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Παρουσίαση του συστήματος Hunter-Pro
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Παρουσίαση του συστήματος Hunter-Pro


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Pima το νέο σύστημα ασφαλείας που μόνο η security-digitalcctv σας παρουσιάζει και σας προτείνει

Pima το νέο σύστημα ασφαλείας που μόνο η security-digitalcctv σας παρουσιάζει και σας προτείνει

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. HUNTER-PRO 896 the 96 Zones Hybrid Intruder Alarm System
  • 2. In this presentation:
    • About PIMA
    • Main System accessories
    • Features
    • Keypads
    • Programming menus
    • Communication Channels
    • Connectivity Options
    • System Diagnostics
    • Programming Accessories
  • 3. About PIMA:
    • PIMA Electronic Systems Ltd. develops and manufactures Intruder Alarm Systems for domestic and commercial installations
    • PIMA leads Israel's panel market and sells its products in over 40 countries
    • PIMA is the developer of the unique single - screen 6-32 zones status bar
    • PIMA focuses on uncompromising product reliability
    • PIMA products exceed the CE standards for RFI and EMC immunity
  • 4. Why PIMA?
    • Sophisticated Control Panels
    • Long-range Radio, GMS, TCP/IP Transmitters
    • CMS Receivers & Repeaters
    • Full Hardware and Software package
    PIMA presents the Integrated Alarm Monitoring Solution
  • 5. Why PIMA?
    • Simple interface built in mind for the installer and the end-user
    • Fast and error-free multi-channel connectivity from the panel to the CMS
    • Israeli top-quality and high standards
    • Hybrid system ( Visonic ) at competitive prices
    • Multi communication channels of connectivity: GSM, GPRS, voice message, SMS message ( by PSTN or GSM ) , Long –range Radio and network TCP / IP
    • Auto arming per partition
  • 6. HUNTER-PRO 896
  • 7. Hunter-Pro 896 Intruder Alarm System:
    • Integrated Intruder Alarm System that is top of the line though simple to install and easy to operate
    • IP Enabled Monitoring Solution
    • Hybrid 96z; 16 partitions; 8 keypads
    • GSM/GPRS and SMS Transmitters
    • Integrated Long range radio Transmitters (full protocol)
    • Transmitters & repeaters for long-range monitoring
    • Hardware & Software
    • Integrated products
    • Flexible to suit all installations
    • Display of physical expander location
    • Remote control of main functions and all relays by PSTN/GMS
  • 8.
    • Available Products:
    LCD Keypads RXN-410 : LCD Large screen keypad RXN-400 : LCD screen keypad RXN-400 ACE : LCD with RFiD/HID reader * Option for Blue LCD Communication Modules TRV-100/TRU-100 : Full data integrated VHF/UHF Radio Transmitters SAT-8/9 : Multi-purpose, Stand-alone telemetry encoder Module SMS-100 : SMS over PSTN GSM-200 : GSM/GPRS/SMS Transmitter net4pro™ : TCP/IP Module Wireless Accessories MCT-234: 4 buttons Key-fob MCT-201 WP: Panic Bracelet MCT-302: Magnetic Contact NEXT PIR MCW: PIR Detector
  • 9. Voice Modules VU-20 : Voice Message Unit MIC-200 : Microphone LED Keypads RXN-416 : 16 Zones LED Keypad VKD-1 : Virtual Keypad Software System Expanders EXP-PRO : Local 8z wired expander card I/O-8N : 8z wired remote expander I/O-16 : 16z wired remote expander I/O-R : 8 relays, remote * Option with auxiliary battery and AC supervision I/O-WN : 32 channels wireless receiver OUT-1000 : Local 8 transistor output card LCL-11A : Serial interface for RS-232 PRG-896 : Fast programmer Programming Module Available Products (cont.):
  • 10.
    • Hunter-Pro 896 system configuration:
      • On the main PCB:
        • 8 + 1 zones; 2 tamper inputs
        • 2 high current siren outputs, fuse protected; programmable
        • 1 control output for microphone and voice unit
        • 3 open collector outputs and 1 relay
      • On the local output card:
        • 8 open collector outputs (OUT-1000)
      • Remote expanders (Using SecuBUS™):
        • 8 / 16 remote zone expander with an additional 1 relay (I/O-8, I/O-16)
        • 32 channels wireless receivers (I/O-W) + 24 key-fobs
        • 8 remote relays output (I/O-R) > 58 programmable outputs per system
      • Local expanders
        • 8 zones fully protected (EXP-PRO)
      • Up to 96 RFiD/HID users with ACE Keypad
      • Up to 16 partitions:
        • Each partition (Area) can have its own ID account for Central Station report
        • Up to 8 subsystems each with its designated keypad
    HUNTER-PRO 896 Features
  • 11.
      • Each keypad can be given a unique ID, for supervision
      • Tamper protection, reported via the SecuBUS™ data communication
      • Single key to toggle between the 2 type of event displays
      • Dedicated keypads per partitions
      • Large/small screen LCD, LCD w/ RFiD proximity badge, 16z LED, External anti-vandal (IP65)
      • Keypads carry key-words for direct access to menu paragraphs
    Key-Pads Up to 8 Types of Keypads with ID:
  • 12.
      • 32 zones displayed simultaneously i n one single screen
      • 96 zones displayed in screens of 20 zones each time
      • Scrolling display: a ll reports are displayed one after the other with text only
    Key-Pads cont.
      • “ PIMA” style – 32z or 96z:
    Three keypad display options:
  • 13. Communication Channels:
    • Panel-integrated Communication Channels
        • Private and digital dialer on board
        • Network TCP/IP module
        • GSM/GPRS: Voice & Data used as priority or as back up
        • Detailed SMS alarm notification over PSTN or GSM
    • Four private dialer numbers
    • Four CMS numbers
    • Remote Arm/Disarm activation + extended control
    • Microphone for listening in
    • 2 voice messages recording
      • Telephone, Network, Cellular, Radio
  • 14. Connectivity Options:
    • net4pro: TCP/IP network module
    • PIMAnet™: New AoIP (Alarm over Internet Protocol) receiver hardware and software
    • NETsoft™: Decoding software
    • GSM-200: New quad-band GSM engine supporting voice, GPRS data & SMS
    • SMS-100: SMS reporting via PSTN line (subject to service availability per country)
    • TRV-100/TRU-100: Full-data integrated VHF/UHF transmitters
  • 15. net4pro:
    • Ethernet interface module connected to the panel serial output
    • Converts the serial data to Ethernet interface with encrypted TCP/IP
    • Programmable with encryption key & station IP
  • 16. PIMAnet:
    • Receives TCP/IP frames from net4pro units and/or GSM-200 (GPRS)
    • Supervises all units for life signal
    • Indicates loss of communication within programmable time window
    • Standard serial or TCP/IP communication to monitoring software like Andromeda
    • Customer data base
    • Each customer record includes:
      • ID account for CMS software
      • Timer for life signal
      • Counters for anti-substitution
      • (both for net4pro and GSM-200)
  • 17.
    • User interface for adding, deleting and editing customers
    • Real-time monitoring of the events
    • Event Log with time stamp
    • Provides complete solution as well for local network monitoring
    • NETsoft decoding software option (free demo)
    PIMAnet: (cont.)
  • 18. GSM-200:
    • Quad-Band GSM transmitter with Telit engine
    • Voice Channel (NPAF™, CID, etc.)
    • SMS Channel
    • GPRS data channel (for IP connectivity) and remote upload/download when no PSTN available
    • Fully controlled and programmed via panel
    • Supports private dialer (over voice channel)
  • 19. SMS-100:
    • Detailed text alarm notification module over PSTN (telephone line).
    • Choice of events and users to be reported
    • ACK supervision with SMS center
    • Enables movement supervision of staff and kids
    • Send maintenance message directly to the installer
  • 20. TRV-100/TRU-100 Transmitters:
    • Digital synthesized Stand-alone long-range VHF/UHF transmitters
    • Two working frequencies
      • High priority events can be assigned to a less busy freq.
    • Fast event transmission time: 1.5 sec.
      • Saves valuable airtime
      • Prevents frequency blocking
      • Prevents loss of information
    • Complete Radio (RF) interference immunity when
    • connected to PIMA’s Hunter-Pro 896 control panel.
      • Prevents false alarm from panel operation
    • “ Swinger shut-down” performs transmission cut-off
    • in case of EMI causing repeated alarm reports
  • 21. SAT-8 / SAT-9 Modules:
    • Cost-effective radio backup solution for a PSTN dialer:
      • Line Check
      • Designated Phone No. for line interception
    • Three operating modes:
      • All events transmitted via RF (main communicator)
      • PSTN backup
      • Pass-through
    • Supports a variety of protocols
      • Input Protocols (from dialer):
        • Contact ID / Pulse / DTMF
      • Output Protocols (RF to CMS):
        • PAF™ / NPAF™ /Intrac 2000 / Milcol_D/Others
    • Accounts from the panel or from internal programmed accounts
    • Supports two frequencies
    • Different Protocol per frequency
    • Fully programmable with COMAX software
  • 22. System Diagnostics
      • Walk test for all wired zones, with results logging
      • Walk test for wireless , with visual and audio indication of signal quality (RSSI)
      • Full outputs test
      • Soak test – used for testing problematic zone without activating CMS or siren – for limited duration
      • Digital communicator test , with communication progress indication (CPI) for phone, network and GMS
  • 23. Programming Accessories:
    • Fast programmer, stores up to 7 pre-sets (PRG-896)
    • LCL-11A Serial interface, locally connects PIMA's panels to a PC
    • for uploading and downloading parameters using the COMAX software
    • Virtual programming Keypad
    • Upload/Download Software under windows
    • Wireless technician Keypad
  • 24.
    • Remote and local communication with all PIMA`s control panels
    • Support to all PIMA products using a single software
    • Remote, local, and direct programming
    • Uploading parameters
    • Upload of system log
    • Online system status
    • Remote Arming/Disarming connected system
    • Managing customer configurations in a
    • protected database for continues support and maintenance
    • Comparing uploaded parameters to customers file
    • Multiple users with various levels of authorization
    COMAX - Upload/Download Windows Software:
  • 25. Thank You!