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A day in Leno (Bs) - Italy
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A day in Leno (Bs) - Italy


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Partecipazione della classe 2^ D Cat dell'I.I.S. Vincenzo Capirola al pogetto didattico 2013-14 "Dall'archivio, alla scuola, al territorio". Insegnante Manuela Tebaldini

Partecipazione della classe 2^ D Cat dell'I.I.S. Vincenzo Capirola al pogetto didattico 2013-14 "Dall'archivio, alla scuola, al territorio". Insegnante Manuela Tebaldini

Published in: Education
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  • 1. A DAY IN LENO
  • 2. STAY Near the city centre but far from the urban traffic, “Lenotel” hotel reserves you welcoming and intelligent spaces, with new rooms and a new structure. It is a four star hotel. Different solutions are thought for you to satisfy all what you need. In summer there is a swimming pool where you can have a relaxing moment after a workday. HOTEL LENOTEL
  • 3. STAY The hotel Garden is a three star hotel, it is near the city centre but it is older than Lenohotel. The Lucky hotel is a small structure usually used by lorry drivers, the atmosphere is simple and essential. In the countryside there is a bed and breakfast (B&B) called Morandino and it is popular to people who like staying in the green. B&B MORANDINO
  • 4. For breakfast you can have a nice capuccino or an espresso to start a lucky day at the Rossini confectionery. The pastries, cupcakes and croissants are fresh and delicious and there are special prices for students and teachers as well. Have lunch in one of the traditional inn and enjoy the regional specialities at the “Primaver” or the homemade lunches at “L’Ocanda”. Near the school there is the Cosmopolitan, very popular for the happy hour or for light lunches during the work days. EAT L’OCANDA RESTAURANT
  • 5. For a quick snack there are a lot of bakeries where you can have fresh bread and pastries for a nice picnic under a tree in the park nearby. For a romantic dinner, the Sabidi is a luxurious restaurant where couples and groups can have a tasty menu for all occasions. EAT SABIDI RESTAURANT
  • 6. Have a walk along the lanes crossing the surrounding fields around manor houses and farms. It is really impressive to see how many poppies colour the countryside in spring time and the yellow corn colour it in summer time. For a cultural visit you can enter villa “Badia”, whose rooms are so nicely decorated that they are also used as locations for videos, photos, reading sections, painting exhibitions, or other educational meetings. BROWSE VILLA BADIA
  • 7. The main church is dedicated to the Saints Peter and Paul, it dates back XI century. Two marble lions are at the entrance and they symbolize that the village was dominated by the Venetian Republic around 1783. Villa Seccamani is situated near the city centre and is a very well maintained villa with a well kept garden and park all around it. BROWSE VILLA SECCAMANI
  • 8. Leno is a market town, on Tuesdays there is the local market with lots of stalls where to buy shoes, clothes and dresses, but also houseware, kitchenware, food, vegetables. Lots of people from the neighbourhood come to buy street food: fish chips, roasted chickens. Don’t miss the Friday market where you can find bio, local and slow food. DON'T MISS
  • 9. Enjoy the feasts like the trophy of St. Benedect (a cycling race) in March, the festival of “pa e formai” (bread and cheese) in September and the Great Carnival of Carnival (with a wonderful parade) in February or March. Why not .....
  • 10. Why not... Have a taste of : •Casoncelli (called in Brescian dialect “casoncei”) homemade tortellini dressed with spilled butter, sage and Parmisan cheese. •Polenta: made with yellow flour •Spiedo: made of various types of meat slowly roasted on huge grills. A good speido takes 7 or 8 hours of cooking.”