SecurusVault Swiss Data Backup overview


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SecurusVault is a Swiss data backup and file sharing tool available globally through . Among other features, the Personnal Information Storage acts as a digital safe for all personal notes not stored on files. The application is compliant with the most stringent security requirements and is a NON USA PATRIOT Act software as it does not store anything in a US based server. GlobeX Data S.A. is the sole developer and owner of the application. An Arabic version is coming by year end and an iPhone iPad application is coming by November 2010.

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SecurusVault Swiss Data Backup overview

  1. 1. SecurusVault Overview Overview of the SecurusVault Data Security Solution This document provides an high level overview of SecurusVault, the innovative secure Swiss data security service that GlobeX Data can provide to any business wishing to protect its critical and confidential digital assets in compliance with the strictest international data security standards.
  2. 2. Secure your data and applications with SecurusVault® An increasing amount of companies, be they ENSURE THE CONTINUOUS large corporation or SMEs are faced with AVAILABILITY OF BUSINESS the burden of properly handling increasing SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS amounts of confidential digital data both in terms of transport and storage. The SecurusVault Servers are hosted in ISO 9001:2000, ISO/IEC 27001 certified data Business continuity is growing in popularity centre providing a complete data centre among the high priority issues companies infrastructure service. The secure and resilient have to face as long as their operations are facilities have been constructed to offer: progressively going online. Physically and Technically Secure Environ- A new trend in this area is to outsource the ments; task and – most important – liability to third Multiple Broadband Connectivity; parties whose core business is to keep the Complex Air Conditioning and Cooling pace of the ever-evolving Internet and digital Systems; data security technology and regulations. Online Standby Power Supply Genera- tion; Complex Monitoring and Control Sys- tems; Plug & Play Environment for any type of IT Outputs (remote monitoring). 2 SecurusVault Overview
  3. 3. The concept The picture below shows how SecurusVault can be installed on your computer(s) and server(s) to securely store online all your data. 3 SecurusVault Overview
  4. 4. HOW IT WORKS Five Simple Steps Data storage doesn’t need to be complicated. SecurusVault makes it easy for any sized business to store data securely in one of the world’s most stable and secure nations. SecurusVault offers data security in five simple steps: 1. Choose Your Package. Decide how much storage space you need and how many devices you want to protect. You can easily upgrade both options at any time. 2. Download and Install SecurusVault. Download and install a little application on every machine you want to backup. 3. Select Your Data. Select files and folders you want to save in your online vault. 4. Let SecurusVault do the rest. Focus on your activities and relax as your data is protected. 5. Restore/Access/Share your data when needed. Restore in case of crash. Access when away from of- fice or home. Share with colleagues and friends. SOFTWARE GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE This is the user’s interface to be used to store and protect your files. All the options are very user friendly and mimic the file browser that all computer users are used to. 4 SecurusVault Overview
  5. 5. Features SecurusVault offers unique, innovative features aimed at providing customers with the best on demand data storage solution available and more are being added. REALTIME BACKUP FILE SHARING Create an online copy of your files as soon as they’re Share your files with other SecurusVault users or created or modified in real time with SecurusVault’s external users who will be able to download your files continuous synchronization. Or you can choose the from SecurusVault. frequency at which your data is backed up from every minute to every 5 hours. E-MAIL YOUR FILES FILE VERSIONS HISTORY You can attach your files to an e-mail message and send it directly with SecurusVault in case your e-mail server is SecurusVault stores your data smartly remembering down or does not support large attachments. its version history so you can access your data to the specific version of a file you need - even to the very beginning of the file history! PERSONAL INFORMATION STORAGE As a user, you have the ability to remotely store any MULTI-DEVICES SYNCHRONIZATION kind of textual (short) information such as PIN codes, passwords and account numbers. A simple encrypted You can store the latest version of a file on several online form will provide easy access to this information devices so you can edit your document remotely at your that now has to be written on physical supports or convenience on your time – without having to bring the remembered by heart. physical storage device with you. CALENDAR SHARE ONLINE ARCHIVE SecurusVault provides the possibility to schedule It’s never been easier or more affordable to securely meetings and invite attendees on a secure web based archive your data. Store online all files you don’t want or calendar. Notifications can be sent prior to the meeting need on your computer in SecurusVault. You can always at defined intervals. Attendees are notified via email of a access and download them from any device when you new meeting request that can be accessed online on the need them again. SecurusVault account. MULTIPLE DEVICES USERS MANAGEMENT Create a separate online environment for as many Business clients will have an administrative console used devices as you like. You will see all your computers to manage the several users accounts. This is particularly registered under your account. useful for system administrators to make sure that all corporate machines (personal and servers) are properly protected. REMOTE ACCESS Securely access your data even when you are away from office or home. A simple web interface with secure Important: Your data is encrypted with access allows SecurusVault users to access data from the same technology used for online anywhere in the world. SecurusVault is continually banking (military grade encryption). adding new devices to access your data. Only you can access and modify it. 5 SecurusVault Overview