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Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)
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Internet2 slide 1 (main slide)


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  • 1. 09BCE035
    Arpan Patel
    Internet 2
  • 2. Contents:
    What is Internet2 ?
    History of Internet2
    Important dates
    Why Internet2 ?
    Internet2 Mission
    The Goal of Internet2 ?
    Why is it important ?
    Security in Internet2
    Future of Internet2 ?
  • 3. Advanced Internet Projects:
    Next Generation Internet (NGI)
    • Focused on:
    Federal mission agency needs
    Maintaining US Internet leadership
    • Focused on:
    Higher education needs
    Moving the public Internet to the next level
  • 4. What is Internet2 ?
    • Internet2 is a not-for-profit consortium, led by over 220 US universities, developing and deploying advanced network applications and technology, accelerating the creation of tomorrow's Internet, since 1996.
    • 5. Provides a high-performance network environment for the US research and education community. Optimized to meet the needs of research, teaching, learning, clinical and outreach missions of that community.
    • 6. An organization that serves academic and technology needs at all levels of education
    • 7. A venue that brings together academics and scientists from all over the world.
    • 8. Develops high speed data transfer applications
    • 9. Enables the development and deployment of new network, middleware and applications technologies, services and protocols
    • 10. Close collaborations with government: NIH, NSF, NLM, NASA, to name only a few.
    • 11. Primary purpose is to help education.
  • In the 90’s the Internet gained in public recognition and popularity.
    Universities were among the first institutions to outgrow the Internet's bandwidth limitations because of the data transfer requirements
    Some universities wanted to support high-performance applications like data mining, medical imaging and particle physics.
    This resulted in the creation of the very-high-performance Backbone Network Service, or vBNS, developed in 1995 by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and MCI, specifically to meet the needs of the supercomputers at educational institutions.
    The concept of the “next-generation Internet” was born.
    The Internet2 Project was originally established by 34 university researchers in 1996 .
    The Internet2 consortium administrative headquarters is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with offices in Washington, D.C.
    The Internet2 community, in partnership with Qwest, built the first Internet2 Network, called Abilene.
    In 2006, Internet2 announced a partnership with Level 3 Communications to launch a brand new nationwide network, boosting its capacity from 10 Gbit/s to 100 Gbit/s.
    In October, 2007, Internet2 officially retired Abilene and now refers to its new, higher capacity network as the Internet2 Network.
    History of Internet2
  • 12. Timeline
    October 1, 1996 – Internet2 is launched
    1997- Inernet2 goes international when Canada joins, and cooperate when Cisco joins.
    2000- Internet2 member achieve 831 Mbps of data from Redmond, Washington to Arlington, Virginia in under 82 seconds.
    2006 – internet2 celebrates its 10 years with 200 U.S. universities ,70 leading corporations, 45 govt. agencies, 50 international partners.
  • 13. Why Internet2?
    Real-time access to remote resources
    Large-scale multi-site computation and data mining
    Interactive collaboration
    Rich, multi-media digital libraries
    Shared virtual reality
    Accelerating the creation of tomorrow's Internet
  • 14. Goals
    • Develop advanced internet applications
    • 15. Accelerate the creation of tomorrows internet
    • 16. Enable new generation of applications
    • 17. Re-create leading edge R&E network capability
    • 18. Transfer technology and experience to the global
    production Internet
    • Create a partnership among the important
    parties involved:
  • Internet2  Objectives
    • Response to Research & Education Needs
    • 21. Applications Innovation & Demonstration
    • 22. Reliable, Broadband Desktop to Desktop Connectivity
    • 23. Intercampus
    • 24. Intracampus
    • 25. Higher Education Control
    • 26. Transparent Interface to the Commodity Internet
    • 27. Rapid Transfer to Commercial Sector
  • Importance:
    • Everything that gets developed on the internet where does it come from ??
    Internet2 facilitates this development
    • Internet2 and its members are developing and testing new technologies, such as IPv6, multicasting and quality of service (QoS) that will enable revolutionary Internet applications. However, these applications require performance not possible on today's Internet. 
    • 28. More than a faster Web or email, these new technologies will enable completely new applications such as digital libraries, virtual laboratories, distance-independent learning and tele-immersion.
  • Internet2 Security
    Security Task Force
    • EDUCAUSE/Internet2 created it July 2000
    • 29. Works to improve cyber-security and the protection of information assets and critical infrastructures
    Security Task Force goals:
    • Increase Education and Awareness
    • 30. Develop Standards, Policies and Procedures
    • 31. Design Security Architecture and Tools
    • 32. Increase Organization and Information Sharing
  • Future of Internet2?
    • Make the network available to the public, though no one is sure what this means
    • 33. Integrate the present internet into internet2
    • 34. Rebuild / Retrofit the current internet around the architecture developed for the internet2
    • 35. Bring down the partnership cost of being involved in the project so more novel companies can participate, contribute, and benefit
    • 36. Connectivity: Reliable, Scalable, High performance
    • 37. Ease of use, privacy, and security
    • 38. Integration with advanced applications
  • Internet2 Corporate Partners
  • 39. Internet2 International Partners
  • 40. Internet2 Universities209 University Members as of August 2007
  • 41. Internet2 vs Web2.0
    Not The Same