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Getting The Most Out of Networking at Conferences & Events
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Getting The Most Out of Networking at Conferences & Events


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Andy Stoll, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Seed Here Studio presented this session on 'How To Get The Most Out of Networking at Conference and Events' at Vault Startup School and an Iowa …

Andy Stoll, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Seed Here Studio presented this session on 'How To Get The Most Out of Networking at Conference and Events' at Vault Startup School and an Iowa Sourcelink Webinar in April 2014. More information on Andy Stoll at

Published in: Leadership & Management

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  • 1. Getting The Most Out of Networking at Conferences & Events Andy Stoll, co-founder Seed Here Studio @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 2. Andy Stoll serial entrepreneur 
 Seed Here Studio, co-founder EntreFEST, co-producer @andystoll @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 3. a story @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 4. Up America Summit in The Creative Corridor, October 15, 2015 A SEMINAL MOMENT Scott Heiferman! CEO/Founder, Scott Case! Co-Founder,! Founding CEO, Startup America
  • 5. THE MAKING OF A MOMENT [it all started 2.5 years earlier] @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 6. Startup America Partnership Launched by AOL Founder Steve Case, Jan 2011 @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 7. Scott Case named CEO, made Initial contact with him, March 2011 March 10th (SXSW) > @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 8. first extended chat in New Orleans, spring 2011 April 13th (via Twitter) > May 5th (while in New Orleans) >! @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 9. making a connection, June 2011 Jeff Slobotski, Silicon Prairie News
 needed speakers for SPN’s Thinc Iowa conference in Des Moines Scott Case Scott needed help spreading the word about Startup America to the entire country How can I help? ! an introduction. @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 10. Scott Case visits Iowa for the first time, October 2011 @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 11. Scott’s visit catalyzes the launch of Startup Iowa two months later, December 2011 @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 12. Washington Post: Did any states’ efforts stand out to you over the course of the first year? Case: There’s…a real movement in Iowa, centered in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, where we have some great start-up momentum building. There’s a lot of wealth in that state and some great businesses have started there. Startup America promotes startup community growth in Iowa, January 2012 @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 13. Iowa’s reputation as a startup destination grow nationally, December 2012 “I have found Iowa to be the most interesting place. I’ve been impressed by Iowa rallying around its startups and saying, ‘We’re going to make this work, and it’s important to our success. Scott Case, CEO 
 The Startup America Partnership in ‘Startup Rising Report’ @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 14. Startup America invites Iowa to speak at The White House, February 2013 @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 15. With growing buzz, Up Global selects Iowa for its first Summit, August 2013 @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 16. We finally asked for a favor, “Scott can you come to Iowa and speak?” October 2013 A SEMINAL MOMENT October 15, 2013 @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 17. How one connection in Austin turned into a seminal ! moment for Iowa… Startup America launches
 Jan ‘11 UP Global Summit! announce in Iowa
 Aug ‘13 Stalking Scott Case at SXSW
 March ‘11 1st mtg in New Orleans
 May ‘11 Jeff invites Scott to ! speak at Thinc Iowa
 Oct ‘11 Startup Iowa ! launches
 Dec ‘11 Visibility of Iowa’s startup 
 community grows nationally ! via Startup America
 ’12-‘13 Buzz generates interest 
 from Up Global to showcase ! ass-kicking “fly-over” state! Aug ‘11 Scott goes onstage ! in Iowa City
 Oct ‘13 Scott & Jeff introduced
 July ‘11 @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 18. How to Network @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 19. How to Network @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 20. How to make new !friends @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 21. The goal is to build authentic, trusting, long lasting friendships. (That’s it.) @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 22. Emotional Bank Account “measures the amount of trust built into relationship” deposit (+) withdraws (-) helping kindness courtesy honesty keeping commitments ! discourtesy disrespect betraying trust taking advantage politicking making more work @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 23. @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 24. How I approach conferences and events. @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 25. #1 Figure out who is going and who 
 I want to meet. Make a list. @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 26. #2 Introduce yourself and have a prepared opening to generate curiosity (tell a repeatable and memorable story, 
 but not necessarily the whole story) @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 27. #3 Actually listen. @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 28. #4 Find commonality. Not obvious? Ask:what’s your story? 
 how’d you get here?
 what do you need help with?
 Listen for conversation bites to prompt
 more questions. Get them talking. @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 29. #5 No seriously, actually listen. (do not try to fake genuine interest, you can’t.) @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 30. #6 Make a point to remember their name and one fun fact.
 (write it down.) @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 31. #7 Don’t ask for anything, unless it is offered. Offer. 
 (always give before you get.) @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 32. #8 Stay in touch and be helpful where 
 you can. (Ping them every so often to stay on their radar.)
 @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 33. #9 Create 
 mutually beneficial connections. 
 ** remember the double opt-in intro** [be the connector, people will love you for it] @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 34. #10 Don’t help everyone, focus on those who matter most. @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 35. My Golden Rule Help people. @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 36. Three tools I use. @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 37. #1 People to meet list. @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 38. #2 People I’ve met list. @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 39. #3 Pen & Paper @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 40. Attend EntreFEST and practice your networking skills. make new !friends @andystoll #sourcelink
  • 41. Full conference pass (2, days, all sessions, 4 meals): $149 (before 5/1) $175 (after 5/1) 
 (Student & Group Discounts Available) Use the promotional code SOURCELINKWEBINAR for $10 off!
  • 42. 1. Figure out who is going and make a list. 2. Introduce yourself and be prepared & memorable. 3. Actually listen. 4. Find commonality. 5. No seriously, actually listen. 6. Don’t ask for anything. Give before you get. 7. Stay in touch and be helpful. 8. Create mutual beneficial connections. 9. Don’t help everyone, focus. Andy’s 10 steps to making friends at conferences… @andystoll @andystoll #sourcelink