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Media Evaluation Q1 Seema Chumber
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Media Evaluation Q1 Seema Chumber



Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. G324 Advanced Portfolio: EvaluationSeema Chumber
  • 2. Most of my concepts for my media products came from watching amultitude of real-life media texts. The chosen theme of my project waschocolate adverts which are aimed pre-dominantly towards the femaleaudience, for example companies such as ‘Galaxy’, ‘Maltesers’ andmany more that use a similar sort of atmosphere to the oneconstructed in my adverts.
  • 3.  The mise en scene interpreted into chocolate adverts tend toinclude props you would find in a home setting such as sofas, aTV, a lamp, remote, candles etc. this can be seen in thisparticular advert by ‘Maltesers’ this is to create a soothing andrelaxing feeling, which the advertisers are trying to get acrosswith the audience so they can relate to it as, being in a realisticsetting/location and not in a unrealistic location such as in afiction chocolate factory as shown in this advert by ‘KinderSurprise’ .
  • 4.  Furthermore, costume is effective in creating a sense of comfort inchocolate adverts, for instance in a particular ‘Cadburys advert theyuse a gorilla costume this is to make the advert stand out, and toportray that chocolate adverts are entertaining, and can be more thanjust a female wearing casual clothing and consuming a chocolate. Forexample the actress/actor wears a pair of jeans and a top, chocolateadverts tend to hide away from anything too fancy because they wantthe main focus to be on the chocolate and not so much on theclothing, actress etc. Nevertheless this is a common convention usedin many chocolate adverts so companies such as ’Cadburys’ tries tochallenge conventions and uses its creativity to make their advertsstand out . Therefore this challenges the conventions of a chocolateadvert. However, in this case my adverts do not challenge theconventions of real media products, because two out of four of theadverts produced from my group ,utilise costuming in a particularway to make our adverts realistic , therefore we used formal clothinge.g. shirts, tops, cardigans, skirts, trousers etc. In essence this can beseen as using the conventions from real media products, an examplewhere causal clothes are being worn in an advert is this ‘Mars’ advert.
  • 5.
  • 6.  On the other hand, colour is just as important as costuming ‘Cadburys’uses the reoccurring colour theme of purple, whereas ‘Galaxy’normally uses dark shades such as browns and blacks the purpose ofthis is to make a connection between the product and the theme i.e.‘Galaxy’ chocolate is a brown, milk chocolate, these factors all takepart in making an advert memorable and effective to the audience.Similarly, in all our adverts we had a few recurring themes and one ofthem was colour, we used dark shades such as brown, black, burgundyetc. throughout all of our ads whether it be through clothing, the titlepage, props etc., this was done in order to make our advertsmemorable to an audience and to relate the theme to the product withmilk chocolate being brown. Purple
  • 7.  Nevertheless, music takes a vital role in making an advert stand out, thetypical upbeat sound is continuously used in most chocolate adverts forexample drum beats in the ‘Cadburys’ gorilla advert and the matrix style musicin the ‘Toblerone’ advert we can see that they are trying to convey thatchocolate gives you energy and confidence. However, my group challenged thisconvention by using a more subtle tone of music –a smooth jazz style of musicsimilarly to the ones used in adverts such as ‘Galaxy’. The intention of this wasto portray that chocolate brings you relaxation and entices a feeling of content.
  • 8.  In addition lighting is essential in the production of any advert, lightingexpresses the tone of the advert, low key lighting suggests a serious advertsuch as a charity plea advert or high key lighting which suggest it is supposedto be a light-hearted tone such as a crisps advert such as ‘Walkers’ advert.Therefore, we developed this into our media products in particular in advertone and two we had high-key lighting, the purpose of this feature was to grabthe audience’s attention and to express ‘Signature’ (our chocolate bar) as achocolate that brings an uplifting mood and can brighten your day. However, inour sponsorship we adapted the lighting from low-key lighting to high-keylighting this to show an explicit change in mood from when the main actor iscleaning, and then as she spots the chocolate her mood is uplifted, an exampleof this effect can be seen in this advert by ‘Galaxy’. On the other hand, this isnot always the case; low key lighting can also be used to show relaxation in thenight time e.g. in this advert by ‘Galaxy’.
  • 9.  Nevertheless, we aimed to challenge the conventions of usingexpensive and posh looking locations such as in ‘Ferrero Rocher’ –there is a recurrence of posh and expensive looking locations such aspalaces or mansions .Therefore we chose to use a house setting, weused two house locations and a restaurant setting in our adverts. Thiswas to create variance in our adverts and to make them more eyecatching and memorable. Location is also key in reference to time andspace in which we have to film, in advert one and the sponsorship weused two different houses, and advert two was in a restaurant, thisallowed us to be more flexible in filming varied shot types and angles.Moreover, we were able to move around freely in these locations e.g.we did not cause a disturbance to others or be disturbed ourselves,this was avoided by organising a time in which there was only thepeople in my group or other actors who were around at the time offilming. In essence this helped us to make the product and theadvertising an easy concept to understand for the audience, as we didnot have any disruptions such as the public making a noise or otherinterruptions.
  • 10.  Evidentially, we efficiently used our time and used our pre-made storyboardsand scripts to make the filming a logical sequence. In addition it was a bonusthat we filmed all of our adverts indoors, this was very beneficial withworking in a time limit as we were able to avoid the winter weather’s, if wehad opted for an outdoor setting this would be a difficult task. Moreover thiswidened our range for mise-en-scene in particular costuming and props, wewere able to expand on our imagination by using props such as, tea cups,trays etc. whereas most chocolate adverts are simplistic and minimal propsare used for example Cadbury’s adverts are quite simple e.g. using a gorillacostume and drum kits, these factors all take part in making an advertmemorable and effective.
  • 11.  Moving on, in relation to camera movements, we somewhat challenged andalso used conventions of a typical advert, in particular chocolate adverts as awhole tend to be limited in shot types, and restrict themselves to a couple ofshots and angles for example in this ‘T-Mobile advert, mostly medium andhigh angle shots are used. In all our adverts we tried to get as many shotdistances, close ups, big close ups, wide shots etc. to vary our shot types, thiswas to show the importance of the actress(s) and to make the story flow in alogical order which is clear to the audience for example we would use an overthe shoulder shot to show that the actress is watching T.V and anotherexample is the reaction when she finds the chocolate, this is done by back andforth shots between the revealing of the chocolate and the excitement shownthrough close-ups. A variety of shot types keep the audience attracted to theproduct and give a clear message of why ‘Signature’ is a great product.
  • 12.  Although there are some adverts such as ‘Maltesers’ adverts that contain anadequate amount of dialogue e.g. couple of women having a chat and then themusic/voiceovers come on, some adverts such as Cadburys’ tend to useminimal /non - diegetic sounds in their adverts, they usually have non -diegeticsounds such as soundtrack and voiceovers running constantly through theadvert. Therefore we challenged this convention, by using dialogue(diegetic)and also a voiceover and music (non-diegetic)across our adverts. This was tocreate a realistic scene which the audience could relate to, whereas if we hadused only one type of sound it would make our adverts boring and dull,avoiding this factor made our adverts unique.