UFO Research Center from Melinda Leslie of the Center for the New Age - Sedona, Arizona


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  • This post is long over due. Did a medium reading w/Melinda before going on a UFO tour and all I can say is wow! She was so spot-on with everything she said, from my best friend to my mother and brother whom had all passed away. Later on that evening my girlfriend and I and about was about six of us that went out on a UFO sighting trip and man did we see a lot. We even had one guy who was from MIT and he was even blown away with what he was seeing Melinda was extremely insightful in what she was communicating and teaching us, so we knew we weren't seeing planes just flying thought the sky. As a youth I had my first experience with a UFO so I knew they existed, my girlfriend on the other hand was not so enthusiastic about what she was about to see and when she spotted her first UFO she went nuts. She couldn't take her eyes off the sky. Now she wants to go back. We had an extremely great time with Melinda Leslie. From the Medium reading to the UFO sighting trip we went on were both amazing and I’d do it again. Her prices are a lot les then some of the others, but to me she was worth every dime spent. Don't hesitate to go out with Melinda, she's well worth the money invested in going out and seeing these UFO's. Love her and she's such a warm and incredible person!!
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UFO Research Center from Melinda Leslie of the Center for the New Age - Sedona, Arizona

  1. 1. The Center for the New Age Presents The UFO Research Center and Sedona’s UFOs & Vortex Spots in photos
  2. 2. Come to Sedona Long known as a UFO “hotspot” with sightings occurring regularly and eversince the Native Americans originally living here had visits from the “Star People” These photos of UFOs were all taken in Sedona
  3. 3. Come to the UFO Research Center on Scenic Oak CreekCome see UFO photos & videos, learn about Sedona’s UFOs, or just stop byand see the creek. It’s Free!Meet Melinda Leslie “The UFO Lady”Famous Abductee and UFO Expert Researcher/Investigator for over 24 years  Sit by the water with a UFO book  Watch a UFO video  Watch a presentation of photos of UFOs over Sedona  Learn about Sedona’s UFO sightings and ET contacts  Share your experiences with Melinda or ask her questions  Come on a UFO Sighting Tour The History Channel named Sedona as the number 1 UFO “hotspot” in the US
  4. 4. Come to the UFO Research CenterSome visitors at the Center for the NewAge and The UFO Research Center
  5. 5. The UFO Research Center“It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships fromanother solar system. There is no doubt in my mind that these objects areinterplanetary craft of some sort. I and my colleagues are confident they donot originate in our solar system.” – Dr. Herman Oberth, Physicist & Father of Rocketry “I dont laugh at people any more when they say theyve seen UFOs. Ive seen one myself!” – President Jimmy Carter "The UFO phenomenon being reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious." – General Nathan Twining, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1955-1958“The phenomenon of UFOs does exist, and must be treated seriously.” – Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev
  6. 6. Services Offered at the UFO Research Center Nighttime UFO Sighting Tours – See UFOs every time with Military Night Vision Goggles. We really do see them! Vortex Tours – Have a personally guided uplifting spiritual experience in each of the famous Vortex locations. UFO Discussion Group – Every Wednesday night all things UFO & ET are discussed & it’s open to everyone. Daytime UFO Tours – Experience our best UFO sighting locations and where paranormal occurrences happen. Psychic Medium Readings – Get insight & answers from your spirit guides and those who’ve passed to the other side with Melinda – professional psychic for over 30 years.
  7. 7. Come UFO Hunting with Military Night Vision Goggles with Melinda Leslie Sky watching for UFOs with military Generation 3 Night Vision is fast being credited as “the best way” to have a UFO sighting. It assists you to see UFOs with amazing regularity! This military technology really works and is said to be from back-engineered ET technology!
  8. 8. Come UFO Hunting with Military Night Vision GogglesWhat Night Vision sightingslook like (still photos of objects seen moving) 5 UFOs flying in formationA laser pointing at 2 UFOsmoving together “shadowing”each other as seen through NightVision A large UFO as seen through Gen 3 Night Vision Goggles
  9. 9. UFO Sighting Tours with Night Vision Goggles Come see UFOs with us!We see 5 – 10 sightings every tour“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt thosewho are doing it.” – George Bernard Shaw Call now to book your sightings 928-282-2085
  10. 10. Vortex ToursCome see Sedona’s famous Vortexes with Melinda
  11. 11. Vortex ToursVortex Maps and LocationsThese spots of electro-magnetic energyline up just like the Chakra system ofthe human body
  12. 12. Vortex ToursCome experience the spiritualuplifting of Sedona’s famous Vortexes for yourself! And the beauty of Sedona’s sacred rock formations To book a tour with Melinda please call 928-282-2085
  13. 13. UFO Discussion Group Had a Sighting? Been Aboard Ship? Seen an ET? Wondering?    Please come with your questions  Share any experiences  You are not alone!Welcome to everyone with an open mind!
  14. 14. UFO Discussion Group“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtfulcommitted citizens can change the world; indeed itis the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret MeadMeetings held every Wednesday Call for exact time and to reserve your seat 928-282-2085
  15. 15. UFO Daytime Tours We also have daytime tours of the famous UFO sighting and paranormal “hotspot” locationsIndian ruins in Sedonaare also paranormalhotspots Nearby famous ghost town of Jerome is very haunted
  16. 16. UFO Daytime ToursMelinda takes you to Sedona’s famous “UFO Hotspots” UFO above Sedona’s Cathedral Rock Vortex
  17. 17. Learn About Sedona’s UFOsUFOs above Uptown 5Sedona1 2 3 4
  18. 18. Sedona’s UFOs UFO over Sedona’s Courthouse RockUFO over Bradshaw Ranchfamous paranormal portal area
  19. 19. Sedona’s UFOsUFOs around Sedona’sSnoopy Rock formationabove the Schnebly HillVortex area UFO over Sedona’s Bell Rock Vortex
  20. 20. Sedona’s UFOsUFO over Sedona and 3 photo analysisclose-ups showing it is a large physicalobject
  21. 21. Sedona’s UFOs UFOs around Sedona’s A group of UFOs over Snoopy rock formation a Sedona hotel (detailed analysis of the location proved this isn’t a reflection on theReal UFO in the sky along with window glass)model of one and a missile on theground near Jerome just outside ofSedona.…did the ETs know they werebeing funny?
  22. 22. Sedona’s UFOsEnlargement shown above isof the item in the largest redcircle in the photo on the right.A UFO appears to beemerging from the cloud.Photo was taken fromSedona’s Uptown area. SeeSnoopy Rock in silhouette.
  23. 23. Sedona’s UFOsHow many UFOs do you see in thisphoto taken over Sedona?
  24. 24. Sedona’s UFOsWas it this many?
  25. 25. Sedona’s UFOsDon’t believe it?Here’s a close up of at least 12 of them (froma 2 inch square of the previous photo)
  26. 26. Sedona’s UFOs Melinda will show you places where spirit “orbs” and…. stranger things are seen! This orb is in an area where something else is about to appear in the bushes… Special thanks to Tim Fraser for the use of these pictures
  27. 27. Sedona’s UFOs Could it be an alien? Special thanks to Tim Fraser for the use of these pictures
  28. 28. Sedona’s UFOsSample videos of UFOs over Sedona: Just click on bold text to see each video Nighttime video of large craft with multiple lights in Cottonwood. (Exactly like one seen on one of our tours!) Nighttime video of triangular UFO flying over Bell Rock Daylight video of UFO in & out of clouds in Sedona Nighttime multicolor changing UFO over Airport Mesa
  29. 29. Have a Psychic Medium Reading Get insight & answers from your spirit guides and Contact your loved ones on the other side To schedule a reading with Melinda please call 928-282-2085