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SEA Fundraising Workshop - Rob Kubasko
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SEA Fundraising Workshop - Rob Kubasko


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  • 1. The M’s of Success SEA Fundraising Event
  • 2. What we’ll be talking about... • What are core campaign components? • What’s your theme? • Who do you need to speak to? • How much money will you need to win? • How will you raise it?
  • 3. A little about me... • A designer, writer and strategist • Began in direct mail almost 20 years ago • Online art/creative director for ASU • Bob Dole’s was my first client in 1995 • Creative director at McCain for President
  • 4. Yes, I’m a Republican... • Lifelong independent who became a Republican about a year ago • For today, party is irrelevant • This is about running a successful campaign
  • 5. The M’s of success... Successfully running for office comes down to four things: • Message • Management • Money • Mobilization Notice there’s no “t”
  • 6. Message • Politically speaking, the message is what defines you and your campaign • Successful messages resonate with the viewer and respond to the environment • Message drives success, technology accelerates its acceptance
  • 7. Message: Audience • Know your universe: registered voters in your region/district • Work with your local/state party or a mail shop to get it • You’re looking for gender, party and active voters • Opposition analysis
  • 8. Message: Environment • What’s happening to your neighborhoods and businesses? • What’s the state of government and the issues people care about? • How do your qualifications, experiences and ideas solve problems? • You don’t need an answer for everything
  • 9. Message: Design • “Brand” equals consistency • Reflect your community and yourself • Know what your name will be on the ballot, keep it the same everywhere
  • 10. When you emphasize everything, you emphasize nothing.
  • 11. everything, you mphasize emphasize nothing.When yo , you When you emphasize every othing. everything, you emphas mphasize emphasize nothing.When yo , you When you emphasize every othing. everything, you emphas mphasize emphasize nothing.When yo , you When you emphasize every othing. everything, you emphas mphasize emphasize nothing.When yo , you When you emphasize every othing. everything, you emphas
  • 12. Message: Analysis • Change We Can Believe In • It resonates and responds • Ambiguously universal • Technology did not elect Barack Obama, it helped
  • 13. Management • Your goal is to get the number of votes needed to win • You do this by managing two resources: money and people • Knowing your audience is key to this • Will you have help? Manager, volunteer coordinator and treasurer
  • 14. Management: Time • When is election day? • Are you well known? • Do you have a primary or opponents? • Is early/absentee voting a big deal? • You need to know this so you can budget effectively
  • 15. Management: Expenses • Signs (Yard and Road) • Mail (Four: Intro, Issues, Poeple & GOTV) • Other (Doorhangers, Events, Letters, etc.) • Volunteer (Phones, Waking, etc.) • Online? (Web Site, Email and Services) • Have lots of friends. (Free)
  • 16. Management: Reminder • Fully understand your fundraising and expense reporting requirements for your race • Find a trusted, reliable person to serve as your campaign’s treasurer to do it • Or you will be fined, possibly imprisoned and sad
  • 17. Management: Cost Estimates $1,500 Yard Signs (500) $1,500 Road Signs (25) 4x4 two-color with posts and ties $5,750 Mailer (15,000) 6x9 bulk rate full color cards with labeling and postage $2,500 Others (Doorhangers, etc.) $1,000 Volunteer (Phones, Walking, etc.) $2,000 Online (Web Site, Email & Services)
  • 18. Management: Sample Budget Council Race in Tempe, AZ (Population: 185,000, Universe: 15,000) $3,000 Yard Signs (1,000) $3,000 Road Signs (50) 6x9 bulk rate full color cards with labeling and postage $21,000 Mailer (4) three 6x9 postcards, one 4x6 bulk rate postcard $6,000 Others (Doorhangers, etc.) $1,500 Online (Web Site, Email & Services) $34,500 Total
  • 19. Money: Fundraising Tips • Have someone ask for you • Start with clubs and affiliations • Comfortable settings and audiences • High dollar and low dollar donors • Donor envelopes make giving easier • Give people reasons to write a check
  • 20. Money: Strategies • If you have a well thought out message, you’ll be more confident when it comes to asking for money • If you have a well thought out budget, you’ll be more confident conveying to people why you need their money. • Be honest • Lead by example
  • 21. Mobilization: It’s all asking... • Ask people in your area who are involved in politics for advice • Ask associations, clubs and groups to be heard and to listen • Ask your friends to help, walk and raise money • ASK EVERYONE FOR THEIR VOTE
  • 22. What we talked about... • Message, Management, Money and Mobilization • Know the the voters in your universe. • Build your message on your universe, environment, challenges and unique abilities to address them • Signs, mail and other collateral cost $ • Raise it through associations, networks and a well thought message and budget
  • 23. For more... • Rob Kubasko • • @robkubasko