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  • 2. Elif Aktürk I’m Elif.I’m twenty years old and I was born in İzmir.I have a brother.He is very aggresive these days.I graduated from Yunus Emre Anatolian High School.I was in prep-class last year.It was very enjoying year.
  • 3. … A tiny part of my family immigrated from Selanika so I ‘m interested in Greek music a little bit …
  • 4. I love novels. My favourite author is Ayşe Kulin.
  • 5. I’m interested in folkdance.
  • 6. I’m very bad at swimming.I try to learn many times but it’s imposibble…
  • 7. I’m too clumsy person. My family got used to my clumsy events.I like to learn different cultures meal and try cooking in my free time.I’m generally pessimistic a bit. Especially when it is dark, I’m such a coward person.My friends say that “ You’re careless and very forgetful.’’
  • 8. My memory is like a fish.Therefore I write down small notes to remember.
  • 9. The most important thing is smiling for me   Thank you …
    • I'm Sedef.I was born in 1992. I live in İzmir. I have six sisters and father.My mother passed away when ı was 4 years old.I graduated from Kenan Evren Anatolian High School.Iwas in prep-class last year.That year appreciated me so much.
  • 11. I'm very stubborn.My friends say that "Sedef, you are very stubborn like a goat.”
  • 12.
    • I'm aggrasive and talkative person sometimes I never stop talking and my friends say that "Sedef, enough!!!!! :)).
  • 13. I want to possess a red VOSVOS. This is my imagine:)
  • 14. I like drawing and painting so I would like to be architect…
  • 15. Sometimes, Loneliness makes me relaxed.I never give up being like a child.I like wearing relaxing. two year ago I wouldn't like wearing earing but because of Elif I like anymore.I hate dancing. Because I'm afraid of falling down when I dance.But I love watching people who are dancing.I'm very clumsy actualy I'm very unlucky.
  • 16. In spite of everything I love laughing. My father is too valueable in my life.
  • 17. Elif Nur İpek Hi friends, My name is Elif Nur and my surname is İpek. I was born in Konak in January 1,1993.I am 19 years old.I'm living in Manisa with my family. I graduated from Hasan Türek Anatolian High School in 2011. My spare time reading books, listening to music
  • 18. I enjoy hiking.
  • 19. I don't like to lie. Therefore, I don’t like telling lie to me .
  • 20. Pollyanna is very positive but I’m exact opposite of Pollyanna.
  • 21. I'm impatient.I am stubborn like a goat.I am cheerful.I am committed to my friends .I like to visit and see different places. I love dancing. I love singing too but my voice is not beautiful at all.There is also claustrophobic.
  • 22. “ I'm afraid of losing my family the most.”
  • 23. Özge Tokdemir Hello friends, I am Özge Tokdemir. I was born in Muğla. I graduated from Mugla Anatolian High School. I have a sister. Her name is Ece and she goes to Muğla Anatolian High School. I like listening to music and dancing.
  • 24. Her face is very similar to me so people who don’t know us think that we are twin.
  • 25. I dance in Muğla’s municipality group.
  • 26. The enjoy to work here. I am sometimes nervous quickly so give sudden reactions. Why I chose this department; Industrial engineering was the second choice. I was interested in the study area is to be wide and varied. Thank you for listening to me.
  • 27. Hello to everyone in my life that I can not go. Hatice Melek Erkeç
  • 28. My name is Hatice Melek .My surname’s Erkeç . I am 19 .I graduated from Konya Anatolian High School .
  • 29. “ I am a student at Celal Bayar University I was in prep-class last year.”
  • 30. I am very attached to my family so I miss them a lot. I like playing voleyboll.I give importance to my friends very much.I like going out with my friends. I look forward to coming summer. My family lives in Konya . I am away from my family in Manisa.
  • 31. As for me I like laughing cheerful.
  • 32. Hanging out with friends because I love the grass and trees . Play backgommon free time ,go to the sinema and traveling facebook. I want to work after finishing school Ülker factory.
  • 33. if you need to confess to me worth of being ceo..
  • 34. Communication informations: Elif Aktürk: elif_akturkkk@hotmail. com Sedef Duyal:duyal_92@hotmail.com Elif Nur İpek:elifnur-45@hotmail.com Özge Tokdemir:tokdemir92@hotmail.com Hatice Melek Erkeç:melek_erkec@hotmail.com
  • 35. Thanks to listen to us.