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Backpacking Europe
This presentation was created for a special topics course (GD492) at North Carolina State University. It is the mid-semester proposal for a mobile component within a service ecology that enables a specific group of people to learn a complex process. The service focuses on developing skills, rather than managing information—it performs analogously as training wheels, rather than crutches. Focusing on skill development implies that the person engages with the design conditions in order to learn how, what, and why to do something autonomously (without prolonged reliance on the design). The presentation includes an overview of the service ecology, user assessment, and specific design objectives for moving forward with creating a prototype and working demonstration. All material is copyright 2010. Please contact the manager of the slideshare account for questions and permissions.

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Mobile App Project (proposal): C. Atteberry

  1. 1. Backpacking Europe What Outcomes An iPhone app to help travelers plan for and •The ability to pick your best option according travel through Europe. The app will show the to many different factors (price, duration, social ups & downs of each means of transportation, vs. isolated, etc) attraction, and accommodation, will facilitate •Confidence in completely new situations socialization, and teach you how to make the •Way finding in a foreign language and culture most out of your trip through each choice you •The ability to get the most out of a situation make. for the least amount of money •Social interaction among like-minded travelers and (willing) locals
  2. 2. Backpacking Europe Similar Apps
  3. 3. Backpacking Europe ON ATTRACTIONS PREPARATION TRAVELING ACCOMODATION ATTRACTIONS BUDGET BEST FIT FOR YOUR BUDGET PASSPORT PLANE BEST FIT FOR YOUR BUDGET BEST FIT FOR YOUR BUDGET 1 Complete Application 1 Hunt for deals online 1 Hostels 1 Cost 1 Cost 2 Proof of US Citizenship 3 Identification 2 Find transportation to airport 3 Arrive early to go through security 2 Hotels 3 Couch surfing 2 Duration 3 Touristy vs. local 2 Duration 4 Go to post office 5 Get picture taken 4 Friends/family 4 Distance 6 Pay Fee 3 Touristy vs. local 7 Wait up to 4 weeks TO ACCOMODATION RESERVATIONS LEARN 4 Distance 1 Know the address of your accomodation 1 Use online reservations 1 Learn the tourist traps and how to get the 2 Use online & print resources to find the best most for your money VISA 2 Use online reservations means of transport 3 Contact & confirm length of stay Metro 1 For a trip more than 90 days 4 Contact & confirm length of stay Bus 2 Fill out application & gather documents Shuttle 3 Visit the embassy for that country Car & beyond... LEARN NS LEARN MONEY TO OTHER COUNTRIES 1 Ups & downs of each type of accomodation (i.e. pay extra for sheets and towels in a hostel 1 Plan expeditures vs. expensive but all-inclusive hotel). 1 Cost 2 Decide how to obtain money abroad 2 Time 1 Learn the tourist traps and how to get the 3 Trips & tricks (i.e. need passport to ride?) most for your money GEAR stay SERVICE ECOLOGY LEARN 1 Research weather during stay 1 How to navigate a foreign country where stay 2 Research and purchase a quality backpack 2 Pack, unpack, & pack again to eliminate un- English is not the first language. necessary items 2 $ Pitfalls at airports EMERGENCY BACKPACKING EUROPE RESERVATIONS 1 Plan ahead and reserve things in advance, (i.e. planes, hotels, trains) LEARN 1 Where to turn when you’re alone in a foreign country & don’t know the language LEARN f accomodation 1 How to travel smart & little known items to wels in a hostel bring (and leave out) otel).
  4. 4. Backpacking Europe TRAVELING PLANNING TRAVELING PLANE PASSPORT PLANE 1 gather required 1 travel to airport documents 2 check-in bags 1 travel to airport 2 travel to the post office 3 wait in line 3 go through security 4 find gate 2 check-in bags 4 get picture taken 5 fill out forms 5 wait for plane 6 board plane 6 mail in forms 7 exit plane 3 go through security 8 go through cutoms 4 find gate TRANSPORTATION 5 wait for plane GEAR 1 research gear 1 go to transportation 6 board plane 2 travel to store (real life, virtual) 3 purchase website/office 2 select fare 7 exit plane 3 purchase ticket 4 board transportation 8 go through cutoms PACK ACCOMODATION 1 plan/pick-out clothing 2 travel to store (real life, virtual) 3 purchase 1 check-in 2 lock-up personal belongings 3 rent sheets/towels ACTIVITY MAP TRANSPORTATION PLANE ATTRACTIONS BACKPACKING EUROPE 1 research plane tickets online 2 purchase plane ticket 1 research attractions 2 find location with transportation 1 go to transportation virtual) website/office HOTEL FOOD 2 select fare 1 research accommodations 2 book accommodation 1 find/travel to restaurant/grocery 3 purchase ticket store 2 purchase food 4 board transportation ACCOMODATION
  5. 5. Backpacking Europe S PEOPLE ORUMS ACCOMMODATION TRANSPORTATION + word of mouth + share experiences tricks from expe- + couch surfing- provides + train: book online + personal, face-to-face velers free accommodation on the WEBSITES + bus: find routes in the PEOPLE and not to bring, couch of a local of the coun- country, how to get to & + word of mouth try, someone to show you FORUMS from places ACCOMMODATION TRANSPORTATION + share experiences specific questions around, give you tips and insideexpe- + the tricks from rienced travelers free accommodation on the routes in the the + metro: find + bus: find routes in + couch surfing- provides + train: book online + personal, face-to-face scoop + what to and not to bring, gear, etc try, someone to how country,show you to getplaces & get to & couch of a local of the coun- from to country, how to + hostels- cheapcan ask specificto + places questions from places around, give you the inside scoop + metro: find routes in the country, how to get to & stay, venue to meet new + + other forms hostels- cheap places to stay, venue to meet new from places + other forms people, learn tips and tricks people, learn tips and tricks from experienced travelers, from experienced travelers, ratings and reviews ratings and reviews PRINT SERVICE ECOLOGY BOOKS MAPS BACKPACKING EUROPE + places off the beaten path + physicality of locating and SERVICE ECOLOGY + what to expect planning a trip through many + ways of getting around countries BOOKS MAPS BACKPACKING EUROPE ff the beaten path + physicality of locating and expect planning a trip through many
  6. 6. Backpacking Europe Storyboard 1 2 3 Chip is deciding what backpack would be best to bring. Chip is deciding how much he should pack Chip doesn’t know what documents he needs for his trip 4 5 6 Chip just landed and doesn’t know how to get to his hostel. Chip wants to learn venues to meet other travelers. Chip wants to learn the cheapest and fastest way to get to Berlin.
  7. 7. Backpacking Europe Audience Travelers (younger, mainly novice, but also could work for seasoned) Ethnography James “Yeah I have [used online re- Helen “Oh usually I just wanted around sources when traveling], I make some plans. downtown and go in places that look Generally I’m looking for a specific thing interesting..” cause I have something in mind, but I’m not going to go to the town’s website.”