Agile hardware v1.1
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Agile hardware v1.1



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Agile hardware v1.1 Agile hardware v1.1 Presentation Transcript

  • Agile Hardware Eric Pan General INTRO Feb. 2014 Shenzhen twitter/weibo: @seeedstudio mail: 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • 1,000 x 1,000 > 1 x 1,000,000 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • 1 x 1,000,000 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • 1,000x1,000 makerism 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • + massive (scale) + open source (gene) + maker (mutation) evolution for diversity 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • ? + massive (scale) + open source (gene) + maker (mutation) evolution for diversity 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • Maker for Makers 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • Grow the difference 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • the seed of Seeed Eric Pan, other Albert Miao, engineer and cook 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • grown with makers 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • 2008 2011 2012 Grow with Makers 2013 10M$ Rev.@2013 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • 10,000+ 100 1 0.1 0 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • Dissembled Layers of Hardware Skin ⽪皮肤 Skeleton ⾻骨骼 Gut 内脏 Soul 灵魂 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • Faster iteration, How? in years months Idea = 0 Prototype = 0.1 Engineering Sample =1 Mass Production =1,000+ Arduino and etc Open Hardware Modules 3D printing Agile Manufacture Maker groups Crowd Funding SNS promotion 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • 0 to 0.1 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • 0.1 to 1 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • 1 to 1,000 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • over 10, 000 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • under the hood 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • efficient open hardware supply chain availability, quality, cost, knowledge, lead time and etc. 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • ! Tools for Agile Manufacture 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • mass prototyping Modular Mold CNC Laser cutting 3D Print 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • DFM, Quality Control, Supply Chain Check the product according to “DFM Check list”, summarize the potential problems. Design the draft processing flow (SMT,DIP, Test, Assembly, Package) Hold a DFM review meeting with ENG team to discuss and find these potential problem. (NPI engineer, SMT engineer, TE, QE, IE, PE, ME) Output DFM Report and suggestions to the designer or partner. Communicate and define the solution Review or design the test items and method to ensure the quality, making the test fixture to reduce the testing cycle time. Replacing the common device or hardware circuit parts to increase the stability of product and cost down. Review or design the layout, the reasonable layout will improve the Yield and cost down in the production, that will enhance the product reliability. Review the Test Plan Matching the common material model PCB Layout service Receive and check the MFG files (Schematic and layout, BOM, Gerber, Test Plan, PCB requirement, ) and sample from client Receive and check the MFG files and sample from client Qualify the new material and new supplier IQC Inspect and test input material FAI Check Self-checking of process IPQC inspection Full inspection and Testing online Establish quality control plan & quality Inspection specifications 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • hacking Shanzhai 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • recipe of things 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww
  • Thank you! 14-3-18, 星期⼆二,ww