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R. Constantinescu - Science and Society
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R. Constantinescu - Science and Society


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The SEENET-MTP Workshop JW2011 …

The SEENET-MTP Workshop JW2011
Scientific and Human Legacy of Julius Wess
27-28 August 2011, Donji Milanovac, Serbia

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. PHYSICS AND SOCIETYSeenet-mtp: research and education Balkan Forum-Perspectives of Regional Cooperation In the frame of the Balkan Summer Institute Donji Milanovac, 27-31 September 2011Radu Constantinescu, University of Craiova, ROMANIA
  • 2. SEENET MTP: From Science to the Cultural Networking…?• The starting point: pure scientific network.• After the first meetings of the scientific community, we realized that South-Eastern European region is an interesting cultural and spiritual geographical area and it needs more insight into its complex social life.• CONLUSION: To be efficient and to really influence the scientific life of the region, the network had to put more efforts dedicated to a larger acceptance of the principle “unity in diversity”.
  • 3. “Mediana”- Roman Emperor Constantin Residence, Naissus - Nis, 2009
  • 4. “Cosmos, Culture, Education”-Sept. 2009
  • 5. SEENET and the UNESCO SURVEY: South East European Countries in Mathematics and Physics• MAIN OBJECTIVES: 1) support SEE States in defining their policies for science 2) identify the potential of the research centres and institutes to take an active part in regional and international scientific cooperation. 3) optimise the distribution of the future resources• MAIN ACTIVITY: mapping of research centres established in the region.• INVESTIGATED FIELDS: Mathematics and Physics (IN THIS PHASE)• INVESTIGATED ASPECTS: Financial Profile; Research staff Profile; Research Infrastructures; Performance Profile; Regional and international cooperation.• RESULTS / CONCLUSIONS ON THE COOPERATION IN THE REGION : 1) cooperation in the region: less than 10% from the institutions’ partnerships; 2) USA and Germany appear as the two privileged scientific partners; 3) privileged cooperation according to the cultural, geographical or political proximities: Romania with France, Serbia with Germany.
  • 6. 2011-2013: strategy and main objectives • Reinforce and extend the already established mobility for researchers, graduate and undergraduate students • Joint successful projects in European framework, as FP7 •Self-sustained Balkan/South-East European Research and Education Network in Physics and Mathematics •Promote the High quality in research and education (SEENET MTP - Quality Assurance Provider) • Reinforced interests for science in high schools by promoting activities as “Science and Society”.
  • 7. Thank you!