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De nieuwe consument redt zich wel
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De nieuwe consument redt zich wel


Published on

The results of our yearly new consumer research are in, and they are very surprising. …

The results of our yearly new consumer research are in, and they are very surprising.

The new consumer covers 80% of the market, is drastically changing his behaviour and expectations towards brands.
Self-reliance is the key word for the current consumption behaviour, changing the relation with brands in a drastic way.

And this in a context whereby maintaining life standards and “doing good” changes the value for money standard and quality perception of consumers.

By reconnecting to your customers, get answers to the following questions :
How does your customer of reference define quality and value for money ?
Where is he changing his actual purchase behaviour?
Who is he and how to connect with him, involve him ?
What new concepts would fit within your brand and marketing approach ?
How to increase relevance and success of your current plans ?

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 1. See the change Make it happen
  • 2. 14% 10% 10% 22% 8% 17% 20% 75% household budget
  • 3. Rest 26% 30% 16% 75% footprint people
  • 4. we see change … New citizens Fixers Next Gen Small is beautiful Senior Savers Passives18-34 35-54 55-74 FLANDERS CITIES WALLONIA
  • 5. 80% self-reliant New Consumers
  • 6. no context for innovation though ?
  • 7. desperate young … new (poor) citizens … 40% have not’s in Belgium ! 18-34 35-54 Brussels, cities PASSIVES NEW CIT’S
  • 8. have’s : think they are in control & can beat the market 20% fixers, serially loyal 35-54 Flanders FIXERS
  • 9. Flemish : my money ?? Walloon : small is beautiful 30% babyboomers 55-70 Flanders 55-70 Wallonia SENIOR SAVER’S SMALL= BEAUTY
  • 10. 15% NextGen youth 18-34 Brussels NEXT GEN
  • 11. ideal context for innovation !
  • 12. only 19% … will follow seriously pragmatic & drastic consumption changes driven first by necessity & then “doing good” 40% have not Belgians ! NEW CIT’S PASSIVES
  • 13. same behaviour changes ! driven by individual benefit and availability techno 20% smart i-fixers FIXERS
  • 14. old things in new ways driven by savings maximisation ! driven by new ways of spending 30% optimistic babyboomers redefining “quality” SENIOR SAVER’S SMALL= BEAUTY
  • 15. 15% NextGen youth NEXT GEN ! fully self-reliant driven by mentality and group
  • 16. self-reliant new consumer = smart techno driven efficient autonomous green & doing good local & controlled quality in control finding solutions pragmatic optimist resilient creative critical collective savings and sharing more
  • 17. self-reliant new consumer = value (for my money)more
  • 18. come to me with quality products good for me & world making me self-reliant & resilient