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  • 1. CYBER SECURITY FORUM 2010 P resentation by: Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah CEO, CTO London, UK June 17, 2010
  • 2. CTO: 100 Years of ICT Experience
    • From Past….
      • 1901: Pacific Cable Board: an ICT infrastructure consortium
      • 1930s-70s: Accounting Rates Settlement Organisation
      • 1960s on: Owned by Telcos of newly Independent states
      • 1975-Present Capacity Building and Training for Telco professionals
      • Newly created regulators joined in the mid-90s and after 2,000
      • 2002: Constitution converted it into an inter-governmental organisation
    • To Present…
      • Simultaneously owned by governments , regulators, ICT companies, suppliers and other stakeholders, Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth. Focus now broadly on ICTs, especially using PPPPs.
      • Today, Cybersecurity is one of key issues for CTO
  • 3. CTO Membership structure
    • Full Member Countries (FMC)
    • All Commonwealth countries are considered members
    • But those that contribute to the Management Budget are considered Full Members
    • FMCs appoint members to the CTO Council
    • 40 FMCs
    • Sector Members
    • Open to Non-Commonwealth countries, territories and ICT entities
    • Around 70 Sector Members including operators and industry partners
    • Rwanda was a CTO Sector Member before joining the Commonwealth
    • Government of Southern Sudan is currently a Sector Member
  • 4. Mission
    • Offer the highest quality programmes for capacity development, knowledge sharing and information services
    • Expand and diversify the partnerships between governments, businesses and other organisations to reduce global poverty and achieve the MDG’s for ICT
    • Help bridge the digital and knowledge divide in the five key sectors of food & agriculture (e-nutrition), education (distance learning), health (telemedicine), e-government and e-commerce
    • Facilitate the successful development of ICT’s to support socio-economic development objectives of member governments
    • Assist stakeholders to tackle challenges of ICT development of which Cybersecurity is of primary concern
  • 5. What we do
    • National and regional ICT Policy Planning programmes
    • Training and capacity building in policy, regulation, technology and business development
    • Advisory and consultancy services
    • International and regional conferences and seminars
    • Research and studies
    • Information and publication services
    • Range of support services, including dispute resolution and international recruitment support
    • Special Focus on Universal Access and Rural Communications
    • Created African Universal Service and Access Agencies Association
    • Launching 2010 Commonwealth Telecom Dev Fund (CTDF)
  • 6. Global Cybersecurity Agenda
      • The Global Cybersecurity Agenda: launched 2007 by ITU
      • The CTO took part as member of the High Level Experts Group
      • GCA was built on five pillars:
      • Legal (Legislative &Regulatory) Measures
      • Technical (Standardisation) Measures
      • Organisational Structures (esp. in-country)
      • Capacity Building
      • International Cooperation
      • After one year of deliberations, the GCA issued a report in August 2008 with important recommendations
      • This CTO Cyber Security Forum facilitates Harmonisation
  • 7. CTO & Cybersecurity
      • CTO promotes ICT-enabling Governments, Companies & Societies
      • Without Robust Cybersecurity Frameworks, there is great risks to Governments, Companies, Communities, & Individuals, and prospects for ICTs to help create a global village
      • How Can Stakeholders Collaborate To Give Sufficient attention to Cyber- Security??
      • What can organisations such as the CTO do?
      • We can Undertake Research and Study Specific Aspects
      • We can help in Advocacy Programmes
      • We can Advise Governments, Companies and other entities
      • We can Help to Build capacity and to train professionals
      • We can Facilitate Knowledge –Sharing and Best Practices
      • Yes, We Can !!
  • 8. Cybersecurity Forum 2010
    • Based on the CTO’s mandate, core competencies and its unique network of policy makers, regulators and operators, the event aims to:
    • Create awareness of the many facets of Cyber Threats
    • Alert stakeholders of the need for robust Cybersecurity frameworks
    • Build capacity of key decision makers to improve Cybersecurity
    • Promote best-practice & international cooperation in Cybersecurity
    • Facilitate PPP partnerships (4Ps) between different stakeholders, to enable the flow of information, expertise and resources
  • 9. Future activities
    • Following this Forum, the CTO plans to:
    • Act as a platform to disseminate information and to facilitate interactions on the subject
    • Build elements of Cybersecurity into CTO’s work programme
    • Gain the ownership of our stakeholders for this Forum, including the Governing Council
    • Continue to evangelize on relevant topics
    • Make the Cybersecurity Forum an annual event, in London or elsewhere
  • 10. Invitation & Conclusion
    • Consider partnering with the CTO in aspects of your operations
    • Consider becoming a CTO member: enjoy all the benefits
    • Help us develop Training Content on Cyber-Security & offer Courses
    • Work with Us in Joint Programmes to Advise our Members
    • Help Us in Advocacy Programmes with Law makers, etc
    • Enjoy the Networking Opportunities Afforded by this Forum
    • Find out who is doing what when and how in Cyber-Security
    • Take part in any continuing interactions through the CTO
    • Attend next year’s and future CTO Cybersecurity Forums
    • And please visit our website at www.cto.int
  • 11.
    • Some CTO Contacts
    • Bashir Patel
    • Director of Programmes and Business Development Email: [email_address]
    • 44(0)208 600 3802
    • Lasantha De Alwis
    • Corporate Secretary/Senior Manager, Programmes
    • Email: [email_address]
    • 44(0)208 600 3814
    • Marcel Belingue
    • Senior Manager, Programmes
    • Email: [email_address]
    • 44(0)208 600 3816
    • Samuel Fletcher
    • Manager, International Events & Corporate Communications
    • Email: [email_address]
    • 44(0)208 600 3809