Green Boating Tips
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Green Boating Tips



This presentation offers tips that reduce your boating footprint and be a green boater.

This presentation offers tips that reduce your boating footprint and be a green boater.



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Green Boating Tips Green Boating Tips Presentation Transcript

  • Reducing Your Boating Footprint Presented by: , the #1 Listing & Marketing Portal for Yachts & Boats for Sale.
  • Can Boating Be Green?
    • Boating activities leave residues in water
    • Boating consumes energy as the gas used for boats is made of precious fossil fuels
    • Green Boater is a Smart Boater
  • Advantages of Green Boating
    • Kinder on Earth
    • Saves you money
    • Makes you an environmentally responsible human
  • Green Boating Tips—Engine
    • Keep your engine well tuned and in top condition
    • A well tuned engine is lesser likely to have oil spills that pollute the water
    • Have mechanisms in place to limit the damage that could be caused by oil spills
      • Cover the area around your boat’s engine with rags or other oil absorbent materials.
  • Green Boating Tips—Fuelling
    • When re-fuelling your boat, do so slowly and very carefully to avoid oil spills
    • Leave 10% of oil tank empty
      • Oil expands when heated
      • Filling your tank fully will cause the oil to drip
    • In case of an oil spill, don’t use soap
  • Green Boating Tips—Maintenance
    • Well maintained boat has lower gas emissions
      • Service your boat regularly to keep it in a well maintained condition.
    • Keep boat’s propeller and hull clean and free of marine growth
    • Use environment friendly, phosphate free products for cleaning your boat
  • Green Boating Tips—General
    • The bottom of your boat is in constant contact with water
    • Use eco-friendly paints at the bottom that are low in toxins
    • Don’t throw the trash generated on the boat, in the water
    • Dispose it off at the designated areas on the shore
    • Properly drain your boat sewage.
  • Save Money By Going Green
    • Drive at cruising speed instead of top speed
      • You will burn less fuel this way
        • Kinder on environment & your pocket
    • A well maintained boat is more fuel efficient
      • Gives extra mileage
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