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Carlson Hotels Worldwide - Magazine

  1. 1. VOYAGEUR magazine for Carlson Hotels Worldwidefront cover: collectibles issue
  2. 2. DESTINATION/collecting Hunt Treasure For some it’s the feel of delicate paper as they gently page through Tokyo a 100-year-old book. For others it’s the steady tick-tock of a clock handcrafted from the finest walnut, mahogany or Kites in cherry. Whatever inspires the passion to collect, it’s In three low-lit rooms filled with the light Mikio Toki’s work can be bought at the Kite Museum the thrill of the hunt that keeps most collections growing. scent of bamboo and aged paper, visitors to Tokyo can dis- or through his online shop for between ¥1,050 (US$10) cover an art form that has flourished in Japan for centuries. for small Eto Dako to about ¥31,500 (US$283) for larger With exhibits from every corner of Japan, the Kite Edo Kaku. Like Mikio Toki, many other specialist kite Serious collectors are always on the lookout for that rare Museum is the place to experience the work of Japan’s masters can be contacted through the Japan Kite Associa- piece that will become the crowning jewel of their collection. finest kite makers. tion’s Web site, Among this collection are examples of kite styles cur- Another option for Edo Kaku is Wahoo, a shop located And finding it often means traveling farther than the corner flea market. rently popular with collectors. These include highly deco- in Koenji, central Tokyo, that specializes in traditional Photos: (opposite page, clockwise from top) courtesy of Specialising in Boomerangs; courtesy of the Ontario Crafts Council; courtesy of the Heard Museum; (this page) Martha Cooper/ rative Edo Kaku kites, which typically tell tales of famous Japanese goods. It offers a range of eight samurai Edo samurai or Kabuki actors, and simple Eto Dako kites, Kaku selling for between ¥29,500 (US$265) and ¥35,000 From Sydney for boomerangs to New York City for rare exclusively used to depict the 12 animals of the zodiac (US$315) per kite. with either pictures or Chinese characters. INSIDER’S TIP: Collectible kites do not have to be books, from Tokyo for kites to Vienna for clocks, When buying an Edo Kaku or Eto Dako, it is essential expensive, according to kite maker Masami Takakuwa. we’ve put together a list of eight destinations that to check how the kite has been made. In particular, the “One of the easiest [and cheapest] ways to buy traditional frame should be made of bamboo, and the sail should kites is attending a kite festival around Japan and getting combine vacation with the hunt for collectibles— be made primarily from washi, paper made from a type them at auction,” he says. creating a getaway that’s fun and rewarding. of mulberry known as kohzo in Japanese. Additionally, Anyone visiting Tokyo in May can travel an hour north all artwork must have been done by hand, with the to Showa, Saitama, for the Huge Kites Flying Festival outlines usually painted in a kind of charcoal ink before held annually, May 3–5. During the same time, the Whether it’s your first acquisition or your 50th, the colors are added. Hamamatsu Festival takes place two hours west of Tokyo An important point for collectors looking to invest is in Hamamatsu and includes auctions and kite fighting. you’re sure to find something here that will the reputation of the maker. Anyone interested in Edo —Rob Goss spark your passion and inspire the collector inside. Kaku or Eto Dako kites could think about the work of Mikio Toki, one of Japan’s most popular living kite mas- Where to stay: Radisson Hotel Narita Airport, Radisson ters, who has had work on display at the Smithsonian as Miyako Hotel Tokyo well as in museums across Japan. • 19 18 • October–December 2005VOYAGEUR magazine for Carlson Hotels Worldwidefeature: collectibles (opening spread)
  3. 3. Rare books in New York New York City is a book collector’s paradise, and for rare collections, Manhattan is unparalleled. “While there aren’t as many stores as there used to be, we’re still the epicenter of book dealing in America,” says Adina Cohen, whose family has owned Argosy Book Store (116 E. 59th St.; 212-753-4455) for three generations. Begin your literary quest with a visit to, Web site of the Antiquarian Phoenix Booksellers’ Association of America. Member dealers ensure fair transactions, and there are Native American jewelry in 42 in or near Manhattan. Make your first stop at the Scottsdale, Arizona, has for decades been a “Someone wanting a frog squash blossom [a silver neck- Strand (828 Broadway at 12th; winter playground for visitors escaping colder climes. lace with a carved turquoise frog on a lily pad] could 212-473-1452; www.strand Besides offering dependable sunshine, abundant golf expect to pay $3,500 to $6,000,” he says. Other squash, boasting 18 miles and indulgence in sybaritic spas, the area is a shopping blossoms, including intricate Zuni needlepoint and tradi- of books. The rare book room houses paradise for Native American turquoise jewelry. tional Navajo styles, can start at around $600 and go as treasures like The Workes of William The robin’s-egg-blue, and sometimes green, gemstone high as $12,000, depending on quality of craftsmanship, How to start Shakespeare, a second printing from has been used since 200 B.C. in the jewelry of Southwest design and stones. Simple rings and pins can start at $45. your collection 1632 priced at $125,000, and the American Indian tribes. Unredeemed pawned pieces as Craftsmanship may be judged by how tightly inlay work collection’s oldest book, a German Photos: (opposite page, from top) courtesy of; Scott T. Baxter/Getty Images; (this page) courtesy of Bauman Rare Books well as newly made ones have become highly collectible. fits together, crispness of cutwork and appropriateness Whether you are interested biblical commentary from 1480. Acknowledged Indian crafts experts, Gilbert Ortega and of stones selected for the piece. in kitschy snow globes from Next, head to the Grolier Club his sisters own the Gilbert Ortega Museum Gallery (3925 The world-renowned Heard Museum (2301 N. Cen- around the world or are serious (47 E. 60th St.; 212-838-6690; N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale; 480- tral Ave., Phoenix; 602-252-8848; has a about investing in antiques, here, where books are 949-0436; permanent collection that provides an excellent education. are some ideas on how to get exhibited on a par with painting and sculpture. Books on “What makes a piece col- Recent prices in the Heard Shop include $420 for an started with any type of collection: Ice: The Literature of Anglo-American Polar Exploration is • Collect what you enjoy. While lectible are four factors: intricate sterling and turquoise bracelet, and $132 for a pair on display December 7, 2005–February 6, 2006. quality of materials, of silver and turquoise multi-stone Zuni drop earrings. some collections can be worth a lot of For high-end, pristine editions, visit Ursus Books and design, craftsmanship No sales tax means an immediate 8.1 percent savings. money, most collectors do it for the Prints (981 Madison Ave.; 212-772-8787; www.ursus and supply/demand,” he For a shopping break from boutiques and galleries, pleasure of surrounding themselves with “Condition is 99 percent of the game,” notes says. “Certain artists are in stop at Cowboy Ciao. Its whimsical menu and witty wine items they enjoy. owner T. Peter Kraus. Bauman Rare Books (535 Madison • Be wary of fads. Many “hot” items high demand, like Calvin list are in keeping with food that is seriously good. Don’t Ave.; 212-751-0011; is Begay and Sunshine Reeves.” miss the Stetson chopped salad. for collecting today are passing fancies. another top-shelf resource for serious collectors. Begay’s forte is innovative INSIDER’S TIP: Novice collectors should consult experts If you like an item, fine. But don’t expect INSIDER’S TIP: Most museums include a rare book or design, while heavily stamped before doing any serious investing. As raw turquoise it to increase in value in the future. manuscript collection. One of the best is the Smithsonian’s • Know your collectible. If you are silver identifies Reeves’ work. becomes more scarce, dyed and stabilized (chemically Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (Fifth Avenue “Some out-of-pawn items hardened) and even plastic “stones” are sometimes used. serious about collecting as an investment, at 91st St.; 212-839-8351;, which are collectible, but it it pays to have knowledge of the piece. boasts a 5,000-volume rare book collection tracing design —Judy Wade Check out the item’s desirability and rarity. takes a well-trained eye through the ages. to pick out the good Where to stay: Park Plaza Phoenix/Chandler; Park Plaza Study price guides and compare objects in the guides to pieces in antique stores. —Beth D’Addono ones,” says Ortega. Phoenix North; Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Deer Valley; • Protect your investment. If you He adds that early Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Mesa; Country Inn & Suites Where to stay: Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Newark 1960s and ’70s By Carlson, Phoenix Airport at Tempe; Country Inn & Suites By believe a piece is worth more than $100, Airport; Radisson Hotel Carteret; Radisson Hotel JFK Airport; pieces are currently Carlson, Scottsdale; Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Tempe; have it appraised. And if your collectible Radisson Lexington Hotel New York; Radisson Hotel MacArthur commanding Radisson Fort McDowell Resort & Casino (opening in Novem- turns out to be valuable, insure it. Better Airport; Radisson Hotel New Rochelle; Radisson Hotel substantial prices. ber 2005); Radisson Hotel Phoenix Airport; Radisson Hotel safe than sorry. Piscataway; Radisson Hotel Saddle Brook Phoenix Airport North • 21VOYAGEUR magazine for Carlson Hotels Worldwidefeature: collectibles (continued)
  4. 4. DESTINATION/collecting Regulator clocks in Vienna Austria is known for its baroque architecture and classical music, London but to the timepiece collector, it is also famous for its Austrian regulator clocks. A true regulator clock is one that has three smaller faces to assist the whole clock Photos: (this page, from top) Foodpix/PictureArts; Dave G. Houser/Corbis; (opposite page) courtesy of Teapots in in keeping near-perfect time: one that regulates the hour, one for the minute and a third to regulate the second. However, any wall clock that uses pendulum weights is Britain’s love affair with the stimulating commonly called a regulator clock, and Vienna is the place to find the one to suit you. “cuppa” began only two centuries ago. Late The finest regulators will have a case in good condition, no rust and smoothly dining became the norm, and afternoon tea running cogs. And be sure to check the back for wood quality. became the means of warding off the pangs Price range is based on quality and the number of pendulum weights, and it can of hunger. The teapot was born. vary greatly, but you can find a fine clock for ¤ 2,000–¤ 10,000 (US$2,441–$12,205). Its unique mix of craftsmanship and art In Vienna’s First District (the heart of the city) you will find the Uhrmachermeister, soon attracted collectors—an obsession that the clockmaking master—a Vienna icon—adjacent to the clock museum, which boasts flourishes still. In London, the enthusiastic one of the world’s largest collections of clocks. Since 1914, this family-run shop has collector will find his tastes well catered to by been catering to an international clientele, restoring and selling fine regulator clocks. department stores like Knightsbridge’s Harrods. My favorite, D & S, also in the First District, is an antique dealer specializing in clocks. Prices Wedgwood’s “Wild Strawberry” collection, features tiny pink strawberries here may be slightly higher. and leaves on gleaming white china. It even offers a choice of pots: standard If you’re looking to economize, it is worth checking out the myriad antique stores for £99.50 (US$175) or miniature (2-cup) for £69 (US$121). concentrated in the First District, or the “altwaren” (old wares) shops that are popular The more intrepid collector will make for street markets, like the mile-long Portobello throughout the city, for less expensive options. Road winding through London’s Notting Hill. Every Saturday its 2,000 stalls are a magnet for INSIDER’S TIP: Most Austrian regulator clocks are handcrafted and signed by the collectors, with some specializing in well-known marks like Spode, Doulton and Wedgwood. clockmaker, so don’t think a signed clock is necessarily a sign of high quality. With more than 20 restaurants and pubs to relax in, it’s tempting to spend the whole day. —Patti McCracken In the markets, pots can cost anywhere from £20 to £200 (US$35–$351). Reasonable haggling is expected, but some dealers may ask up to £2,000 (US$3,631) for exceptional pieces. Where to stay: Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Deutsch Wagram; Country Inn & Suites By The markets are also the place to find fun collectible novelty teapots. If the pot resembles Carlson, Vienna UNO City; Radisson SAS Carlton Hotel; Radisson SAS Palais Hotel a London bus or a Harley-Davidson, who cares how well it pours? That pot picturing a soliloquizing Hamlet for £23 (US$40) could start a Shakespearean collection. Mexico City For novices, the best starting places are collectors’ clubs and magazines. Clubs can arrange visits and deals with manufacturers and can offer advice on displaying the trophies. Talavera ceramics near Parched from the quest? London is tea shop heaven. Popular spots include Claridge’s in Mayfair or Fortnum and Mason’s, supplier to Eighty miles southeast of Mexico City, available 11 a.m.–1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Britain’s royals, offering more than 50 blends. Puebla enchants. So carefully have its Spanish Talavera can be expensive: Single tiles start at 42 pesos INSIDER’S TIP: For a treasure that will appreciate in value, scarcity colonial churches and palaces been preserved that (US$4), while a place setting might run 1,060 pesos is key. Look for teapots commemorating historical events or for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and (US$100). The selection is extensive: nearly 400 tile traditional styles. Avoid large production runs—500 or fewer is best. Cultural Organization has declared the historic designs and more than 40 murals containing six to 16 —Ted Jones center of Puebla a World Heritage Site. But what individual tiles and costing up to 1,908 pesos (US$180). attracts collectors to Puebla are its Talavera ceramics. Shops are often willing to negotiate on prices, however, Where to stay: There are 11 Radisson Edwardian properties in the Talavera is earthenware with tin oxide added so be ready to bargain. London area, including the luxurious Radisson Edwardian May Fair Hotel to the glaze. Developed in ancient Mesopotamia Another shop to look for is Estrellita (6 Oriente, London. Situated in Mayfair, one of London’s finest locations, this five- and Egypt, with heavy influence from the 412; 222-242-3713). And in Cholula, about five miles star hotel offers sumptuous surroundings for your stay. With lobby Moors in Spain, the technique was brought to from Puebla, Talavera de la Reyna (Camino a la Carcaña, furnishings and paintings from top design houses, a new luxury spa Mexico nearly 500 years ago. 2413; 222-225-4182) operates a workshop and store. and 295 beautifully decorated rooms, including 50 one- and two-bedroom Today, Talavera is made much as it originally INSIDER’S TIP: True Talavera bears a hologram on suites, you will find plenty of opportunities for pampering yourself after a was, and Talavera artisans are as famous for their the bottom stating it is legitimate. It must be signed at day at the markets. Other Carlson properties in and around London include tiles as for their tableware, with products ranging the base by the workshop that created it, and it must the Radisson SAS Hotel London Stansted Airport; Radisson SAS Portman Hotel; from monumental vases to delicate candleholders. state that it is from Puebla. Riverbank Park Plaza; Sherlock Holmes Hotel London, by Park Plaza; Victoria Park You can watch ceramics being made at Uriarte, —Jim Budd Plaza; Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, London–Bloomsbury; Country Inn & Suites a shop established in 1824 and located downtown in Where to stay: Radisson Hotel Flamingos–Mexico City, By Carlson, London–Kensington; Park Inn Heathrow; and the new Park Inn Hyde Park. Puebla (4 Poniente, 911; 222-235-1598); tours are Radisson Hotel Puebla, Radisson Paraiso Hotel Mexico City 22 • October–December 2005 • 23VOYAGEUR magazine for Carlson Hotels Worldwidefeature: collectibles (continued)
  5. 5. Inuit art in Toronto A thousand years ago, Inuit nomads Walrus at rest or modern-day carved stone and bone and wood into figures hunter riding a snowmobile? It’s up of the animals they hunted across the eastern to you to choose between myth-based Canadian Arctic. Today, the descendants of traditional work by carvers like Siutiapik Organizing and those hunters continue to captivate collectors Ragee and Ottokie Samayualie and more Displaying Collectibles from around the world with the grace and contemporary-themed pieces Sydney spare beauty of their work. It comes in a by artists like Ovilu Now that you’ve expanded your variety of forms, from tapestries depicting Tunnillie. Polar bears collection beyond the bounds of a simple Boomerangs in northern scenes and stone-cut wildlife prints hold an important shoebox, it’s time to display it in style. to what many consider a signature of the place in Inuit A few tips will help you get started: Wedged between Sydney’s famous Harbour Bridge and spirit of Canada’s far north: sculpture. spirituality, and • Look for common threads. Start the Sydney Opera House, the cobblestone alleys of Sydney’s historic Toronto may be 1,200 miles from the it’s hard not to fall by organizing your collection into groups quarter—better known as The Rocks—are some of the best places to tundra of Pangnirtung and Cape Dorset, under the animal’s spell when you with common elements, such as theme, browse for that quintessential Australian souvenir—the boomerang. where the works originate, but it’s also a see the authority, grace and fluid color, texture or size. Each group can When Captain James Cook came to Australia in 1770, some must-visit center for anyone in the market power of Samayualie’s dancing bear then be displayed separately for a more Aboriginal people used the returning boomerang for hunting, fighting for a musk ox or snow goose of serpentine. in dappled black serpentine for coherent look. and fishing, while others used nonreturning hunting sticks. Returning The best place to start the hunt? For a bit of CA$1,792 (US$1,500). Pick him • Create a space. Once your collec- boomerangs are V-shaped and are 14 to 22 inches long. Nonreturning background, browse the 200-odd pieces and up and you’ll have a hard time tion is organized, find a place to display hunting sticks (nonreturning boomerangs) have a slight curve and are interpretive displays in the Inuit collection putting him down again. it. Curio cabinets keep out the dust around 23 to 31 inches long. Both are made of various types of at the Royal Ontario Museum (100 Queen’s Finished shopping? and are great for most collectibles. Rare Australian timber—mulga, wattle or iron bark—and are decorated Park), also accessible for virtual browsing Time for lunch? Just books, however, will need humidity- with symbols and animals of Aboriginal clans. ( down the street at Sassafraz controlled display cases. Specialising in Boomerangs has a stall at The Rocks Market each When it comes to buying, collectors (100 Cumberland Street), • Add interest. Use other items to weekend with a wide range of handcrafted boomerangs from A$12– know to head to the established likes of The the menu has a perfect match add spice to your collection—perhaps $220 (US$9–$170). It has boomerangs crafted by Gooreng-Gooreng Isaacs/Innuit Gallery (401 Richmond Street in the Arctic shrimp and pancetta a framed photo of your grandmother clan Aboriginal artisan Matt Nagas, who practices the traditional West) and The Harris Gallery (207 Queen’s club house sandwich. displayed among the china you inherited method of boomerang-making using the natural curve of a tree. Lad- Quay West). You’ll find the city’s oldest dealer INSIDER’S TIP: The Guild from her. die Timbery, an Aboriginal craftsman from the Bidjigal clan of Botany at The Guild Shop (118 Cumberland Street), Shop’s Makkik doesn’t mince words: • Keep track. Place notes inside or Bay, crafts nonreturning boomerangs and uses an ancient family tech- where Inuit and Native art specialist Blandina “There’s a lot of bad imitation carving out along with your collectibles telling where nique of burning ceremonial decorations into these boomerangs. Or Makkik (herself a native of Baffin Island) can there.” To be sure you’re getting the real and when you found them, as well as any pick up a paint-it-yourself boomerang kit with paint and paintbrush. help you navigate a collection of close to 300 thing, buy at reputable galleries and avoid history you’ve learned about them. Didj Beat Didgeridoos, at Clocktower Square in the heart of The pieces, ranging in price from CA$50 up to tourist shops. Inuit carvings are unique, so While finer collections are best left Rocks, stocks boomerangs made by Aboriginal artists from all over CA$5,000 (US$42–$4,185). there shouldn’t be duplicates on the shelf. Photos: (this page) Corbis; (opposite page) courtesy of the Ontario Crafts Council behind glass, don’t be Australia. Prices range A$5–$300 (US$4–$232). Look for the distinctive igloo tag with which afraid to take some At nearby King’s Cross, Duncan McLennan’s Boomerang the Canadian government certifies original, things out. Using School has unusual collectors’ items dating back to the 18th museum-quality work. sentimental items century, some costing as much as A$2,000 (US$1,544), as well every day can —Stephen Smith as more practically priced boomerangs from A$9 (US$7). Drop help you get by the Australian Museum on the way to get a look at the ancient Where to stay: Park Plaza Toronto Airport; maximum boomerang Captain Cook took back to England in 1770. Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Oakville; enjoyment INSIDER’S TIP: Not all boomerangs return when thrown; check Radisson Hotel & Suites Fallsview; Radisson from your before buying. A returning boomerang should be held vertically and Hotel Kitchener; Radisson Hotel Toronto East; collection. released with a snap of the wrist to maximize chances of its return. Radisson Hotel Toronto–Markham; Radisson Never throw a boomerang horizontally like a Frisbee. Hotel Toronto–Mississauga; Radisson Plaza Hotel Admiral Toronto–Harbourfront; Radisson —Christina Pfeiffer Suite Hotel Toronto Airport Where to stay: Radisson Hotel & Suites Sydney, Radisson Kestrel Hotel on Manly Beach, Radisson Plaza Hotel Sydney • 25VOYAGEUR magazine for Carlson Hotels Worldwidefeature: collectibles (end)
  6. 6. July–September 2006 your complimentary copy January–March 2006 your complimentary copy ARCHITECTURAL FEATS AND BOX SEATS SUGAR-WHITE BEACHES AND ANCIENT RUINS Two-Stepping in Texas Hill Country Bay City Rendezvous Parisian Promenade Two-Stepping in Texas Hill Country Bay City Rendezvous Parisian PromenadeVOYAGEUR magazine for Carlson Hotels Worldwidemagazine redesign: cover pages
  7. 7. April–June 2006 your complimentary copy October–December 2006 your complimentary copy PARIS ‘ SIDEWALK CAFES AND RIVERSIDE ROMANCES REVOLUTIONARY VIEWS AND MICROBREWS Two-Stepping in Texas Hill Country Bay City Rendezvous Beach Living in Cancun Two-Stepping in Texas Hill Country Bay City Rendezvous Parisian PromenadeVOYAGEUR magazine for Carlson Hotels Worldwidemagazine redesign: cover pages
  8. 8. 28 “Though we travel the world over to find the beau- tiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson 10 18 32 WEB SITES & RESERVATIONS 20 30 or 888-288-8889 or 800-456-4000 or 800-670-7275 or 800-814-7000 Get There Find Out Live Well or 800-333-3333 or 888-201-1806 04 Calendar 26 Travel Wise All numbers are toll-free in the United States and 18 Hill Country Roundup Nulla facilisi Nam liber tempor cum soluta nobis eleifend option congue! Parum clari 28 Together by the Bay Eodem modo typi. Notare quam littera goth- ica quam nunc putamus parum claram 07 Park Ways 32 Great Streets Canada. Check the individual hotel Web sites for toll-free numbers in other countries. 09 Balancing Act 34 New & Notable fiant sollemnes in futurum. ypi non habent anteposuerit litterarum formas humanitatis 10 What To Buy 35 Grand Openings Look for this Room Key within articles WHERE TO STAY claritatem insitam per. Typi non habent to learn more about the Carlson Hotels 13 Go Gear 40 Port of Call Worldwide properties located in or near 20 Hola Cancun Eleifend option congue nihil imperdiet dom- 30 Do More in Canmore Typi non habent claritatem insitam est usus 15 Stay Fit the featured destination. You’ll also find information on how to ing id quod mazim placerat facer possim legentis in iis qui facit. Processus dynamicus 16 Kitchen Talk receive a FREE night’s stay at any high- assum Typi; per seacula quarta decima et qui sequitur mutationem consuetudium lec- lighted property through goldpoints plus. quinta decima torum. Carlson’s guest loyalty program lets you earn Gold Points® with each stay and redeem them for free hotel nights, merchandise and other great prizes. 2 January–March 2006VOYAGEUR magazine for Carlson Hotels Worldwidemagazine redesign: table of contents
  9. 9. C A L E N DA R The French Open Make Plans May May 29–June 11, 2006 Paris, France; The French Open, one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, is Check out our events list before going on your next trip. From Shakespeare to jazz a major event in France. For two and from basketball to blues, we’ve found an activity for every personality. weeks, the 500 best tennis players in the world battle it out on the clay courts of the Roland Garros Stadium. NCAA Men’s Final Four April 1–3, 2006; Indianapolis, Indiana Where to stay: Radisson SAS Hotel Charles April de Gaulle Airport; Radisson SAS Hotel at Disneyland Resort Paris; Radisson SAS Hotel Where to stay: Radisson Hotel City Centre Indianapolis; Radisson Hotel Indianapolis Airport; Champs-Elysées; Radisson SAS Hotel Paris Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Indianapolis South; Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Boulogne; Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Indianapolis NE at I-69; Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Indianapolis North; Country Inn & Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Suites By Carlson, Indianapolis Airport South New Orleans Jazz and West Coast Brew Fest Cape Gourmet Festival Heritage Festival May 20, 2006; Sacramento, California May 5–21, 2006; Cape Town, April 28–May 7, 2006; New Orleans, South Africa; Louisiana; Where to stay: Radisson Hotel Where to stay: Park Inn Greenmarket Boston Marathon Sacramento Square Cape Town, Radisson SAS Hotel Where to stay: Country Inn & Suites By April 17, 2006; Boston, Massachusetts Waterfront Carlson, New Orleans; Radisson Hotel New Orleans Airport Where to stay: Radisson Hotel Boston; Prague Spring International County Wicklow Gardens Festival Radisson Hotel Cambridge; Radisson Hotel Music Festival May 1–August 15, 2006; County Wicklow, Ireland Rockland; Radisson Hotel Brockton; Radisson May 12–June 4, 2006; Prague, Czech Hotel and Suites Chelmsford; Radisson Hotel Republic; Where to stay: Radisson SAS St. Helen’s Hotel, Plymouth Harbor; Radisson Hotel Marlborough; Where to stay: Radisson SAS Alcron Hotel Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Dublin, Radisson SAS Farnham Radisson Hotel Milford; Country Inn & Suites By Estate Hotel Cavan, Park Inn Dundalk Carlson, Brockton Belmont Stakes June June 11, 2006; Belmont, New York; Shakespeares Birthday The Belmont Stakes, run over one and a half miles on the flat at Celebrations at The Globe Belmont Park in New York, is the oldest of the U.S. Triple Crown Races. April 23, 2006; London, England First run in 1867, it is one of the most famous horse races in the world. Where to stay: Radisson Lexington Hotel New York; Radisson Hotel Saddlebrook; Where to stay: Radisson Edwardian May Fair Radisson Hotel Piscataway; Radisson Hotel MacArthur Airport; Radisson Hotel JFK Airport; Hotel London; Radisson Edwardian Grafton Hotel; Radisson Hotel New Rochelle; Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Newark Airport Radisson Edwardian Sussex Hotel; Riverbank Park Plaza; Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, London–Bloomsbury; Country Inn & Suites By Chicago Blues Festival Carlson, London–Kensington; Park Inn Lakeside; Park Inn Heathrow and 11 other Carlson June 9–12, 2006; Chicago, Illinios; Songkran in Thailand April 13–15, 2006; Bangkok, Thailand; Where to stay: properties Where to stay: Radisson Hotel & Suites Chicago; Radisson Hotel Northbrook; Each year, Thailand celebrates the new year with three days of parades, beauty contests Radisson Hotel Bangkok; Park Plaza Sukhumvit Radisson Hotel Schaumburg; Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza; Country Inn & Suites By and traditional meals. Songkran also features an incredible water-throwing event in which Bangkok; Park Plaza Resort Carlson, O’Hare South; Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Chicago O’Hare Northwest passersby are drenched with water from buckets, pitchers, water guns and balloons. Nahka Island, Phuket and 13 other Carlson properties Melbourne Food and Skansen Midsummer Wine Festival June 24–26, 2006; Stockholm, Sweden Discovering Hidden Gardens Atlanta Dogwood Festival June 17–19, 2006; Amsterdam, March 31–April 12, 2006 Mediterranean Sounds, April 7–9, 2006; Atlanta, Georgia; Where to stay: Radisson SAS Royal Park Hotel, Netherlands; Where to stay: Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Atlanta Downtown South at Melbourne, Australia Images and Flavors Radisson SAS Hotel Gillet, Radisson SAS Strand Where to stay: Victoria Hotel Turner Field; Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Atlanta Airport North; Country Inn & June 5–12, 2006; Rome, Italy Hotel, Radisson SAS Royal Viking Hotel, Radisson Amsterdam by Park Plaza, Suites By Carlson, Atlanta Airport South; Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Where to stay: Radisson on Flagstaff SAS Sky City Hotel, Radisson SAS Arlandia Hotel, Park Plaza Utrecht, Radisson Atlanta I-75 South; Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Atlanta NW at Windy Hill Rd.; Gardens Melbourne Park Inn Sastaholm Konferens, Park Inn Haninge, SAS Hotel, Radisson SAS Where to stay: Radisson SAS Radisson Hotel Atlanta–Windy Hill and 13 other Carlson properties Park Inn Stockholm–Arlandia, Park Inn Solna Hotel Amsterdam Airport Hotel Rome 4 January–March 2006 Voyageur 5VOYAGEUR magazine for Carlson Hotels Worldwidemagazine redesign: department (calendar)