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  1. 1. BlackBoard 2.0 Laurence Fairbairn, Frank Hart, Aidan D'Souza, Jenny Nguyen, and Felix Huang
  2. 2. •A service is an intangible commodity. •Services surround us in more ways than one. •Services can have direct impact on us at a personal, local and global level. •Computer services have had a huge impact on the modern world. Introduction
  3. 3. Personal • Able to manage own business, through a computer at home • Easily able to access information through IT services Local • Processes run behind a computer screen at a local hotel • IT services can easily correlate to business settings Global • Cloud computing services are able to be accessed through any internet source globally Personal, Local and Global level services
  4. 4. 1. Cloud Computing 1. Web Content Management 1. Social Networking 1. Predictive Analytics. The Four Services
  5. 5. Cloud Computing •PaaS/SaaS •Dropbox •Mostly available to the public •Accessed through a software run in the web Advantage: •Can allow data to be stored and accessed from anywhere given there is internet connection *(Paul, 2013). Cloud Computing & Web Content Management Web Content Management •SaaS •Blackboard •Usually available only to administrators •Automated and configured by an administrator Advantage: •Allows websites to be organized efficiently and with lessened human error *Paul, F. (2013, May 8). Cloud Jargon Unwound: Distinguishing Saas, IaaS and PaaS [Infographic]. Retrieved May 18, 2013, from
  6. 6. Social Networking •PaaS •Facebook •Accessible by most public users •Accessed through an platform run in the web Advantage: •Helps integrate applications with a program most often used by consumers Social Networking & Predictive Analytics Predictive Analytics •SaaS •IBM •Programmable and accessed by administrators •Generated by programmed software analyzing data. Advantage: Educated decisions can be made based on data which is critically analyzed by programs *(Predictive Analytics World, 2013). *Predictive Analytics World. (2013). Predictive Analytics Guide. Retrieved May 17, 2013, from
  7. 7. The Problem • Unreliable • Not user-friendly • Undelivered expectations The Solution • Offer a cleaner and portable service • Streamline information • Reduce complexity What is the problem and solution?
  8. 8. • Web Content Management • Cloud Storage • Social Networking Predictive Analytics How does the system work?
  9. 9. Business Process Model How does data flow in the system?
  10. 10. Blackboard 2.0 - Main screen
  11. 11. Blackboard 2.0 - Unit cloud Professor Justin O'Brien (2012)
  12. 12. Blackboard 2.0 - Real time lecture
  13. 13. Blackboard 2.0 - Resource Finder
  14. 14. Blackboard 2.0 - Virtual tutorial
  15. 15. • Course material anytime, anywhere, anyone • Simplify course building • Information streamlined to the student • Simplified data entry with predictive analytics Advantages and Strengths
  16. 16. • Major challenge: integration into current systems • Only replaces one of many services used by staff and students • Currently unable to integrate with some student gateways due to privacy issues Possible Improvements
  17. 17. • Institution facilitators • Tertiary educators • Tertiary students Stakeholders
  18. 18. • Learn current systems • Develop integration processes • Pitch to educational institution movers and shakers • Pitch to state and federal governments Marketing Strategy
  19. 19. Blackboard 2.0