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The Second South East Europe World Heritage Youth Forum, Zajecar, Serbia 2013

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World Heritage Quiz

  1. 1. World Heritage QuizGAME I
  2. 2. Founded in the third millennium B.C. this siteis known as the world’s oldest continuouslyinhabited city.
  3. 3. Site: Ancient City of DamascusLocation: Syrian Arab Republic
  4. 4. I was the principal residence of the French kingsfrom the time of Louis XIV to Louis XVI.
  5. 5. VersaillesLocation: FranceYear Designated: 1979Category: Cultural
  6. 6. Build to awe, the pyramid known asEl Castillo has become the towering icon ofprehispanic City of _____________.
  7. 7. Chichén ItzáLocation: MexicoYear Designated: 1988Category: Cultural
  8. 8. The Stone Town on the picture is a fineexample of the Swahili coastal trading townsof East Africa.
  9. 9. The Stone Town of ZanzibarLocation: TanzaniaYear Designated: 2000Category: Cultural
  10. 10. The Ancient City of Sigiriya is locatedin which country?
  11. 11. Sri Lanka
  12. 12. I am located within a palace and I havewitnessed every coronation since the 11thcentury. Who am I?
  13. 13. Westminster Abbey
  14. 14. This site dates back from the beginning of theShogun period. It is a master piece of woodenconstruction, the finest surviving example of early17th-century Japanese castle architecture.
  15. 15. Himeji-jo
  16. 16. Founded as a Greek colony in the 6th centuryB.C. this city was one of the leading in theMediterranean world.
  17. 17. AgrigentoLocation: Sicily, ItaliaYear Designated: 1997Category: Cultural
  18. 18. This site, located at the southern tip of Florida, isthe largest designated sub-tropical wilderness reservein North America.
  19. 19. Everglades National ParkLocation: USAYear Designated: 1979Category: NaturalSince the year 2010 the site is inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger.
  20. 20. This Caribbean country has one site inscribed onthe World Heritage List - Historic Bridgetown andits Garrison. Name of the country is …
  21. 21. Barbados
  22. 22. World Heritage QuizGAME II
  23. 23. What Continent has themost World Heritage sites?AsiaAfricaEuropeNorthAmerica
  24. 24. CorrectEurope has the lion’s share ofWorld Heritage sites; most arecultural sites, such as cathedrals,castles, Roman and Greek ruins,and historic city centers. Recentselections recognize modern siteslike the Essen Coal region inGermany and cultural landscapessuch as the Douro wine countryof Portugal.
  25. 25. The Swiss towns of la Chaux-de-Fondsand Le Locle were added to the WorldHeritage List in 2009 for what culturaldistinction?Their town planningTraditional cheesemakingTwin monasteriesA roman aqueduct
  26. 26. CorrectThese small cities in the remoteJura Mountains were designatedas World Heritage sites because oftheir unique town planning.Centers of the Swiss watchmakingindustry, La Chaux-de-Fonds andLe Locle were laid out explicitly forthe single goal of manufacturingwatches.
  27. 27. The World Heritage emblem wasdesigned by Belgian artist MichelOlyff. Which year it was adopted asofficial World Heritage emblem ?1978198919882004
  28. 28. CorrectThe World Heritage emblemrepresents the interdependence ofthe world’s natural and culturaldiversity. It is used to identifyproperties protected by the WorldHeritage Convention and inscribedon the official World Heritage List,and represents the universal valuesfor which the Convention stands.Designed by Belgian artist MichelOlyff, it was adopted as the officialemblem of the World HeritageConvention in 1978.
  29. 29. What is the Vredefort Dome, aWorld Heritage site in SouthAfrica?An 15th-centurymonasteryThe world’s largestasteroid impact siteA volcanic craterA historic gold mine
  30. 30. CorrectThe Vredefort Dome, southwest ofJohannesburg, is part of the largestknown asteroid impact site onEarth. The astrobleme, or scar,stretches 186 miles (300 kilometers)wide and is estimated to be sometwo billion years old. It was addedto the World Heritage List in 2005.
  31. 31. How many countries haveadhered to the World HeritageConvention?10821190152
  32. 32. CorrectThere are 190 States Parties, orcountries that have adhered tothe World Heritage Convention.This means they agree toprotect the sites inscribed onthe World Heritage List, amongother duties.
  33. 33. Only two countries have ever hada World Heritage site removedfrom the list. What are they?Estonia and Ivory CoastIraq and SerbiaGermany and OmanChina and Laos
  34. 34. CorrectGermany and Oman are the onlycountries that have suffered theembarrassment of having a siteremoved from the World HeritageList. Germany’s Dresden ElbeValley was delisted un 2009because of the construction of abridge through the valley. In 2007,Oman’s Arabian Onyx Sanctuarywas delisted when the size of thepreserve was reduced by 90percent after oil was discoveredthere.
  35. 35. Which of the following is a WorldHeritage site?Sydney Opera House,AustraliaHiroshima PeaceMemorial, JapanAll of the aboveSewell Mining Town,Chile
  36. 36. CorrectAs of 2012, UNESCO’s WorldHeritage List included 962 sites –including these three. The list’ssites cover the spectrum from thenatural (Skocjan Caves in Slovenia)to the man-made (the Milanchurch that includes “The LastSupper” by Leonardo da Vinci).
  37. 37. A World Heritage site added in2006 recognizes what in Mexico?Zona Rosa neighborhoodof Mexico CityIts tequila-producing areaArtist Diego Rivera’smuralsBullring in Acapulco
  38. 38. CorrectThe 2006 addition recognizes theagave landscape and ancientindustrial facilities of the Tequilaarea in Mexico. The spiny agaveplant has been fermented anddistilled into the spirit calledtequila for centuries.
  39. 39. The Mount Huangshan is knownas “the loveliest mountain of …. “?ChinaRepublic of KoreaVietnamJapan
  40. 40. CorrectHuangshan, known as the loveliestmountain of China, was acclaimedthrough art and literature during agood part of Chinese history (e.g.the Shanshui mountain and waterstyle of the mid-16th century).Today it holds the same fascinationfor visitors, poets, painters andphotographers who come onpilgrimage to the site, which isrenowned for its magnificentscenery made up of many granitepeaks and rocks emerging out of asea of clouds.
  41. 41. Which of these sites was in thefirst group added to the WorldHeritage List?Fraser Island, AustraliaHistoric Cairo, EgyptVenice, ItalyYellowstone NationalPark, U.S.
  42. 42. CorrectIn 1978, the first 12 siteswere inscribed to the WorldHeritage List. Among themwas Yellowstone NationalPark, recognized for itsnatural beauty, biodiversity,and geological processes.Also in the first batch: theGalapagos, Senegal’s Islandof Goree, the historic centerof Krakow, Poland; and therock-hewn churches ofLalibela, Ethiopia.
  43. 43. Which of these U.S. sites is onthe World Heritage List?Golden Gate Bridge, SanFranciscoLos Alamos, New MexicoThe White House,Washington, D.C.Statue of Liberty, NewYork
  44. 44. CorrectAmerica’s iconic Statue of Libertywas added to World Heritage Listin 1985. The 151-foot-tall (46-meters-tall) monument stands ona pedestal at the entrance toNew York Harbor, where it haswelcomed millions of arrivingimmigrants.
  45. 45. Which UNESCO World Heritage siteis on the picture?Tombs of Buganda Kingsat Kasubi, UgandaHistoric City ofAyutthaya, ThailandResidence of Bukovinianand DalmatianMetropolitans, UkraineThe Treasury at Petra,Jordan
  46. 46. CorrectInhabited since prehistoric times,this Nabataean caravan-city,situated between the Red Sea andthe Dead Sea, was an importantcrossroads between Arabia, Egyptand Syria-Phoenicia. Petra is half-built, half-carved into the rock, andis surrounded by mountains riddledwith passages and gorges. It is oneof the worlds most famousarchaeological sites, where ancientEastern traditions blend withHellenistic architecture.
  47. 47. Which World Heritage-listed 25million year-old lake is known asthe oldest freshwater lake in theworld?Lake Geneva/Lac Leman,Switzerland/FranceLake Como, ItalyLake Titicaca,Peru/BoliviaLake Baikal, RussianFederation
  48. 48. CorrectSituated in south-east Siberia, the3.15-million-ha Lake Baikal is theoldest (25 million years) anddeepest (1,700 m) lake in theworld. It contains 20% of theworlds total unfrozen freshwaterreserve. Known as the Galapagosof Russia, its age and isolationhave produced one of the worldsrichest and most unusualfreshwater faunas, which is ofexceptional value to evolutionaryscience.
  49. 49. What site illustrates a major stageof the Earth’s history?Shirakami-SanchiCuronian SpitMessel Pit Fossil Site
  50. 50. CorrectMessel Pit is the richest site inthe world for understandingthe living environment of theEocene, between 57 millionand 36 million years ago. Inparticular, it provides uniqueinformation about the earlystages of the evolution ofmammals and includesexceptionally well-preservedmammal fossils, ranging fromfully articulated skeletons tothe contents of stomachs ofanimals of this period.
  51. 51. Charles Darwin visited thisUNESCO World Heritage siteconsisting of nineteen islandsoff the coast of Ecuador.What is the name of this site?Ogasawara IslandsBrazilian Atlantic IslandsGalapagos IslandsAeolian Islands
  52. 52. CorrectSituated in the Pacific Ocean some1,000 km from the South Americancontinent, these 19 islands and thesurrounding marine reserve havebeen called a unique ‘living museumand showcase of evolution’. Locatedat the confluence of three oceancurrents, the Galápagos are a‘melting pot’ of marine species. Itfosters an unusual animal life – suchas the land iguana, the giant tortoiseand the many types of finch – thatinspired Charles Darwin’s theory ofevolution by natural selectionfollowing his visit in 1835.
  53. 53. Located in Indonesia, what UNESCOWorld Heritage Site is a NationalPark which derives its name froman island named after a giantlizard?Komodo National ParkAldabra AtollManu National ParkNiokolo-Koba NationalPark
  54. 54. CorrectThese volcanic islands are inhabitedby a population of around 5,700giant lizards, whose appearance andaggressive behavior have led to thembeing called Komodo dragons. Theyexist nowhere else in the world andare of great interest to scientistsstudying the theory of evolution. Therugged hillsides of dry savannah andpockets of thorny green vegetationcontrast starkly with the brilliantwhite sandy beaches and the bluewaters surging over coral.
  55. 55. The Late Roman fortified palacecompound and memorial complex ofFelix Romuliana, in the east of Serbia,was commissioned by Roman EmperorGalerius Maximianus, in the late 3rdand early 4th centuries. Name FelixRomuliana, got after Emperor’s...MotherTown of birthServant who saved hislife in a battleWife
  56. 56. CorrectThe Late Roman fortified palacecompound and memorial complex ofGamzigrad-Romuliana, Palace ofGalerius, in the east of Serbia, wascommissioned by Emperor CaiusValerius Galerius Maximianus, in thelate 3rd and early 4th centuries. It wasknown as Felix Romuliana, namedafter the emperor’s mother. The siteconsists of fortifications, the palace inthe north-western part of thecomplex, basilicas, temples, hot baths,memorial complex, and a tetrapylon.The group of buildings is also uniquein its intertwining of ceremonial andmemorial functions.
  57. 57. Name the Pacific island that ishome to a World Heritage sitecontaining the world’s largestraised coral atoll?Rennell IslandFijiVanuatuRarotonga
  58. 58. CorrectEast Rennell makes up the southernthird of Rennell Island, the mostsouthern island in the Solomon Islandgroup in the western Pacific. Rennell,86 km long x 15 km wide, is thelargest raised coral atoll in the world.The site includes approximately37,000 ha and a marine areaextending 3 nautical miles to sea. Amajor feature of the island is LakeTegano, which was the former lagoonon the atoll. The lake, the largest inthe insular Pacific (15,500 ha), isbrackish and contains many ruggedlimestone islands and endemicspecies.
  59. 59. Please match site and itscountry location?Kakadu National ParkWooden Churches ofMaramuresArchaeological site ofTroyAlbaniaTurkeyAustraliaRomaniaButrint
  60. 60. CorrectInhabited since prehistoric times,Butrint has been the site of a Greekcolony, a Roman city and a bishopric.Following a period of prosperity underByzantine administration, then a briefoccupation by the Venetians, the citywas abandoned in the late MiddleAges after marshes formed in thearea. The present archaeological siteis a repository of ruins representingeach period in the city’s development.
  61. 61. Please match site and itscountry location?Kakadu National ParkWooden Churches ofMaramuresArchaeological site ofTroyAlbaniaTurkeyAustraliaRomaniaButrint
  62. 62. CorrectThis unique archaeological andethnological reserve, located in theNorthern Territory, has beeninhabited continuously for more than40,000 years. The cave paintings, rockcarvings and archaeological sitesrecord the skills and way of life of theregion’s inhabitants, from the hunter-gatherers of prehistoric times to theAboriginal people still living there. It isa unique example of a complex ofecosystems, including tidal flats,floodplains, lowlands and plateaux,and provides a habitat for a widerange of rare or endemic species ofplants and animals.
  63. 63. Please match site and itscountry location?Kakadu National ParkWooden Churches ofMaramuresArchaeological site ofTroyAlbaniaTurkeyAustraliaRomaniaButrint
  64. 64. CorrectThese eight churches are outstandingexamples of a range of architecturalsolutions from different periods andareas. They show the variety ofdesigns and craftsmanship adopted inthese narrow, high, timberconstructions with their characteristictall, slim clock towers at the westernend of the building, either single- ordouble-roofed and covered byshingles. As such, they are a particularvernacular expression of the culturallandscape of this mountainous area ofnorthern Romania.
  65. 65. Please match site and itscountry location?Kakadu National ParkWooden Churches ofMaramuresArchaeological site ofTroyAlbaniaTurkeyAustraliaRomaniaButrint
  66. 66. CorrectTroy, with its 4,000 years of history, isone of the most famousarchaeological sites in the world. Thefirst excavations at the site wereundertaken by the famousarchaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in1870. In scientific terms, its extensiveremains are the most significantdemonstration of the first contactbetween the civilizations of Anatoliaand the Mediterranean world.Moreover, the siege of Troy bySpartan and Achaean warriors fromGreece in the 13th or 12th centuryB.C., immortalized by Homer in theIliad, has inspired great creativeartists throughout the world eversince.
  67. 67. All of my 5 national parks andreserve are listed in danger.Which country am I?Russian FederationUSASomaliaDR Congo
  68. 68. CorrectNaturalGaramba National Park (1980)Kahuzi-Biega National Park (1980)Okapi Wildlife Reserve (1996)Salonga National Park (1984)Virunga National Park (1979)
  69. 69. World Heritage QuizGAME III
  70. 70. Timbuktu, Mali
  71. 71. Rapa Nui National Park (Easter Islands),Chile
  72. 72. Minaret and Archaeological Remains ofJam, Afghanistan
  73. 73. Macquarie Island, Australia
  74. 74. Rila Monastery, Bulgaria
  75. 75. Costiera Amalfitana, Italy
  76. 76. Kremlin and Red Square, Russia
  77. 77. Historic Centre of Prague,Czech Republic
  78. 78. Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania
  79. 79. Golden Temple of Dambulla, Sri Lanka
  80. 80. Cape Floral Region Protected Areas,South Africa
  81. 81. Fatehpur Sikri, India