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Ent service computing

  1. 1. INB101: Impact of IT Service Computing Presentation
  2. 2. Overview • Service Computing o Personal o Local o Global • Integrated Services to make a mashup • About Dynamic Management Solution • Business Process’ Model • Mockup • Summary
  3. 3. Service Computing Overview • Service computing is fulfilling a task or process by a producer for a consumer. • Relevant technologies of Service computing include; o Cloud Computing o Service Orientated Architecture o Mashups o Software as a Service (IBM, 2013) • Through these method of service computing Individuals, Groups and Global Entities can achieve a more efficient means of task completion.
  4. 4. Service Computing: Personal • Individuals utilising service computing can eliminate the need for portable storage devices. o Utilising cloud computing means more reliable saving and transportation of files and media. • For the individual service computing can also have negative impacts in regards to Education. (Jones, 2003) o Whilst younger generations may naturally adopt technology as norm older generations are required to self teach these new technological means of efficiency.
  5. 5. Service Computing: Local • Small and Medium Business' can use and access sources effectively at minimal costs that large corporations pay millions for large dynamic programs. • This is evident in large corporate services like SAP. • Groups at a Business level can utilise Service computing to create mashups combining existing values of services and create new benefits through its intertwined integration.
  6. 6. • A better Financial Situation, A more focused Business Orientation, Improved Operational performance and User Specific Servicing. • All these beneficial impacts can be made form mashups in regards to Local groups involved in service computing. Service Computing: Local
  7. 7. Service Computing: Global • On a global scale firms in business with each other are increasingly dependent on the reliability and guarantee ability of services. • This has resulted in companies re-adjusting their core abilities to suit a service computing format and often outsourcing to services to achieve a more beneficial economic outcome. (Kern, Hegering, & Brügge, 2006)
  8. 8. Service Computing: Global • Cloud computing is cheap and can hold the volume of a Typical Automated System. (Harwell, 2010)
  9. 9. Current Situation Large organisations are able to purchase software products which allow them to integrate all aspects of their business into one area - prime example is SAP. Products like these are not cost effective for Small - Medium Enterprises. Dynamic Management Solution creates an affordable option for SMEs.
  10. 10. Dynamic Management Solution • Creating an affordable Software As A Service package for small to medium enterprises • By integrating products which control; • accounting processes • customer relationships • records • tasks These products are…
  11. 11. Dropbox • Online storage solution for businesses and private use • Storage size in packages • 50GB - $50/month • Infrastructure As A Service as it provides space for storage only (Dropbox,2013)
  12. 12. Dropbox Features • Share files with other Dropbox Users • Share file as link to Non-Dropbox Users • Access files on mobile devices • Easy to use • Uses HTTPS – secure web browsing • Free storage options are lower than competitors (Dropbox, 2013)
  13. 13. Reckon Accounts • Cloud based accounting package for SME (Small / Medium Enterprises) • Manages financial business processes including; o Accounts receivable o Accounts payable o Payroll • Software As A Service
  14. 14. Reckon Accounts Features • Allows for reporting • Industry specific version • Up to 30 users have access • Outlook Integration • Multiple versions available depending on business complexity and needs – Easystart, Accounting, Plus, Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Hosted
  15. 15. Trello • To Do List cloud based organisational service • Organise anything, together • Collaborate with other users • Software As A Service
  16. 16. Trello Features • Google App Integration • $200 per year for an organisation • Company data export • Allow for Trello to be viewed only from external users • Real-time collaboration • Task assignment (Trello, 2013)
  17. 17. Microsoft Dynamic CRM • Solutions for • Sales • Customer Care • Marketing • Social • Technology • Automates customer related business process • Organisational product
  18. 18. Microsoft Dynamic CRM • Service Plans available • Unlimited online training • Integrates with Microsoft Office Suite, Office365, SharePoint as well as many others • Mobile Device support • Guided Sales Process (Microsoft, 2013)
  19. 19. Business Process Model
  20. 20. Mockup - Accessing Accessed via web-login (login details determines what is accessible)
  21. 21. Mockup – Customers Upon save and close by Customer • Notification sent to Customer Relationship Manager if insufficient goods available (to be followed up with supplier and customer) • Notification is sent to Warehouse for goods to be picked if in stock Auto-populated from Dynamics CRM based on login Customer selects products from list Throughout the process Trello tasks are automatically allocated to staff via workflows with links to “next steps”.
  22. 22. Mockup – Employees Throughout the process Trello tasks are automatically allocated to staff via workflows with links to “next steps”. Reckon Accounts integration means business process is mapped visually for employees to follow Integration with DropBox provides attachment options for Supplier records automatically stored in DropBox when attached
  23. 23. Summary • Service Computing is an effective solution for businesses • Dynamic Management Solution combines o Drop Box o Reckon Accounts o Trello o Microsoft Dynamic CRM • Affordable Alternative
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