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Inb101 farrwharton edited

  1. 1. Providers and Intended Users • Service provided on Cloud IaaS Platform • Intended Audiences o Farmers - Sellers of Products o Supermarkets - Buyers of Products o Logistics Companies - Bid for transport contracts
  2. 2. Pricing factors: • Subscription-based • Free 3-month trial • Discounts handed out if a successful recommendation was made
  3. 3. Legal factors • Patents o Ensure no patents exist for this auction system o Licences and royalties to be finalised • Liability o CloudBarn does not handle or own goods o Non-liability for losses o Mitigate potential losses using the system • Copyright and Trade Name o Name and logo are currently unused o Gain permission to utilise base services
  4. 4. Constraints • Reliability of remote Internet connections o Mitigated by expanding satellite coverage o Future provisions by NBN rollout • Limited to participating companies • Intended users are Australian companies (local market)
  5. 5. Services Communication • WSDL registry file (XML doc - service description/endpoint) • External SOAP methods via HTTPS encrypted protocol • SOAP/SMTP for email • Google Maps and PayPal via SOAP API calls. • Internal browsing via REST methods with HTTPS as the preferred network protocol.
  6. 6. Seller(s) - Create Auction Request
  7. 7. Buyer(s) - Search by Category
  8. 8. Buyer(s) - Place a Bid screen
  9. 9. Buyer(s) - Account Settings
  10. 10. Logistics - Delivery Auction Listing
  11. 11. Buyer(s) - Track Order screen
  12. 12. Thank you. Any questions?
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