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SecurityTube Cyber Warrior Workshop
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SecurityTube Cyber Warrior Workshop


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. SecurityTube Cyber Warrior Workshop
  • 2. SecurityTube is the world’s no 1 website for information security education videos. Started by Vivek Ramachandran in 2007, today it boasts of around 130,000 unique visitors from over 80+ countries. Vivek’s videos on hardcore security and hacking topics such as Assembly Language, Exploit Research, Reverse Engineering, Metasploit, Network Security and Wireless Security are used by thousands of students and professionals around the world. SecurityTube also offers its own certification in advanced security topics. We currently have students from over 33+ countries from around the world taking our course and certification programs. We are the only security education company based out of India, which has a global reach and impact.Binary Security Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Binary Security Innovative Solutions Private Limited is the parent company of and a provider of in-person high end infosec trainings around the world with majority of our customers in Europe and USA. We have conducted trainings and given research talks in top security and hacker conferences in the world such as Defcon, Blackhat USA, Blackhat Abu Dhabi, Toorcon, Brucon, Hacktivity, Security Zone, Clubhack, C0C0n etc. Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies – top banks, financial institutions, government organizations and multi-national companies.
  • 3. SecurityTube Cyber Warrior Workshop Workshop Objective: - Systematic approach to learning Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing - Focus on in-depth understanding of security technologies and how to subvert them - Aims to make you think like a real Hacker and not a tool wielding Script Kiddie - Teaches you how to begin coding your own security and hacking tools - Learn the tricks of the trade from world renowned security researchers Note: If you are looking for a fast and easy way to use ready made hacking tools then this workshop is not for you. Workshop Takeaways - Over 50+ live hacking demonstration of beginner to advanced hacks - Learn to exploit fully patched Windows 7, Unix and Linux stations - SecurityTube Workshop DVD containing over 4.2 GB of video lectures running into around 12+ hours - SecurityTube Cyber Warrior Workshop Participation Certificate - PDF copy of the slides, so you can refer to the course material anytime, anywhere
  • 4. Cyber Warrior Workshop Day 1 Topics Module 1: Getting Started Module 2: Network Hacking1. History of Hacking 1. Penetration Testing Basics2. Ethics of Hacking and Laws 2. Tools and Techniques3. Hacker Groups 3. Post-Exploitation Kung-Fu4. Hacker Cons and Meets 4. Firewall and Anti-Virus Evasion5. Certifications 5. Attacking DMZ and Pivoting6. Career Path for Freshers 6. Install Rootkits and Backdoors Module 3: System Hacking Module 4: Wireless Hacking1. System Security Architecture 1. Hardware and Software2. Privilege Escalation 2. WLAN Hacking3. Password Cracking 3. Bluetooth Hacking4. Custom Malware and Trojans 4. Mobile Phone Hacking5. Backdooring Executable 5. GSM Attacks6. Linux and Windows Hacking 6. USRP Device Hacks
  • 5. Cyber Warrior Workshop Day 2 Topics Module 5: Web Applications Module 6: Exploit Research1. SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF etc. 1. Debuggers and ASM Basics2. Rooting via Web Applications 2. Buffer Overflow Exploitation3. Database Server Hacking 3. Tools of the Trade4. Advanced Web Attacks 4. Windows and Linux Exploits5. Client side Attacks 5. SEH, Off-by-one, Heap Sprays6. Tools and Platforms like w3af 6. SEHOP, DEP, ASLR Module 7: Reverse Engineering Module 8: Coding Hacking Tools1. Binary Disassembly Basics 1. Network Raw Sockets2. Reversing Windows Binaries 2. Coding Packet Sniffers, Injectors3. Writing Software Cracks 3. Virus Programming4. Writing Keygens 4. Worm Programming5. Software Protection Techniques 5. Scripting and Automation6. Advanced Disassembly 6. Future Study and Conclusion
  • 6. Vivek Ramachandran, Founder, Vivek Ramachandran is a world renowned security researcher and trainer. He is the author of the book “Wireless Penetration Testing using Backtrack”, one of the winners of the “Microsoft Security Shootout” contest and a Team Achievement award winner from Cisco Systems. He is regarded as one of the foremost experts in Wireless Security as broke “WEP Cloaking” at Defcon 15 and discovered the “Caffe Latte Attack”. His work is extensively quoted in international media including BBC Online, Network World, The Register, Mac World and Computer Online. He has also been featured in CBS 5, California news where he educated the public on the insecurity of wireless. Vivek is the founder of, the world’s largest infosec education website. He is also the Director and CEO of Binary Security Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a next generation security training company which conducts trainings in Europe and US.Vivek has spoken and trained in the World’s Top Security and Hacker Conferences
  • 7. Book: Wireless Penetration Testing with Backtrack
  • 8. Contact Information for SecurityTube Cyber Warrior Workshop Per Student Charges: Rs 1500 for a 2 Day Workshop Charge Includes: Courseware + Workshop DVD + Certificate Contact Email: workshops@binarysecuritysolutions.comWe will need your college to provide us with a Hall, Projector and Internet Connection toconduct the workshop. Our Trainer will come to your college to deliver the workshop.