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Christmas Special Christmas Special Presentation Transcript

  • The Lords of the Isle:Christmas Special
    Because whoever said that those without Holiday Packs cannot make one is a fluke. ;p
  • Jeanne: Oh, great. You’re on to it again. I still haven’t gotten over that bubbly taste, you know.
    Sorry, Jeanne. But that’s just the natural order of things. Creators abuse their Sims, Sims whine as their Creators lord it all upon them. Oh, and do welcome Robert into this project. it’s his first time, as you know.
    Jeanne: Welcome to a world of pain, brother.
  • Well, at least some people have a more positive outlook.
    Marie: Hey, look! The sky is glitching!
    Er... no? Those are... um... Christmas lights! Yeah!
  • So. Yeah. Once upon a time, there was a family who lived in a log cabin. Oh, no, they are not merely clones of a family, set in the dummy hood, living in a blank 1x3 lot, who have just gone on a vacation to Three Lakes to shoot scenes in a log cabin they have bought with familyfunds. No, see, they are a family who lived in a log cabin.
  • Now, this family loved each other very...
  • ...very...
  • ...very much.
    Arthur: Urgh. PDA. I think I’m gonna hurl.
    Jeanne: Nope, I don’t see anything. So... have you heard about this Christmas Holiday Stuff, Bel-Bel?
  • Also, they were extremely playful. Even more so than a bunch of escaped workshop-elves high on bubbles.
    Arthur, Robert, and Jeanne: Roland is a Popularity Sim.
    Er... he’s just a kid.
  • Arthur: It never snows in our place, and yet I feel so cooooold. Must... warm... self...
    Kid, it’s just the heebee-jeebies.
    Arthur: Wha-? Who’s there?
    Don’t try that self-aware thing, young man. It’s been done before.
  • Robert: So... cold...
    Arthur: Told you, so.
    Ha, who needs Seasons? Take that, Seasons and your silly Snow of Freezing Doom! Did I mention that I hate snow? </blasphemy>
  • Jeanne: Okay, Mom. What gives? It’s cold, we’re more hyper than usual, and we’re staying in a log cabin. And since the Creator thought it cool for me to pretend not to know what Christmas is all about and that I have to ask you– Oops.
    Marie: Er... *Roland, off-cam, raises idiot card* It’s because it’s Christmas, honey.
    Jeanne: Christmas? What’s that?
  • Marie: It’s that time of the year when families everywhere gather together in love and celebrate the Christian God’s birthday, which, some scholarly studies would suggest, is actually sometime around March or April.
    Jeanne: Wow, very informative. Really what I want to know.
    I try my best, Jeannie. I try my best.
  • Marie: But basically, and regardless of religion (which the Creator does not wish to dwell on, in an attempt to be politically correct in dealings with non-Christian parties) Christmas is a time for love and solidarity, of prayerful attitude (again, not pertaining solely to Christians) and kinship towards everyone.
    And the Creator wishes us to celebrate it today, despite the lack of the overly commercialized </Creator’s bias> Holiday Fun Stuff. Which, Jeanne, leads to...
  • Jeanne: Oh, no. The Creator wants you to “groom” me and perform a makeover, doesn’t he?
  • Jeanne: But Mom—
    Marie: It is high time, Jeannie, for you to grow up into a proper lady. True, your father did a bad job and you grew into a boorish swashbuckling barbarian, but we are going to remedy that now.
    Jeanne: Er... dear readers? Help?
    Jeanne: Hey, I look goood... er... I mean, hey! I look stupid AND WHY AM I WEARING A GREEN DRESS?
    It’s Christmas! Green and red! Besides, we all know that the tomboy act’s only just an act, Jeanne dear.
  • Marie: Encourage to be Neat!
    Jeanne: Hey, what’s this? Bye-bye, nine years’ healthy layer of dirt*. I’ll miss you.
    Marie: Well done! Now, go and be a proper princess, honey.
    Line courtesy of Toph, from Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • At least Bel-Bel doesn’t seem to mind.
    Jeanne: She’s named after a frigging Queen. AND she’s Shy and Nice. And Encouraged Neat.
    But she’s a lot more Playful than you are, so there.
  • Arthur: Yeah, so we’re the most handsome boys in the neighborhood.
    Roland: Yeah, chicks from all over the Isla will dig us!
    Robert: Guys... we’re the only boys in the main neighborhood.
  • Arthur: Hey, who let the pretty girl in? Oh, and hi Bel-Bel.
    Roland: ...Nope, no idea who she is.
    Jeanne: I’ll gut you guys through and through.
    Boys: Oh. Hi Jeannie.
  • Roland: Hey, just how many churches can one neighborhood have?
    Well, this one here is a Church. The one you frequent, Roland, is a Chapel. This one’s Bigger.
    Roland: I thought you’re keeping religion out of this, Narrator Dude.
    Jeanne: Please. This was the same idiot who said he’ll keep electronics away in-game.
  • And so the family took their seats and prepared to pray: to pray in gratitude for all the good things they have received this year, to pray in gratitude for having a closely-knit family, and to pray for a more peaceful, and a happier, world.
  • Ah. Isn’t it nice to see that the prayerful Christmas spirit is still very much alive?
  • Then again, with an atmosphere like this, it is kinda hard not to be all solemn-like.
    Custom window from Lethe, ModtheSims2.
  • Damian: Just how long will the Creator keep us here?
    Marie: I don’t know. ...But I feel... used.
    Damian: Like the Creator put us here so that he could showcase his building skills?
    Marie: Yeah.
  • But of course, Christmas is also about fun and games, and at length, our little family returns home to gather by the campfire and tell stories and roast marshmallows.
    And Robert here stands like the cute Sim child that he is. Of course, he’s reminding me of how I neglected his childhood. Sooooory!
  • And of course, the campfire leads to the bonfire...
    Jeanne: Dad, I love you, but you’re a dunderhead.
  • ...Which leads into the forest fire...
  • Oh, dear. The poor pine tree. Whatever shall we do with it?
  • Jeanne: But that’s just the same tree you can Buy from...
    Jeanne: Oh, look. A Christmas Tree. And presents. Whoopie.
  • Ysabel: Merry Christmas, Mama!
    Marie: Merry Christmas!
  • Damian: Merry Christmas, Jeannie. I have something for you.
  • Jeanne: oh, yeah, sur– what, this is for real? Really? For me?!
    Damian: Yes, for you! Sure, you’ve almost hacked poor Artie to death, run away, almost got killed by your evil uncle, and talked to a lot of strangers, but otherwise, you’ve been a good girl this year.
    Jeanne: Aww. Thanks, Daddy.
  • Jeanne: And. Yeah... I love you, too, Dad.
  • People making lists Buying special gifts It's time to be kind to one and all
  • It's that time of year When good friends are dear And you wish you could give more than just a present from a store
  • Why don't you give love on Christmas Day
    (on Christmas Day)
  • Every little child on Santa's knee Has room for your love underneath his tree
  • Give love on Christmas Day
    (on Christmas Day)
  • No greater gift is there than love.
  • No greater gift is there than love.
  • Jeanne: Whose bright idea was it to give coal on Christmas day, anyway?
    Ysabel: I think I saw Roland digging at the backyard earlier.
    The Legacy Family
  • Again, I say unto ye all: the tomboy act is ever just an act.
    Michael Jackson for the awesome song, Give Love on Christmas Day
    ModtheSims2 for the kids’ outfits
    All-About-Style (I think) for Marie’s
    And no thanks to Sims 2 Holiday Fun Stuff