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Pre the super_seed

  1. 1. The ‘SUPER SEED’
  2. 2. WHAT IS IT The super seed is a genetically modified seed that will grow into fruit or/and vegetable. This seed will grow in half of the time of a normal seed and can grow in some hot and dry weather conditions. The produce grown from the super seed will be FULL of essential vitamins and minerals for healthy living. The super seed is targeted in the poorer countries to help conquer poverty in this world. Poverty and hunger is a major issue that should no longer be worried about.
  3. 3. WORKS• ‘super seed’ is planted into soil • Water generously. In countries of poverty, left over, used water can definitely be used to water the seeds • Make sure the plant is exposed to plenty of sunlight, and plenty of water • the plant should sprout, and grow full-grown vegetation within half the time of a normal plant (approximately 2 weeks maximum) The genetics of the seed/plant allow it to follow through the photosynthesis process a lot quicker than a normal plant. This results in a full grown vegetation crop within weeks of constant care. As this plant has been designed for hotter, drier regions, it also has a produces extra wax on the leaves etc. of the plant to ensure none of the plant is burned or damaged due to the constant exposure of the sun/heat. This may mean that the plant produces extra wax from the cuticles for extra protection, and to lock the moisture in. However, the wax cuticles will know where and how much wax to produce to ensure the stoma is free for the gas exchange.
  4. 4. NS • Being able to grow in hot & mostly dry conditions, the ‘super seed’ will be able to grow in countries of poverty (mainly in Africa) • the super seed will grow into vegetation with plenty of vitamins and minerals, to help feed the frail and malnourished population of countries in poverty. • Vegetation grows in approximately half of the time that it would normally • This super seed will help farmers grow produce in some dry regions of Australia if needed. (versatile)
  5. 5. E The map of Africa on the right indicated the countries with large percentages of poverty in red. These countries would be best suited for the ‘super seed’ as the weather conditions are mostly hot and dry, and the people within these countries need an invention like the ‘super seed’. Also, some hot regions of Australia, like South Australia and the Northern Territory could also be suitable. This would make it easier for farmers to grow their produce.