Hottopic Cloud Computing Jkwu


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Hottopic Cloud Computing Jkwu

  1. 1. Cloud Computing:Service Availability and Scalable Storage Jikun Wu
  2. 2. • Service Availability• Scalable Storage• Discussion
  3. 3. Availability of a ServiceOne standard feature of Cloud Computing serviceis availability "anytime and anywhere“. Fast response time Low downtimeA quasi tagline: five nines (99.999%) availability
  4. 4. Cloud Incidents 2% 2% 17% Outage Autofail19% 60% Vulnerability DataLoss Hack Source from
  5. 5. ID Reported Summary Organization Services ID Reported Summary Organization Services Companies left staggering or totally Amazon Elastic Amazon Web Heroku Unable to Provision New Dedicated1 4/21/2011 knocked out because of server problems Compute Cloud 30 3/2/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting Services Databases in the Amazon datacenter (Amazon EC2) Connectivity Issues Affect External2 4/21/2011 PlayStation Network outages Sony PlayStation Network 31 2/28/2011 GoGrid GoGrid GoGrid CRM Twitter Experiences Delays in Delivering and API Experience Elevated3 3/25/2011 Twitter, Inc. Twitter 32 2/26/2011 Twitter, Inc. Twitter to Facebook and SMS Error Rates and API Experience Stability4 3/25/2011 Heroku Users Experience HTTP 503 Errors Heroku Cloud Hosting 33 2/24/2011 Twitter, Inc. Twitter Issues Experiences Unspecified5 3/25/2011 Twitter Experiences Tweet Delivery Delay Twitter, Inc. Twitter 34 2/23/2011 Twitter, Inc. Twitter Problems and Load Issues Heroku Shared Database Experienced GoGrid Customers Experience Private6 3/25/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting 35 2/22/2011 GoGrid GoGrid Hardware Failure Network Connectivity Issues Heroku Users Unable to Provision New7 3/25/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting 36 2/21/2011 Heroku Database Does Not Accept Commands Heroku Cloud Hosting Dedicated Databases8 3/23/2011 Netflix Streaming and Web Site Down Netflix Netflix Streaming 37 2/21/2011 Heroku Slow Responses May Cause Timeouts Heroku Cloud Hosting Heroku New Relic Deployment Notification9 3/21/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting 38 2/18/2011 Twitter Image Upload Disabled Twitter, Inc. Twitter Outage Network Connectivity Issues Cause10 3/18/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting 39 2/15/2011 Twitter API Redirects a Blank Page Twitter, Inc. Twitter Increased Errors on Heroku Code Error Causes Blogger Dashboard11 3/17/2011 Google, Inc. Blogger 40 2/15/2011 Tweets Delayed in Displaying to Timeline Twitter, Inc. Twitter Outage Personal Tweets Delayed on Home Unspecified Errors Cause Elevated Errors12 3/17/2011 Twitter, Inc. Twitter 41 2/15/2011 Twitter, Inc. Twitter Timelines Rate in Twitter Some outages in 2011 Multiple Twitter Functions Experience13 3/16/2011 Twitter, Inc. Twitter 42 2/13/2011 Heroku Unable to Create New Applications Heroku Cloud Hosting Outage Heroku Experiences Increased Application14 3/16/2011 Heroku Shared Database Offline Heroku Cloud Hosting 43 2/9/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting Latency15 3/15/2011 Heroku Experiences Unspecified Errors Heroku Cloud Hosting 44 2/8/2011 Heroku Experiences Poor Performance Heroku Cloud Hosting16 3/14/2011 Heroku Experiences Elevated Error Rates Heroku Cloud Hosting 45 2/2/2011 Rackspace Support Experiences Delays Rackspace, Inc. Support Heroku Customers Unable to Deploy New The Rackspace17 3/13/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting 46 2/1/2011 DNS Issue Causes MySQL Server Outage Rackspace, Inc. Applications Cloud Rackspace Email & GoGrid Experiences Network Latency Rackspace SAT and DFW Mail Relays18 3/12/2011 GoGrid GoGrid 47 2/1/2011 Rackspace, Inc. Apps (formerly Issues Blacklisted Mailtrust) Twitter Search Queries Experience GoGrid Portal Issue Prevent Cloud Server19 3/11/2011 Twitter, Inc. Twitter 48 1/24/2011 GoGrid GoGrid Portal Slowness and Failure Configuration Heroku Users Unable to Access Database Issue Prevents Heroku App20 3/11/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting 49 1/21/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting Application Logs Creation Jive Software Down Due to Hardware21 3/11/2011 Heroku Experiences Elevated Error Rates Heroku Cloud Hosting 50 1/14/2011 Jive Software Jive Engage Failure Heroku Experiences Unspecified Elevated Bank of America Experiences Timeout22 3/11/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting 51 1/14/2011 Bank of America Online Banking Error Rates Issues Heroku Application Creation and Logging23 3/10/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting 52 1/14/2011 SalesForce CS0 Outage Offline Twitter Users Not Receiving Email Cloud Hosting 8.524 3/7/2011 Twitter, Inc. Twitter 53 1/14/2011 Heroku Unable to Provision New Databases Heroku Notifications hours Heroku Unable to Provision Dedicated Wikipedia and Associated Projects Wikimedia Wiki25 3/7/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting 54 1/13/2011 Databases Experience Short Term Outage Foundation, Inc. media Projects Add Your Location Function GoGrid Portal Access and IP Assignment GoGrid26 3/6/2011 Twitter, Inc. Twitter 55 1/12/2011 GoGrid Temporarily Disabled Outage Portal GoGrid API GoGrid Network Issues Affects Public and Heroku Load Balancer Causes Intermittent27 3/4/2011 GoGrid GoGrid 56 1/12/2011 Heroku Cloud Hosting Private Networks Request Failures GoGrid Customers Unable to Add VPS Microsoft28 3/4/2011 GoGrid GoGrid 57 1/4/2011 Hotmail Loses Emails for Two Days Hotmail
  6. 6. Possible Solution• A physical view:installment of moreservers/ datacenters• A software view: employment of better design for the server architecture and server management system
  7. 7. A Netflix solutionMultiple Region SupportAvoid EBS DependenciesStateless ServicesGraceful Degradation"N+1" Redundancy from The Netflix Tech Blog
  8. 8. Scalable Storage in the CloudPersistent (scalable ) storage enables that a named set of data items that come intoexistence through explicit creation, persist through temporary failures of the system,until they are explicitly deleted.
  9. 9. How to store data?
  10. 10. HDFSTM: Hadoop Distributed File System• High throughput data access• Streaming data access Source:
  11. 11. How to retrieve data?
  12. 12. Bottleneck: the databaseMost enterprise solutions are based onRDBMS technology.
  13. 13. NoSQL Seif Haridi 2011NoSQL is a current trend in non-relational databases.Data is stored and retrieved using a single key: may lacktable schemas, may lack ACID properties (no transactions),no join operations.Main advantages are excellent performance, with goodhorizontal scalability and elasticity (ideal fit to clouds)while SQL databases have good vertical scalability butare not elastic.
  14. 14. Source:
  15. 15. Discussion