Enhancing software security with safety dongles


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Enhancing software security with safety dongles

  1. 1. Enhancing Software Security with Safety Dongles Software License Dongles are provided by third party software vendors to protect the system from unauthorized usage or to protect you code once it is run on the client's end. These Software License Dongles are easy to use and just need to be connected to the system via the USB port. They are generally used by organizations that specialize in software copy protection solutions. These Dongles are categorized under the hardware based software copy protection. The software License Dongles are provided in sync with protection methods or tools in a package for the clients to integrate their software applications. Although there are reservations from many quarters about the usage of these dongles still their usage in protecting codes and applications is rampart among software vendors that churn out high end programs in the market. There are some do and don’ts while using protection dongles which if followed religiously will surely give an edge to the organization taking advantage of these dongles. Make full use of the Enveloper with the API. The Enveloper in itself is quite effective in protecting the code which is housed inside it. Every enveloper is already equipped with anti-debugging and obfuscating methods thus it becomes quite difficult for a newbie hacker to break into the enveloper. 
  2. 2. Make use of multiple dll/libraries to call dongle functions are yet another option exercised by protection companies worldwide. Even in the case of a hacking event there is no need to worry as the function will call the same class from another dll or library. For increased security it is suggested to use a system that uses a system where the information of PC specifications that can run the software is stored in encrypted form inside the dongle this will have several advantages. The application will run only on one system thus the unauthorized distribution of the code will not take place from the clients end. But this method has its own disadvantage. If one single hardware is changed, added or modified the application will stop running and one needs to contact the software company in such an event. Software Protection Dongles can provide much better security than the normal protection methods if its well implemented with software applications. Sometimes, bit of effort and time can bring in wonders in terms of protecting codes against hackers. Better security brings better revenues and protection for your software. For more details on Code Protection technology,   .net Obfuscator , .net Code Security and  .net Code Security  feel free to visit us at http://www.secureteam.net