrician, is the desig- Southern Philippines Medical Centerfor the growing number of cases in nated Site Coordinator for the (SPMC) Children’s Cancer and Blood SEH Satellite. Together with Ms. Diseases Unit (CCDBU).the country and worldwide, many Karla Suzanne Matela, a pediatric This latest endeavor of St. Eliza-foundations have mushroomed to oncology nurse, they are en- beth Hospital, Inc. in partnership withhelp children through their fight trusted to provide immediate Mindanao Pediatric Cancer Care Net-with cancer. One is the World Child assessment, treatment, and care work aims to provide help and betterCancer, a very supportive institution or necessary referral to those care for cancer pediatric patients who children who are suspected to may one day be the future leaders of have cancer. our community. GAZETTE
  5. 5. VOLUME II PAGE 5RANT OR RESPONDW By ARGENTINA ROMA, RN e are living in a country which I believe efforts. Worse, when pessimism is forever struggling. It is an irony that gets in the way, one only thenFilipinos live in a sea of poverty and there’s never a thinks of two options - leaving insingle day that the papers never tackle about crisis search for better hopes or gloomi-when we are living in a land so blessed. ly staying. But if we only widen Whenever people look back to the roots of the- our perceptions, we don’t only have two cynical choic-se difficulties, every soul always just seems to point a es, we have countless upbeat alternatives.finger on the government. Everyone just seems to It all begins with passion. Love your work. As hardraise an eyebrow on how crooked the authorities as it may seem, find a dose of inspiration as you carryhave used their power and how biased they set the out your duties. Forget about the monetary rewardspolicies of the land. This is imminent in all the unend- or the promotions from your employer. Do things foring rallies and protests in the street. The angst of the service. Enthusiastically work and have in mind thatpeople is evident in the photographs and stories. I you become a blessing neither to just one poor spiritdon’t undermine their criticisms. Yes, it may be true, nor to the institution but also to the world. Think ofbut if we look closer at the whole scenario. It is not how you aid in inspiring others with the thought thatthe government alone. I believe that we all play a we are all capable of excellence despite pressures.role on why the nation is sinking. Be grateful you have your job. With the increasing Oftentimes people choose to rant when hurdled unemployment rate, others are living like a bum atby complex circumstances. Like complaining over the home. They don’t have a single cent to feed theirsharp thorns that the roses have, most of the time we child’s growling stomach nor to afford lavishness.grumble each time we never had things the easier Entertain all the faces of life’s beauty. Be positiveway around. We frequently count our discomforts whether you are a nurse, a medical doctor, an officemore than our blessings. We often insist change on staff or a part of the housekeeping. There may be dayshow others should live their lives. We often seek for when you work with difficult people. Instead of losingeffortless perfection. We often place the blame on your self-worth or your tolerance, think of them aswhat is uncontrolled like fate. The truth is, we are the blessings. Whenever you had an exhilarating and dis-ones creating our own realities. tressed time over a day’s work, think of them as op- In the workplace setting like the hospital where portunities for growth. Every time you endure thisthings may seem unpredictable and chaotic, there are type of situations, your character is strengthened anddays when you suddenly forget all the reason to you earn an ounce of wisdom.struggle. There are days when everything just seems Do remember that all the good things you do mayto become a routine or maybe moments you will be sometimes be unrecognized. A warm tap from yoursurprisingly stuck into something awful. Sometimessupervisor, a touch from your co-worker and a smileone may even catch oneself teary eyed after receiving from the patients may be the best reward we coulda whole lot of complaints from bosses and clients.get from our vocations but situations may not alwaysYou seem seeped out of all your patience and energy be like fairytales that end up with happily ever after. There are times that we will not be It all begins with passion. Love your work. As hard able to reach everything that is ex- pected of us. But whether compliment- as it may seem, find a dose of inspiration as you ed or not, just choose to be productive rather than to entertain pointless negati- carry out your duties. vism. This life may stone us with unendingtrying to achieve the demands of your job descrip- combats but let us always believe that we could alltion. One may no longer feel inspired with all the choose to give a better response. If everyone couldchallenges and every task may mean another minute just stop being reactive and be challenged to becomeof exhaustion. One may whine how toxic the condi- proactive amidst all the dilemma then maybe we couldtions are. It is the time when you start to question get through this tight spot.whether the situation that you are in is worth all your
  6. 6. SEHI now PHIC “Center of Quality” PAGE 6 From FrontPage which the assessment summary. quality of Documents were sub- healthcare ren- mitted to the Philhealth dered by Phil- Regional Office (PhRo) health and its and both institutions accredited in- agreed on the schedule stitution and of the survey. professional ―First, we conducted healthcare a General Assembly pat- providers can terned after benchbook be measured. and then formed differ- The bench- ent committees to assist book has 237 us in complying with the indicators and 51 set standards‖ says Ms. of which are core Evelyn Filoteo, RMT, SE- (Above) PHIC indicators to achieve. HI Quality Assurance In keeping with its The accreditation Officer.inspectors make mandate of ensuring qual- started after St. Elizabeth one of their ity healthcare for all ―We don’t aim for Hospital, Inc. complied members, the Philippine passing only the accredi- rounds at the with the self-assessment Health Insurance Corpo- tation but we are also and survey forms con- ration developed the Phil- striving for excellence,‖ Emergency sisting of self-assessment, health Benchbook which she concludes. Room. survey tool, score sheet serves as a yardstick in and benchbook self-Idealism vs. Realism From Page 2 Childhood Cancer From Page 4these situations often happen. What is real is that there are thousands of sick people and heavy bleeding when wounded. They arecramped inside dilapidated hospitals which have more pa- just unable to “run around” or “mess around”tients than cotton balls in their jars (sad but true in most with children their own age. When they arepublic hospitals). Unavailable medications, unsanitary envi- under treatment, attending school is deferred.ronment predisposing patients to nosocomial infection, Generally, kids with cancer are alone for ex-understaffed departments – these are just some of the tended periods of time.things that exist in the real world. With the above-mentioned realities, it does not mean We should see the faces of these cancer-that we can give the kind of care less than what the pa- stricken children to fully appreciate what hastients deserve. It is essential for the health care providers been said in this article. Like what World Childto learn how to improvise, depending on the availability of Cancer’s motto says, “No child should suffer.”resources. It is imperative that we try to give the kind of And St. Elizabeth Hospital Inc. supports that is ―ideally possible.‖ We need to be innovativeand ingenious while bearing in mind the patients’ rights. A sick child’s struggle to put on a smile de- An idealistic attitude would not hurt a bit, and a real- spite the pain reminds us that hope, evenistic attitude always proves to be helpful at times. And though how meager it already is, never runswe’ve learned that in providing care to patients, it’s nei- out. Together with the foundation and otherther absolute Idealism nor realism that should be fol- medical institutions, let us continue to supportlowed, maybe it is something in between. the fight against childhood cancer and not let that hope go to waste. GAZETTE
  7. 7. VOLUME II ISSUE VII PAGE 7 AHA 2010 ADULT CPR Guidelines A-B-C is for babies. By GLYCA MAE DELFIN, RNA Here is a step-by-step guide for the new CPR: 6. Pinch close the nose of the 1. Call for help or ask someone else victim. Take a normal breath, to do so. cover the victims mouth with yours to create an airtight seal, ccording to statistics, 2. Try to get the person to respond; and then give two, one-second about 250,000 people if he doesnt, roll the person on his breaths as you watch for thedie each year outside of hospitals or her back. chest to rise.from coronary heart disease and 3. Start chest compressions. Placethousands of others drown or are 7. Continue compressions and the heel of your hand on the centerchoked. Despite decades of wide- breaths -- 30 compressions, two of the victims chest. Put your otherspread education and course offer- breaths -- until help arrives. hand on top of the first with yourings, the survival rate for out-of- fingers interlaced. People who die outside hos-hospital cardiac arrest remains a dis- pitals can be saved if someonemal 6 percent or less worldwide. This 4. Press down so you compress the nearby is willing and able to im-fact prompted the American Heart chest at least 2 inches in adults and mediately perform CPR until pro-Association to simplify the steps of children and 1.5 inches in infants. fessional help arrives. Further-CPR to make it easier for lay people One hundred times a minute or more, the life that CPR couldto remember. even a little faster is optimal. help save is most likely that of a The goal of CPR is to push oxygen 5. If youve been trained in CPR, family member, friend or neigh--containing blood to the brain and you can now open the airway with bour.body when the heart fails to do this a head tilt and chin lift.vital job. Done effectively with mini- „Fastest‟ CT scan...mal delay, CPR can double or triplethe survival rate in people who suffer From FrontPagesudden cardiac arrest. But in orderfor it to be effective, it must be start- This scanner is a wide-bore system that is easy to operate and fea-ed as soon as the victim collapses. tures predefined protocols that performs a wide variety of applicationsFor every minute without CPR, sur- fast and efficiently while delivering exceptional comfort to the patients.vival chances fall 7 to 10 percent. With these new features, it would be easier to handle claustrophobic Last October 18, 2010 a new and restless patients, lessening their fear and trauma.guideline was released by the Ameri- This CT scanner has the power to tackle 3D imaging as well as dis-can Heart Association recommending play different images simultaneously in real-time. The scanner allowsthat the three steps of cardiopulmo- many exams to be performed in seconds, and can reconstruct multiplenary resuscitation (CPR) be rear-ranged. The new first step is doing slice thickness from just one data acquisition. It is designed to producechest compressions instead of first optimal image quality, image reconstruction, filming, archiving, network-establishing the airway and then do- ing and mouth to mouth. The new guide- In addition, images can be printed on a compact disc for perusal bylines apply to adults, children, and the patient or the medical consultants—a feature uncommon for mostinfants but excluding newborns. The CT way is C-A-B -- for compres-sions, airway, and breathing. The key The speed and fast acquisition time of the CT scanner will provideto saving a cardiac arrest victim is increased comfort and satisfaction not just for patients but also for theaction, not assessment. physicians as well.
  8. 8. PAGE 8 did U know? BIG HEART The heart of a blue whale is the size of a small car. Burn that calorie! Doing jumping rope for one hour can burn you 400 calories whereas playing basketball Better than coffee can burn you only 380 calories. Are you a sleepy head? Worry not. Sleeping for an Apples are more effective in waking you up in hour can actually burn you 90 calories. the morning than caffeine. Who says it’s ‘three’?Nowhere in the Bible does it say there were three wise men – Matthew 2:1only says: “Magi from the east came to Jerusalem” and later they present three gifts. Contagious Habit 55% of people yawn within 5 minutes of seeing someone else yawn. More than enough A square piece of dry paper cannot be manually fold- ed in half more than 7 times. Hard to kill A cockroach can live for nine days without its head. It dies because of hunger—not because of its missing head. Golden Opulence SundaeThe most expensive desert in the world is served at Serendipity 3 in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It costs $1,000 or P45, 000 (If $1= P45) and was credited by Guinness Book World of Record as the most expensive dessert in their 2004 re- lease. The dessert is made up of 5 scoops of Tahitian vanilla ice cream, Madagas- car vanilla, 23K edible gold leaf, and Amedei Porceleana, the most expensive chocolate in the world. GAZETTE
  9. 9. VOLUME II ISSUE VII PAGE 9 They say laughter is the best medicine. So why not start your day with a healthy dose of hospital anecdotes? Defective Straw When a nurse was serving snacks for hemodialysis patients, one old patient Viral Chicken complained after having a hard time sipping. Watcher 1: “Sin-o pasyente mo?” “Usa man ning straw?” the patient grumbled. “Dili makasuyop sa kape.” Watcher 2: “Bata ko nag-chicken pops.” The nurse smiled, then replied, “ Nay, stirrer man gud na.” - KC - Erick Von Unwanted Coffee Long-time Lovers Whose Blood Is It? Two watchers talking. A nurse was interviewing a patient‟s watcher. In one nurses‟ notes entry, it was written: W1: “Ipa-xray daw to si kuya.” Nurse: “Nay, unsa civil status ni tatay?” W2: “Ngaa man daw haw?” Watcher: “Dugay naman kami mag girlfiend kag boy- “Blood confusion started; friend” monitored pt. for reactions.” W1: “Nagsuka bi siya kagina - Ms. Gina - Chloe coffee bean. Kaduha gid.” Labor Seduction By Mouth A conversation accidentally heard from a watcher and a mother who just had a delivery. Nurse: “Doctor, may i clarify Watcher: “Kumusta ang labor mo? Paspas man?” your order for diet? Low salt Patient: (with all the facial expression) “Grabe kasakit! Dugay-dugay tana magawas. Kapila low fat po? pa ko GI-SEDUCE ni doc para lang muggawas si baby.” Doctor: “Yes.” - Kathleen F. Nurse: “P.O.?” Do Not Resuscitate -DJR Scared Situation Nurse: "Doctor, Mr. Ls blood A patient was very anxious when the doctor told him pressure is now 86/55." he needed incision and drainage. Later, a nurse ap- Faithful proached him to have him sign a consent, he asked Doctor: “Ok, start dopamine.” “Nurse dili ba na siya delikado ang I&D?” An elderly woman and some Nurse:“Uh… Actually, doctor, others were rushed at the ER “Okay ra man na sir. Dili man na kaayo kumplikado the relatives had already signed due to a vehicular accident at nga procedure,” the nurse replied. DNR.” a nearby locality. All of them “Bitaw noh,” said the patient feeling relieved. were identified except for the - Doc Roj elderly woman who was lying “Sir, naa unta koy papirmahan nimo,” the nurse went in a stretcher, bloodied, and on. “Consent ni siya nga in-case naay mahitabo nimo Aging Recovery eyes closed with both hands sa OR, Dili ka na namo kargo.” A 40 year-old patient was hos- neatly placed on her stomach. - DSP pitalized due to some condi- Alarmed, an ER personnel tion that caused her face to immediately went by her side Breathing Techniques swell. On the third day, during and tried to see if she was the nurses’ rounds, one of my conscious but there was no During one of our rush hours at the ward where I am fellow nurses led her to be- answer. Again and again the a nurse, I heard one of my fellow nurses trying to lieve that she was finally re- personnel tried to wake her calm a hyperventilating patient. “Madam, I want you up. to breathe in and out,” she intoned. “In and out— covering when she excitedly dahan-dahan lng po—in and out.” announced, “Hala mam, dili At last, the woman opened Anxiously, the patient, still out of breath, replied, “May na kayo hubag imong nawong one eye, irritated, and an- ibang paraan pa ba?” kay nanggawas na ang imu- swered, “Paghilom usa dong hang mga wrinkles.” kay nagapangadyi pa ko.” -Anonymous -Visual Vanity -Frances Y.
  10. 10. THINK ABOUT IT! Editor in chief: DARYL PANERIO, RN Associate Editor: LEVIEN GAIL LEDESMA, RN The Starfish Story Managing Editor: CZAKEI FAYE PATIÑO, RND By LOREN EISLEY O Circulation Editor: JOANN SIENES, RN ne day a man was walking along the beach News Editor: NEIL ARINZOL, RN when he noticed a boy picking something up Features Editor: FRANCIS JOSEPH FAELDONIA, RN and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you do- Layout Artist: DARYL PANERIO, RN ing?” The youth replied, “Throwing a starfish back into Juvie maY bonifacio the ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.” Photojournalist: Carlotta garcia “Son,” the man said, “don’t you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You can’t make a difference!” Editorial Consultants After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish, and threw it back into the MARIA HELENA VENERACION-GARCIA , MD surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said… & “I made a difference on that one!” RONALDO VENERACION, MD The Scorpion Moment Contributors/Researchers T MANUEL CABANGBANG, RN AUTHOR UNKNOWN MADELAINE TORRIJOS, RN here was this Hindu who saw a scorpion FRANCIS FAELDONIA, RN floundering around in the water. He decid- ed to save it by stretching out his finger, but the MAE LOMBOY, RN scorpion stung him. The man still tried to get the scorpion out of the water, but the scorpion stung FRANCES NOELLE YAPHOCKUN, RN him again. KATHLYN CHLOE FONTANILLA, RN A man nearby told him to stop saving the scor- pion that kept stinging him. MA. EVELYN FILOTEO, RMT But the Hindu said: "It is the nature of the scorpion to sting. It is my nature to love. Why BENJAMIN TORRIJOS, DVM should I give up my nature to love just because it ALLAN FENEQUITO is the nature of the scorpion to sting?" Dont give up loving. MARK REUBEN ARAT, RN Dont give up your goodness. Even if people around you sting. ERICK VON FREDELUCES, RN Smile’s Encouragement The GAZETTE AUTHOR UNKNOWNA All Rights Reserved. friend once told me a story about a man who had grown tired and weary of his life. One gloomy day, he decided tojump at a nearby bridge to commit suicide. While on his way,he told himself that if ever he would meet one smiling person onthe way, he would turn back from doing his foreboding task. But the story did not end as to whether the man had com- St. Elizabeth Hospital Inc.mitted suicide or not. However it posed a single question—one National Highwayof those uncanny questions that pop out in the mind every now Cor. Santiago Boulevardand then, “If that man had met you, would he have continued General Santos Cityon his task of jumping off the bridge and commit suicide?” (083) 552-3162 Well, would he?