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Video workshop Video workshop Presentation Transcript

  • Video Structure• Decide what style youwant to go for:Talking to camera,voice over, text, stockfootage• If you need inspiration,look at TV ads
  • Video Structure• Interview/presentationsetup• Record a stationary‘master shot’• Pick ups on certain lineswith different framing• Cut-aways of what you aretalking about
  • Shot Composition• How to make your shotslook pretty
  • Shot Composition• Rule of Thirds
  • Shot Composition• Position in the frame: Headroom
  • Shot Composition• Eye line
  • Shot Composition• Include movement in yourshots, it’s more interestingto look at• Try to keep your movementsteady
  • Shot Composition• Use variety in your shots
  • Shot Composition• Film rules are like the piratecode: they’re more likeguidelines• Once you know them, youcan break them for effect
  • Lighting• Ensure the subject isevenly lit• Natural light is better thanartificial• Watch for shadows
  • Lighting• Exposure• Match foreground andbackground lighting
  • Camera• Decide what you are goingto use: smart phone,camcorder, DSLR, webcam• Play around with yourcamera, experiment!• If you are unsure,automatic settings are yourfriend
  • Camera• Check your settings:• Frame rate: 24 fps, 25 fps• Resolution: SD/HD,854x480, 1280x720,1920x1080• Exposure• Focus• White Balance
  • Shooting• Check your rushes• Safety shots• Keep track of the goodtakes
  • Performance• Speak slowly, with plenty ofpauses. This gives youroom to edit• Don’t worry if you mess upa line, you can just do itagain
  • Sound• If using DSLR, you’ll need aseparate sound recorder• Make sure you run audiochecks• Audio peaking: never higherthan -6 db• If you can hear your voicedistorting, it’s too loud. If youhave too much ambient hiss,it’s too quiet• Maintain a steady volume ofspeech
  • Sound• Music• Background music canhelp cover dodgy parts inyour audio• Royalty free music•
  • Editing• Figure out your software,play around with it• Check that all your settingsmatch• Only import the good takes
  • Editing• Importing:• SD card, Bluetooth, USB,fileshare• Getting the correct file type(mp4, avi, wmv)•
  • Editing• Images and stock footage• Use royalty free/creativecommons content• Copyright laws are ruthless•
  • Editing• iMovie Interface
  • Editing• Editing on the beats• Does it feel right?• Use transitions and effectsappropriate to the tone ofyour video
  • Editing• Titles and graphics:• Presets are super easyand look good (most of thetime)• Simplest is often best
  • Editing• Double check, triple check,quadruple check your edit,make sure you’re happywith it• Get feedback from others
  • Demo• How to use iMovie
  • Tutorials• If there’s anything you’reconfused about, useYouTube tutorialsTHERE ARE THOUSANDSOF THEM
  • Questions?